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Corner Reef
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
150x150x60x60 = 892 liters ~ 235 gallons (us)
Specific features:
This aquarium is a custom-made (Eckaquarium) with bead and Stoßverklebung from 12mm float glass (windshields white glass) and a maßangefertigtem cabinet.

The leg length each 150 cm, width and height each 60 cm.

The back wall is homegrown (the first of ourselves built in size)! For further information see device.

The lighting has been housed in a removable, self-constructed lighting shelf. This shelf is in three parts and hides the LED - lighting, electrical outlets / power supply for additional consumers (eg Automatic Feeder) and diverse installed cables and connectors for lighting.
Aquarium Corner Reef-aufgelöst-
Aquarium Corner Reef-aufgelöst-
Aquarium decoration:
Aquarium sand white NEW

in the grain from 0.4 to 1.0 mm
about 25 kg

Aquarium sand black NEW

in the grain from 0.4 to 0.8 mm

By exchanging the bottom ground the aquarium acts now polyphonic ... and there is the fish fair.

Aquarium sand black

about 25 kg of grain 1-4 mm
this ground was then an absolute bad buy! He is to a much too coarse, on the other hand, and this is much worse, he is sharp! So far, this ground was in complete pool. Now only in the rear middle part. The entire left, right and front middle part were now fine sand (see above) designed.
no more :-) .....
Special features of the facility:
These backplane is homegrown!

She was our first attempt, which also did a good job, would be but no longer made today by us so.
Not even necessarily because of the appearance, but because we have the back wall then not sealed. And so there are now 1 2 places where the cement is chipped and the Styrofoam show through. But you can see only if you know it ;-)
Furthermore, this design is simple suboptimal because it is much too heavy and too much volume from the pool takes away.

Nevertheless, we have nice time considered a supporting filter and the flow rate at the backround. Through various openings, the water is conducted behind the back wall to filter suction "This type of water supply also supports the filter enormously and reinforced the flow conditions.

The processing of the back wall, as in our project "Sandstorm Tanzania" is better off by far. But as we soon again what to do, if we build a new back wall of this basin .... winter is determined long enough: -D

"Gabion stone" Alpenstein

about 90 kg

These stones we used in our garden for the construction of a gabion. After completion of the work in the garden, a "few" kilos left over and so we got the idea, but to use this time in the aquarium, because the hole rock us had long been a thorn in the side! After two or three conversion actions we have now finally come to act relatively natural and harmonious in our eyes. Let's see how long it stays that way ;-)
Dekoration im Aquarium Corner Reef-aufgelöst-
Dekoration im Aquarium Corner Reef-aufgelöst-
Dekoration im Aquarium Corner Reef-aufgelöst-
zwischenzeitlich im Becken anpassen...
Dekoration im Aquarium Corner Reef-aufgelöst-
Dekoration im Aquarium Corner Reef-aufgelöst-
so sah es anfangs mit Lochgestein aus^^ kommt uns nie wieder ins Becken..... schön
im Mai 2013 ist das Lochgestein endlich rausgeflogen... dafür  Gabionensteine `Alpensteine`
es geht immer weiter in Richtung Natürlichkeit...
... Becken nach Austausch Bodengrund und Umgestaltung der Steine....
Aquarium equipment:
LED lighting:

At the beginning, we have installed 3 fluorescent tubes á 30 cm. Very quickly we were, however, clear that LED lighting is needed. Since it was our only pool at the time, it is also the first, which was equipped with LED lighting. After much research we decided on the following, thereby convincing price / performance simply and especially the possibilities of these LEDs.

1 X lightbar Aqua-style LED RGB cool white 375 mm

2 X lightbar Aqua-style LED RGB cool white 525 mm

We chose LED - Lighting decided in connection with a lighting computer, because we thus countless possibilities for various lighting scenarios are given.

The illumination period is adjusted according to season. The time change (summer / winter time) will be adjusted slowly within a week by the aquarium computer!

The LED - strips are placed in the shelf lighting under and are controlled by a GHL Aquarium Computer ProfiLux 3.

In designing the Tagesverlauf's we have tried to note any special conditions on light intensity and spectral and this held firmly in the programming. For more information you can read on our site!

Find out more about light in the aquarium

In all pool simulation such as cloudy days or thunderstorms are programmed. Illumination is provided through a 24-hour / 7 T!
Aqua Pro 3 External Filter

Technical specifications:
for aquarium sizes from 250 to 500 L
Power Consumption 30 W
Pump capacity 1000 L / h
Filter volume 6.5 L
2 filter baskets stocked with Tonröllchen, lava, filter mat and filter mat
Quick Coupling

Due to a defect of the Eheim Prof. 3e 2076 we had to act, since we could not locate the defective!
Thus, a centrifugal pump by Eheim (Eheim compact 2,000+) was introduced as HMF into the pool. Since we always in the rear corner portion of the basin a "kind HMF - prefiltering" have intrigued for zurvor running two external filter, we now use this Filteraumraum for an active HMF filter with a capacity of 2,000 L / h!

Thus, now we come to a theoretical filter capacity of approximately 3,000 L / h. By introducing the Eheim - pump, we have brought an additional flow source in basins, with the result that we have the controllable powerheads reprogrammed (reduction).
Other equipment:
GHL Aquarium Computer ProfiLux 3

be used (partly double occupancy):

+ ProfiLux 3 (controls the Expansionsbox DarkStoneMbuna with)
+ ProfiLux Touch
+ PH - electrode
+ Temp - Sensor
+ Conductance - electrode
+ 2X LEDControl4Active
+ STDL4-4D (socket)
+ 2X expansion card PLM - 4L
+ TUNZE Cable 1 and 2
+ 2X flow pump TUNZE 6055 (controllable)

For the electronic measuring a probe holder was attached to the water's edge.

2 X flow pump Tunze Nano Stream 6055
for aquariums from 40 - 500L
Flow capacity: 1,000 to about 5.500l / h
Energy consumption: 4 - 18W
Power supply: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Cable length: 5m
Dimensions: ø70, emissions: ø40 / 15mm
Magnet Holder with Silence clamp up to 15mm glass thickness

The current pump (SP), we also controlled by the ProfiLux and considered, among other things, a "night mode" / flow increase in the simulation "storm" to automatic shutdown during maintenance and feeding! The SP running 24h / 7d by, they are automatically controlled by the ProfiLux.
Percentage moves a flow pump (SP) between 35% and 70% power, night setback to minutes. 35%, in simulation it runs up to 100%. The second SP is between 60% and 90% power at night setback this reached yet max. 40%!
[Correction of a SP - reduction - due to introduction of HMF - filter with 2,000 L / h]
Technik im Aquarium Corner Reef-aufgelöst-
geordnetes Chaos
Technik im Aquarium Corner Reef-aufgelöst-
eine der 3 Lumlight Leisten
Regal für die Beleuchtung etc...
und noch mehr kabel :-D
Aqua Pro 3 und Eheim Professional 3e 2076 Außenfilter
1/2 Aulonocara sp. RED RUBIN

1/3 of Aulonocara KONINGSI

1/3 of Aulonocara hansbaenschi 'Red Flush'

1/2/1 Copadichromis borleyi Kadango RED FIN

1/4 labidochromis caeruleus "LIONS COVE"

3/7 Protomelas sp. "Steveni TAIWAN"

3/3 Sciaenochromis fryeri "Maleri"

2/1/1 synodontis petricola DWARF (LUCIPINNIS)
and since 30/11/13 eye increased to a total of 9 animals (sex was not yet to be determined)
Copadichromis borleyi Kadango
Der Herrscher des Beckens...
Copadichromis borleyi kadango
Copadichromis borleyi kadango  (Weibchen)
Besatz im Aquarium Corner Reef-aufgelöst-
Sciaenochromis fryeri maleri
Sciaenochromis fryeri maleri
Besatz im Aquarium Corner Reef-aufgelöst-
Besatz im Aquarium Corner Reef-aufgelöst-
Protomelas sp. steveni taiwan (Männchen juvenil)
Besatz im Aquarium Corner Reef-aufgelöst-
Protomelas sp. steveni taiwan
Aulonocara sp red rubin
Aulonacar-Pärchen beim Liebe machen :-D
Besatz im Aquarium Corner Reef-aufgelöst-
Besatz im Aquarium Corner Reef-aufgelöst-
Labidochromis caeruleus `lions cove`
Water parameters:
The water values ​​are measured regularly with JBL droplets test, or via measuring probes per GHL ProfiLux permanently (incl. Lap recording and graphical analysis)

Temp: 24.5 -27 degrees
pH: 7.9 to 8.3 (natural variations, depending on flow, temperature etc.)
KH: 5
GH: 10
NO²: 0
NO³: 15 - 30 (usually comes already with 15 from the line)
NH4: 0
Tropical Malawi
Tropical Spirulina
Breeder flake (exact composition not known)
Garlic food

Cucumber, lettuce
Further information:
At the moment, two other projects are planned. On the one hand a small excursion into the more western plains of Africa .... direction Congo it should go .... on the other hand a major project Malawi. This time we want the 1000 liters brand crack. Presumably it is a 250x 75x60 large predator tank. The plans are in full swing: -D when this project is completed and the break-vorrüber, should not initially move the planned stocking there, but the residents of Corner Reef aquarium, so that we then CornerReef Aquarium can reshape completely. A new self-built GRP rear wall it is to be, new ground and in the filtering we want to get away from the outside filter through to an inner chamber filter.