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Gesamtansicht `WildWildWest` ..
Description of the aquarium:
West / Central Africa
Tank size:
100 x 40 x 35 = 140 liters ~ 36 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The aquarium is custom made with the dimensions 100 x 40 x 35 and stands on a chest of "Royal Oak".

The rear wall was sealed with epoxy resin and even built. (For details, see additional equipment)
Teilansicht WildWildWest
Teilansicht WildWildWest
aktuelles Bild von WildWildWest ...
und ein zweites von Becken WildWildWest ...
.. unser Männchen -- Pelvicachromis taeniatus `nigeria red`
aktuelles Beckenbild ..[03/2015]
aktuelles Beckenbild ..[03/2015]
Eindruck aus der Seitenperspektive ..
Aquarium decoration:
Rhine River sand

12.5 kg in grain 0-8mm

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

In addition, some river pebbles were distributed in various sizes on the ground.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
our real desire is to create a section of the western rainforest habitat and select the plants accordingly ..... was so completely it did not succeed .... for the sake of appearance, we have one or the other "outliers" the Allowed: -D

Anubia barteri var. Nana (dwarf Peer Journal)

The beautiful vigorous plant is the ideal planting for perch basins and other herbivorous stocking.
Anubias nana is a small permanent attractive plant that should be in every pool. It thrives in all conditions and is staked on a stone or a root very good effect. They will be fixed grows easily with a nylon cord while. They often bloom under water and is eaten because of their bitter substances not of perch or other herbivorous fish.

Country of origin: ------ Africa - Cameroon
Height: ---------- 5-15 cm
Spread: --------- 8+ cm
Lighting conditions: --- very low - medium
Temperature: ---------- 20 - 30 ° C
Water Hardness: ------- very soft - very hard
PH: --------------- 5.5 to 9
Growth: ----------- very slowly
Simplicity: ---------- very easy

Microsorum pteropus 'trident'

Microsorum pteropus "Trident" is an uncommon form of Javafarns which probably comes from Sarawak (Borneo). The leaves of this diminutive Javafarns are very narrow, similar to the "Needle Leaf" -Javafarn and shared fiederartig to the blade tips. This creates an ornamental effect. Staked on a free-standing root, this Javafarn beauty is very natural. Due to the smaller size and the slow growth of the maintenance effort is very low, even when the lighting is very frugal and the variety grows very well in shady areas. Ideal for aquascaping and through the plant height of 10-15 cm ideal for nano aquaria.

Country of origin: ------- Asia, Sarawak
Height: 10-15 cm -----------
Spread: ---------- 5-10 + cm
Lighting conditions: ---- small - very large
Temperature: 18-30 ° C -----------
Water Hardness: --------- very soft-hard
PH: ---------------- 5 to 8
Growth: ------------- slowly
Simplicity: ------------ very easy

Bolbitis heudelotii (Kongowasserfarn)

Bolbitis heudelotii is a pretty transparent - green plant. Easily preferably running water, which is why they should be positioned near the filter. They should not be planted in the ground sheet, since the rootstock (rhizome) decayed fast otherwise. Best attached to it on a root or a rock. It is particularly good for wallpaper.

Country of origin: ------- Asia
Height: -------------------- 15 - 30 cm
Width: ------------------- 10 - 20 cm
Lighting conditions: --- very low - medium
Temperature: ----------- 20-25 ° C
Water hardness: soft --------
PH: --------------- 6 to 7
Growth: ------------ 1 sheet every 1 2 months
Simplicity: ----------- somewhat difficult

Cladophora aegagrophila (Moss Ball)

Cladophora Aegagropila - referred to in Japan as Marimo ball is not really a water plant, but a ball of algae particular, are a decorative exception. They are normally found in shallow lakes, where the round shape is caused by the wave motions. The moss balls floating on the base freely in the water and do not take root. In the aquarium it must be turned regularly so that the beautiful, round shape is retained. The moss ball is also very good for shadier places in the aquarium, as they do not require as much light. The water temperature is of minor importance. They can also be used in the pond in the hot water, the cold water aquarium. Especially nice as a group they come in different sizes in a nano aquarium with shrimps advantage. For shrimp they are interesting, because in a short time an accumulation of detritus (food particles) and fouling with microorganisms adjusts serving together as a dietary supplement for the invertebrates. My shrimp love moss balls, they sit for hours on it and feed them from. The balls should be every 14 days in warm [...]
einbringen der Pflanzen im Becken ...
..nicht alle Pflanzen brauchen Starthilfe .. einige gehen so ins Becken ..
..nach Einkauf bewässern .. dann ins Becken ..
..Pflanzen befestigen auf den Wurzeln ..
..das was im Laden nicht vorrätig war wurde bestellt ...
Pflanzen im Aquarium Wild Wild West
Pflanzen im Aquarium Wild Wild West
Pflanzen im Aquarium Wild Wild West
Special features of the facility:
Various red Moor roots / Morkienholz

The have become known from the world of nature aquariums of Takashi Amano filigree roots are an asset to any aquarium. The high-pressure cleaned surface of the root can, if desired, be additionally decorated with moss or epiphytes as Anubias or ferns. The Red Moor roots are a conserved over many thousands of years under oxygen exclusion of natural wood. Besides the decorative function, the bog-wood also has a stabilizing influence on the water parameters and provides protection and hiding places.

The root can immediately be used without prior waters, the aquarium or dry and rainforest terrarium. If the root perish immediately, can they complain in the early days for 1-2 weeks with a stone or other heavy object to keep it submerged. During this time, the water can easily colorize it is humic acid released, appreciate especially tetras and South American cichlids - just as the growth of algae is inhibited.
Source: www.wasserflora.de

2 Coconut caves (with aufgebundenem Java moss) as Vesteck or breeding cave for the Pelvicachromis

various twigs

Hardwood (walnut, oak, beech), Seemandelbaumblätter and alder cones
..Rückwandbau ist immer spannend und neu ..
...die Rückwand ..
..der Tank und sein Platz ..
..Anpassen der Rückwand ...
..verkleben/ fixieren der Rückwand im Becken..
...eine zweite Ansicht ..
..HMF ins Becken einbringen..
..Wasser marsch ...
die Wurzeln werden bewässert ..
..die ersten Wurzeln kommen ins Becken ..
..ein andere Blick für die Wurzeln ..
Aquarium equipment:
Aqua Styl RGB LED lightbar Lumlight warm white 375mm

The lights are controlled here (location problem) is not the same with us in the art of GHL, but by LumLight itself!
Here we have chosen a small daylight simulator which is quick and easy to program and [almost] optimally to the LED - bar is tuned!
The simulator covers the entire color spectrum from, but white can not be determined, for setting / programming only the RGB are jeweil (Red / Green / Blue) - colors additionally programmed what the result but it can not hurt!
The gradient is clean and smoothly programmable.

The lighting control includes simulations as sunrise, clouds and sunset, the moonlight, we use only partially!

The illumination period extends over nearly 14 hours, with each phase of the moon and the evening buffet is indicated because of daylight simulator only "permanent" may represent the moonlight and not moon phase Depending responding.
Nevertheless, the programming for 24 hours must be made!
The transitions are programmed slow and soft.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
Hamburg mat filter

installed in the far right corner

There is a black mat was used with a thickness of 50 mm. Mattenmaß 250 x 350 mm attached to a cable channel and the rear wall.

Thus, the HMF has a mat size of 875 cm2, which is not used in real terms - to draw from are ground / mat over water surface and mounting! So we come to about 780 cm2!

Beck circulation: 2.5
Flow rate filter: 12.5 (at max output filter.)

A Sicce Micra Plus with 600 liters / hour takes over the water transport.

Sicce Micra Plus
> Aquarium pump, universal pump, well pump rooms
> Max. Head: 85cm
> Max. Flow rate: 600l / h
> Variable adjustment -in five staged
> 220V / 6.5 Watt

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
..der Tageslichtsimulator mit Fernbedienung ...
.. LED - Lichtleiste [warm-weiss] ...
..Sicce  600 plus .. für den Wassertransport..
Halterung für Beleuchtung
Seitenansicht Halterung für Beleuchtung
Gesamtansicht LED - Beleuchtung oberhalb des Beckens
1/1 Pelvicachromis taeniatus nigeria red

27 Aplocheilichthys normani

Vittina semiconica

Planorbarius corneus
Vittina semiconica
Vittina semiconica
Aplocheilichthys normani
Vittina semiconica (Leopard Rennschnecke)
Aplocheilichthys normani
Aplocheilichthys normani
Aplocheilichthys normani
Planorbarius corneus
Planorbarius corneus
`Planorbarius corneus` mit einer `Vittina semiconica`
Planorbarius corneus
.. unser Pärchen -- Pelvicachromis taeniatus `nigeria red`
tolles Paar -- Pelvicachromis taeniatus `nigeria red`
Pelvicachromis taeniatus `nigeria red`
Water parameters:
The water values ​​are measured regularly with JBL droplet test.

Temp: 24 -26 degrees
pH: 7.3 to 7.5 (natural variations, depending on flow, temperature, etc.)
KH: 4
GH: 8
NO²: 0
NO³: 10
NH4: 0
Live feed [2 x per week]
> White and black mosquito larvae

Frozen food [1-2 x per week]
> White mosquito larvae

Flakes [1-2 x per week]
> Tetra Min

... Is also fed into this basin irregular 1 - 2 Fast days a week!

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
Further information:
self-built rear wall

In this project, we did not let us take a back wall to make self-build /. To this end, we went to the old proven scheme and have made of styrofoam, the basic shape. The structure has been worked with a Heißdrathschneider out the back wall and then edited with tinting color and complete with epoxy resin (ET45 TM) and sealed with sand in different colors (black, brown, beige, white) sprinkled.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

The rear panel is simple and kept dark so as not to distract from the main facilities. Plants and roots, as well as a perfect ground to stand in the foreground in this pool!