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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
180x65x60 = 702 liters ~ 185 gallons (us)
Specific features:
An open aquarium that is aligned on the safe side. There is shock and bulge-glued and provided with additional safety seam. By widening the adhesive surface, the joint is greatly relieved, resulting in a longer service life. It can drill through the joint is not bristle worms. When cleaning the blade, the joint can not be damaged. The glass is 15 mm thick, split the base plate and covered with glass walkway. This allows the base plate accommodate much higher voltages without tearing as a continuous plate. Above is also a cross bar attached. Glass fins on the floor all around, and above the aquarium also around. The aquarium is built really tough! One has noticed it while wearing;)
Glass hole for a 40mm diameter carrying a downcomer for 4-chamber filter basin underneath.

Edge cover plastic coated in silver, as well as door and. Bars.

The AQ stands on a steel substructure m. Wood paneling to the steel frame.

It would be nice to read the text exactly - that's not the same prejudice is formed.
************************************************** ***********************
The aquarium was purchased used with several fish and decoration. We, that make my wife u. I saw it as a challenge to change. As a goal, we have to change this aquarium as Malawi species pool, and to u. After it to make the Lake Malawi and more similar in its environment and biodiversity. Much had when purchasing the Gebr. AQ's not paired, such as lava stone (very sharp u. Edged) to lighter sandy (light was too bright reflected on sand, the fish felt uncomfortable), fish species in a Malawi basin do not fit such as L137 catfish Bruno who like it sour have on the pH value, loaches (Asia), Mbunas u. Non-Mbunas mixed to name just a few less good compilations ..... but as mentioned we Monk addict here to u. document after changes to the welfare of Malawi cichlids :)
Therefore indulgence you with criticism and reviews, because it will take time to be resolved error or contaminated sites ....
However, we are looking for constructive criticism, advice and. Advice like open
************************************************** **********************
Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Abendbeleuchtung mit SunaEco LEDs
Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Morgens beim Sonnenaufgang, T5 Röhren mit Farbfolien rot/gelb getönt..
Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Nachtbeleuchtung: blaues Mondlicht
Unterbauschrank front Silber
Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
hinterschwimmbare Rückwand
hinterschwimmbare Rückwand die 2.
Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
kleiner Einblick in die Technik ..auch zu sehen das Stahlgestell
nachträglich eingebauter Kugelhahn
beim Gebrauchtkauf..Lavagestein..es hatten sich Fische an den scharfkantigen Steinen
...es sah nach viel Arbeit aus...packen wirs an!
..später..die Lavastaine wurden durch Basalt Bruchsteine ersetzt
..vorm Kauf...mit Plastikpflanzen und großem Holz
Aquarium decoration:
A total of approximately 40-50 kg from 0.1 to 1 mm grain size.
Consisting of white sand with some 40%
JBL Sansibar Orange 5% size 0 - 0.4 mm,
Black-gray ground (0,4-1mm) 5%,
. u 50% JBL Sansibar Black (0 to 0.4 mm).


Backplane RockZolid Komodo 198x58 shortened to 180x56 (F with flex blade. Stones)
The rear wall is designed as a hinterschwimmbare rear wall. Outputs and inputs u right. Left, and in the middle of a small gate in the fish a u. Flooding. Rainwater exchange behind the wall is ensured. The pressure side of the filter tank from the Compact +3000 pump flows behind the rear wall of the upper left corner, diagonally down to the right via diffuser with good oxygen injection. Oxygen problems are a foreign word for fish.

Rockzolid Stone Module F 55x19x17 cm
Rockzolid Riverstone module S
EKOL decoration stone SH-30 XXL
EKOL decoration stone SH-28 large
EKOL decoration stone SH-27 large - flat
Marble Rock 3
Marble Rock 1
Rock formation with caves

The decorative stones were of the rear wall color matched with normal tinting u. Then treated with epoxy resin of Breddermann E45T 800. Allow to dry for at least 7 days at room temperature.

Genuine Stones:
Basalt rubble of gabion-steinkoerbe, about 4 kg.

The bright ground was now made darker. After the fish were noticeably more cheerful.

Former hole rock from predecessors were 120 kg in total, who have no more use and thus was saved some weight to the weight AQ u. Voltage excessively to relieve.
Little plant stock, each 1x. The Vallisneria claimed a small sandbar itself with 5 bundles.

Crinum natans (1 bd.)
Vallisneria gigantea (5 vol.)
Anubias barteri var. Nana (1 bd.)
Anubias barteri var. nana
Crinum natans
Crinum natans
Module mit vielen Versteckmöglichkeiten mit Abtönfarbe bemalt, danach mit Epoxid
Rückwand der Firma Rockzolid `Komodo`
Mit Epoxid Harz eingepinselt...gänzt zwar stark im Raum, jedoch im Wasser kein Glanz
Dekoration im Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Dekoration im Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
2 Steine davon im AQ Basalt Bruchsteine von http://www.gabione-steinkoerbe.de
Rockzolid Stone Modul F 55x19x17 cm hinten u. Felsformation m. Höhle vorne
Dekoration im Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Dekoration im Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Aquarium equipment:
-SunaEco 600 Reef white LED controlled via SunaECO Control
-Aquaspacelight T5 tubes with 1x 80Watt Solar Ultra Nature Farntemperatur 9000K, very suitable for u Malawi. Lake Tanganyika aquariums. 1x T5 tube (ditto.) With aluminum foil color foil red u. With yellow darkened for Sunrise- or Sunsetrot.
stocking moonlight over 4 LEDs

Lighting hours:

1) 8:30 - 10:00 dawn with red / yellow tinted T5 tube (darkened)
2) 10.00h- 17:00 T5 tube 80 Watts Solar Ultra natural light (daylight)
3) 17.00h- 17:30 sunset mt red / yellow tinted T5 tube (darkened)
4) 16.00h- 22:00 80% - 0% SunaECO Reef white LED (ramp time 120 min).
5) 22.00h- 4:00 moonlight with 4 LED's little moonlight
Filter # 1
EHEIM professionel 3, 2180 (1200 XLT)

Filter media arrangement (from bottom to top):
-EHEIM Substrate per / sera siporax

For aquariums up to about 1,200.00 l
Heat output approx 500.00 watts
Pump power (50 Hz) per hour of approximately 1,700.00 l
Delivery head approx (H max at 50 Hz) 2.60 m
Power (50 Hz) 25 Watt
Filter volume 12.00 l
Vorfiltervolumen 1.50 l
Container volume 25.00 l
Width 330.00 mm
Height 567.00 mm
Depth 330.00 mm
Altitude 180,00 cm

Filter # 2
4-chamber filter tank (60x40x40 = 96 liters)
1. chamber filled with cotton u. Bioballs as prefilter top, bottom with coarse mats
2. Chamber with mats middle Porung, sera siporax high-performance filter body
3. chamber with AQUA LOGISTICS Aquarock filter substrate 20 dm³, then Eheim Substrate pro, fine filter mat
4. Chamber Eheim compact +3000 pump capacity 3000 liters / h. Exits via Eheim diffuser for the oxygenation (placed behind the rear wall). Check Valve PVC with rubber membrane 16 / 22mm hose connection installed before the diffuser, as security in case of power failure, so that no water from the AQ overflows into the filter basin.

The implementation in the sump, and the overflow pipe is unfortunately quite centrally. Therefore, the pipe is not to be missed :(
At least the tube is with its Quick suctioning or throat sounds pretty sound proof. It can be heard very little, thanks to this patentierem Maggie Muffler attachment, see picture. The tube is now painted in the rear wall color u. Is bonded in place. It is waiting to be used thereon. Here I have to wait only few days until it is dry, then I have a little carmouflage. The Rockzolid Stone Module F 55x19x17 cm as a hanging rock at the water surface covered at least the attachment Muffler.
Other equipment:
Flow pump:
TUNZE Turbelle stream 6065 flow pump for aquariums from 250 to 800 L, 6,500 l / h, 12 Watt.

Flow times distributed throughout the day: 1 hour operation after 1h break 2h operating / 2h break etc. see Fig.
EHEIM 2180
Außenfilterbecken 4-Kammer Filter
Der Jägerheizer in der 4. Kammer war nur kurz tätig nach Wasserwechsel für das
..die gute SunaEco LED...
JBL Solar Ultra Natur
T5 Röhre mit roter Farbfolie abgedeckt. Mitte Gelb, außen mit Alufolie abgedunkelt
Technik im Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Rückschlagventil, damit kein Wasser zurücklaufen kann ins Filterbecken
AQUALOGISTIK Aquarock Filtersubstrat
Zeitplan der Strömungspumpe
Gute Lösung zur Schallreduzierung
For trimming we would like to mention before:

We had unfortunately can not choose, because it was completely taken over from the predecessor. Without stocking no AQ, so it Hies unfortunately .... The L137 catfish we can sell. Also there were 3 goats Cyrtocara moorii's the the favor of a
Female more violent arguing. 2 bucks we were able to give in good hands. A satisfied, harmonizing moorii couple excited now our pool. The loaches were the next project, 6-8 pcs. were already issued.
3 goats gruff Maylandia estherae red, we can also give. The remainder of the stocking is amazingly pretty peaceful, and the species harmonize even I would say. We should also mention that about 10 Ancistren yet. 2x cochliodon sp. Paraguay or "Red Bruno" L137 were accommodated at a friend. There was an overstocking and types confusion at the beginning of what is now resolved gradually :)
Where females shortage as will soon ensured compensation. It should be reduced to the overstocking previously.

The current actual stocking December 2013:

labidochromis caeruleus - 4/8
Pseudotropheus saulosi - 3 St. Closed unknown because too young (purchased from us to do so).
Melanochromis auratus - 1/2 (we bought it)
Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos (M. sp = 'Maingano'.) - 8 St. Closed unknown because u too young desh... not recognizable (we bought it)
Maylandia estherae - 1/1 (white / red)
Aulonocara jacobfreibergi - 2/0
Nimbochromis venustus - 1/1
Sciaenochromis fryeri - 3/2
Cyrtocara moorii - 1/1
Synodontis multipunctatus 3/5? unclear
Fiederbartwels Synodontis euptera - 1/0
Ancistrus sp 1/3 (2x brown, 1xAlbino, 1x red)
(Difficult to detect Closed.) Prachtschmerle (Chromobotia macracanthus) 6 1 St. cub

Types panels from Malawi Guru: http://www.malawi-guru.de
Protomelas taeniolatus red empress M in Färbung
Protomelas taeniolatus red empress Weibchen
Placidochromis Milomo red männchen
Placidochromis Milomo red weibchen
Placidochromis Milomo red weibchen
Aulonocara beanschi (jungtiere)
Neuzugang Protomelas Oranatus (Wildfang)
Neuzugang Protomelas Oranatus (Wildfang)
Neuzugang Protomelas Oranatus (Wildfang)
Neuzugang Protomelas Oranatus (Wildfang)
Neuzugang Protomelas Oranatus Weibchen (Wildfang)
Placidochromis Phenochilus Tanzania männchen F1, 1/3
Sciaenochromis Fryeri
Sciaenochromis Fryeri Weibchen
Synodontis multipunctatus oder Kuckuckswels
Fiederbartwels Synodontis euptera
Besatz im Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Placidochromis phenochillus
Protomelas taeniolatus
Placidochromis milomo
Aulonocara beanschi
Besatz im Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Besatz im Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
..eines der Besten! Aquatic Nature AFRICAN CICHLID EXCEL COLOR S
Shrimp Sticks
Besatz im Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Besatz im Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Besatz im Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Besatz im Aquarium Malawi african sea or "Der Mühe Lohn"
Water parameters:
The water values. In Nussloch near Heidelberg, the water is very hard, because a quarry for high KH u. GH provides values.

PH value: 8.0 to 8.5
Water hardness: 20.50 ° dH
KH value: 17
N03 value: 20-25
N02 value: 0.00 to 0.01
NH4: 0.00 mg / l
NH3: 0.00 mg / l

Temperature: 24 ° C - 26 ° C
Water change:. A week (Sunday) at least 50% - After always adding salt 1-2 gr / l spread over 4 weeks. It could be more of the dose for Malawi, but we still have Prachschmerlen it, therefore satisfies 1 gram / liter in our pool.
Aquatic Nature Excel Color S African chilid
Tropical Spirulina Super Forte
Tropical Malawi flakes
Tropical Malawi Chips
Organix Söll Shrimp Sticks
Sera granured
Sera granugreen
JBL plankton Pur
JBL Novo Pleco for catfish

1 day The week is free food. However, if pups are present, this day is also used, so that they not be forgotten.
Otherwise, we try fasts introduce the week even two days.

kleingehackerter shrimp.

Cucumber, zucchini, carrot.
Further information:
In Progress