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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Malawi Harmony
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
200x50x70 = 700 liters ~ 184 gallons (us)
Specific features:
- Crystal float glass, 12mm
- Stoßverklebt
- Glass edges diamond ground and polished
- Glued seams are provided with an internal safety stitch
- 2 holes (rear left): 45 mm (expiration), 35mm (inflow)

Overflow shaft (self)
- 10mm Crystal float glass
- Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 650mm
- From the outside covered with a black PVC plate (3mm thick)

Base cabinet (self):
- Ytong stones in 2 different thicknesses (600x200x175mm 600x200x100mm //)
- Plywood as a base coated with a sound insulation
- Staggered arrangement of Ytong stones in e-form
- Silicone adhesive composition as fixative
- 2 steel beam at the front
- 19mm multiplex plate as a bearing surface
Unterschrank fast fertig...
Überlaufschacht (Eigenbau)
Verblendung des Unterschranks mit Kunststeinen
Aquarium decoration:
40 kg natural white quartz sand,
Grain size: 0.3 to 0.8 mm
Special features of the facility:
about 200 kg rock Broken from the local forest
Aquarium equipment:
LED lighting (self)
- White aluminum frame (1920x350x20 cm)
- 3 rails for mounting of LED strips

LED strips (waterproof):
- (2x) SMD3528 (cold white, 7500K), 60 LEDs per meter (240lm), viewing angle 120 °
- (1x) SMD5050 (RGB), 60 LEDs per meter (150lm), viewing angle 120 °
- Dimmable
Sump (80 x 40 x 40) => 128 l

Chamber 1: Filterwatte, coarse filter sponge
Chamber 2: clay tubes (approximately 11 l)
Chamber 3: lava (stone size 3-5 cm)
Chamber 4: variable filter chamber (heater)
Chamber 5: Clear water chamber (return pump)
Other equipment:
Eheim Jäger heater thermostat -> 300 Watt
(Designed for aquariums 600-1000 l)

Pump technology:
TUNZE Silence recirculation pump (1073.020) -> pumping capacity up to 2400 l / h
Filterbecken (noch halb gefüllt)
Alu-Gestell für die LED-Beleuchtung
Technik im Aquarium Malawi Harmony
Technik im Aquarium Malawi Harmony

Synodontis njassae WF (2/0) -> (transfer from my old Mbuna Basin, stocking will be increased

Labidochromis caeruleus
(10 pups)

Placidochromis phenochilus mdoka (3/4)

Aulonocara firefish coral red (2/3)

Sciaenochromis fryeri iceberg (1/2)
Placidochromis phenochilus mdoka (Jungtiere)
Besatz im Aquarium Malawi Harmony
Water parameters:
Water change: 250 l every 7-10 days
Adding salt: 0.5 g / l

Water temperature: 25 degrees (constant)
pH: 8.1
KH: 6
GH: 14
NO²: 0 mg / l
NO³: 15 mg / l
NH3: 0 mg / l
NH4: 0 mg / l

Regular measurement with pots tests
Tropical Cichlid Color
Tropical Krill Flake
Tropical Spirulina 36%

Granulated food:
Tropical Cichlid Gran

JBL NovoStick M
Further information:
Difficulties / obstacles in the implementation of the aquarium

- Openings for exhaust and supply: Before the pool was delivered, I started to build the base unit. After delivery I noticed that one of the holes completely rested on the side wall and was therefore covered :( Since Y-Tong but can be processed well, the problem was sawed and ausgepfeilt after a short time :) Fortunately, I have the holes in generously chosen the plywood so that they were consistent with the Beck holes.

- Space for pool equipment: As stated above, I have laid the base cabinet in e-form. The center column I had to put something so that the T-basin, at least some space on the outside has (therefore not a classic E). With a height of 50 cm, the basin was too high. So I cut it to the left (towards the end) and front to 10 cm afterwards. The other 2 sides have left so.
Of course I could have just substantiate the Cabinet later, but that would have been too high to me at the end (especially because the main pool a 70 height). Now it can be reasonably well off work and I get anywhere easily tuned.

- Overflow shaft: Where to start? Probably a subject that was staying most :) The biggest problems I had certainly with the tightness of the duct. Since I probably have drawn too thin at first, the joints and even from the outside, the pressure in a tank 70 was too big. Again and again found himself a spot where water trickled through. So I grouted thicker and also still in what was not so easy with my thick arms. Eventually the well ended up being as good as sealed :)


- Let overflow shaft mitkleben directly at AQ Bauer :)