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Becken am 24.12.2015
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
100x50x50 = 250 liters ~ 66 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Basin comes from the aquarium Bauer Dreikammerbioinnenfilter was glued:
Built by Hans ski joke Regnitz valley Aquarium Hirschaid
Aquarium decoration:
Quartz sand 0.4 to 0.8 mm, Black aquarium sand 0,4-0,8mm
Both mixed together looks gray
I also !! But not in the pool)
Pflanzen hab ich auch !! Aber nicht im Becken ;)
Special features of the facility:
Rear panel itself, built from Styrofoam and tile adhesive mixed with tinting paint and sealed with epoxy resin.

30 kg Nero ebano rubble
Dekoration im Aquarium The Rock
Dekoration im Aquarium The Rock
Gesamtansicht mit Blitz
Gesamtansicht ohne Blitz so sieht es Real aus !!
So nur die Kaltweiße LED und die Blaue !!
So nur die Kaltweiße LED und die Blaue !!
Neue Abdeckung von Friedeberg in Nussbaum
Steine und Höhlen
Steine und Höhlen
Steine und Höhlen
Steine und Höhlen
Becken am 04.05.2014
Aquarium equipment:
Lighting eigenbau consisting of LED strips:
1 x warm white
1 x cold white
3 x 20 cm LED Stripes Blue
Illuminated We at 10:00 - 23:00 clock but from 20:30 clock only cool white and blue, and from 22:00 clock only blue

are all controlled by timers and different times illuminate either the cool white then the warm white and this evening on the still blue and at night to turn the white quick succession from and it only remains lit blue. Shadow zones I integrated by means of aluminum foil.
3 Bioinnenfilter chamber behind the rear wall
equipped with Siporax Blue filter sponges and coarse and fine filter fleece
Filter volume 25 liters
Eheim Compact Pump 1000 liters an hour adjustable
Other equipment:
Jäger Heater 200 Watt

Tunze flow pump 6025 / 2500L / h
3/7 pseudotropheus saulosi

Family: Cichlids (Cichlidae)
Subfamily: Pseudocrenilabrinae
Tribus: Haplochromine
Genus: Pseudotropheus
Type: pseudotropheus saulosi
Konings, 1989
Pseudotropheus saulosi is an African cichlid which is endemic in Lake Malawi.
Its location was Taiwan Reef on the island Chizumulu. He lives in large groups in the flow rich upper parts of rocky reefs and feeds on the nursery.
With a length of 7 to 8.6 centimeters, it is one of the smaller species Pseudotropheus-.
The males are blue-black, and the females are colored yellow-orange.
During the spawning season the males can get an intense black-colored belly, the black cross bands will be replaced by a strong blue. The juveniles show the color dress of the females.
Pseudotropheus saulosi are mouthbrooders, the males forming area. It spawns between rocks, per brood hatch about 30 juveniles who are at discharge from the mouth of the female about 10 mm long report utilizes taken from Wikipedia !!!

1/3 Metriaclima callainos but yet !! Have moved on 05/04/2014 !!

Procedure: Cichliformes
Family: Cichlids (Cichlidae)
Subfamily: Pseudocrenilabrinae
Tribus: Haplochromine
Genus: Maylandi
Type: Maylandi callainos
Stauffer & Hert 1992

Maylandi callainos (Syn. Pseudotropheus callainos, Metriaclima callainos) is a afikanischer cichlid, which is endemic to the Nkhata Bay on the west coast of Lake Malawi. He was exposed to at the Likomainseln in Namalenje and Thumbi West Iceland by humans:
Maylandi callainos has the typical long stretched, laterally flattened shape of a member of the complex to Maylandi zebra. He is eight centimeters long.
The only referred to in the first description feature that distinguishes the fish of other species of zebra Maylandi complex is the coloring.
Maylandi callainos is a polymorphic type, which occurs in three color morphs. When Normalmorphe males and females are plain light blue, the males with a radiant luminosity, a white and blue coloring is possible. The females are plain and have no more than two eggspots. When the females are white morphs albinoartigweißlich also dyed their fins. The males are bluish.
The third morph is whitish and has black spots. Again, superimposed in the males a bluish tone both whitish basic coloring and the Flecken.Die juveniles of the two different morphs stain only to a length of three to four centimeters.
At the north-west and east coast of Nkhata Bay there is a whitish population in which the juveniles are white and may represent an independent, previously undescribed species.

Maylandi callainos is as a member of Mbuna a resident of the rocky coast and the Geröllitorales of Malawiseesund feeds mainly on algae, which he scrapes from the rocks. Like almost all cichlids desMalawisees he is a mouthbrooders.

Because of its very limited distribution area de Maylandi callainos is classified by the IUCN as gefährtet (Vulnerable).

Adapted from Wikpedia !!
Pseudotropheus saulosi Männchen
Besatz im Aquarium The Rock
Besatz im Aquarium The Rock
Besatz im Aquarium The Rock
Ps.saulosi Männchen am 30.11.2013
Pseudotropheus saulosi Männchen
Metriaclima callainos
Ein Teil der ganzen Bande PS saulosi und Metriaclima callainos
Besatz im Aquarium The Rock
Baby Ps.saulosi
Baby Ps.saulosi
Besatz im Aquarium The Rock
Besatz im Aquarium The Rock
 Labidochromis caerleus Yellow
Pseudotropheus saulosi Weibchen
Pseudotropheus saulosi Männchen
Metriaclima callainos
Water parameters:
Temp 25-26 degree
pH: 8.0
kH: 12
GH: 9
Nitrite: undetectable
Nitrate: <1mg / l

Is measured with Sera Aqua Test Set
Wasserwechesl 50% Weekly
Tropical Spirulina 36%
Peppers, zucchini

If the animals are fully grown is fed regularly irregular. Depending on the type of Malawi Guru !!
Further information:
Selbstgebaut cover and base cabinet
21.12.2013 New cover of Friedeberg in Walnut installed !!