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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Leopard Buschfisch Becken
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
120x40x50 = 240 liters ~ 63 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Mp aquarium combination with cabinet and structured back wall.
Dunklerer Boden mit schwarzen Sand
Gemeinsames ausschwimmen
Mit neuen Pflanzen
Dämmerungs Beleuchtung
Dämmerungs Beleuchtung / grün
Aquarium decoration:
Sand with approximately 0.5 grit from the hardware store - light
Sand with 0.5 Grain Black Dehner Aquarium Sand

Special Substrate for plant growth in the field of larger plants and fertilizer-ball.
Floating plants:
Salvinia auriculata - Büschelfarn
Duckweed, Lemna minor
Pistia stratiotes - water lettuce
Limnobium leavigatum-Little Frog Bite

Aquatic plants:
Java moss
Anubia barteri
Microsorum pteropus Javafarn
Echinodorus martii (major)?
Vallisneria americana gigantea - Giant Vallis
Various Cryptocoryne
Egeria densa Waterproof
Lucky bamboo
For some plants I still lack the name

Once I have LED lights for my aquarium I want to use still plant red mangrove and papyrus.
Bitte um Hilfe, welche Pflanze ist das?
Bitte um Hilfe, welche Pflanze ist das?
endlich treibt der Glücksbambus etwas aus
neu im becken
Pflanze unbekannt 1
kleiner Fleck Javamoos
Etwas herbstlich - Pflanze unbekannt 2
neue pflanze
Special features of the facility:
2 coccus shells
Various roots from soft to hard
With drilled holes 10-30mm diameter to hide roots

Form roots more 3 slightly larger caves in pool background
2x hole rock
Aquarium equipment:
2x T5 lamps with selfmade Reflector of polished stainless steel sheet
Light time 11h of 11oo-22oo

1x Dennerle: Specialty Plant 39 W 849 mm
1x Dennerle TROCAL T5 Amazon Day 39 W 849 mm

Half an hour before
T5 lighting a discreet lighting with 5 passes each of LEDs.

Lighting will soon be upgraded to LED
JBL Cristal Profi e1901
Idle data / Flow: 1900L / h

Filter units:
Prefilter: Foam T-profile, 10 ppi
Biological main filter weight: JBL MicroMec high-Biofilter
Biological main filter material: foam mat 20 ppi
Biological main filter material: foam mat 20 ppi
Mechanical / biological fine filter material: foam mat 30 ppi

JBL Filter is significantly regulated down ... ca.900-1000l / h

Aqua ball round sponge filter 20ppi

Cleaning the filter as needed ...
Other equipment:
Said aquaball time connected to the lighting of a Dennerle Profi-Line CO2 7004112 Cyclo Turbo antreibt.dieser is fed by a Bio CO2 system

Bio-Co2 system: 5l canister with overflow container
Co2 is produced by yeast (fresh) and sugar
New mixture depending on the activity of the yeast :)

E-home heater
2x timers
Leopard bush fish Ctenopoma acutirostre 3x
Loach Botia lohachata 4x
Blue Gourami Trichogaster trichopterus 4x? But there have probably not blue gouramis?
One died unfortunately at 15:12


Tylomelania sp. - Rocksnail orange 2x
Zebra Rennschnecke - Vittina coromandeliana 4x

Socialization in the aquarium:

The Busch-u. Gouramis get along easily with each other, So far everything is peaceful in the pool.
Even when feed there is no stress in the basin which it is well that the Bush fish the first are always eating and preferably the largest Paddings out looking.
Intraspecific fights, there are also only at the gourami, which is certainly not better in the future should still find a couple. Should this be so far I'll probably keep only a few in the basin.

The Ctenopoma acutirostre I hope that the group will remain so calm in the future are currently the most 4 together under the root and even swim together around.
All 4 have been significant gains in size before the gouramis have been added were the Ctenopoma acutirostre about half the size :) but really big, they still are not.
One of the four is a little smaller, these I now always Fütter min. 3 times separately a week, should I say look he sometimes caught the large pieces.

What I often read on the internet that the fish are quite shy and feed specialists are I can not confirm.
The Busch fish eat everything offered feed without hesitation, however, live food is preferred and everything floats around on the surface.
Scheu had the fish the first 2-3 weeks then I have the basin planted even more ever since the there are also active Schwimmer.Schwimmpflanzen need Ctenopoma but acutirostre necessarily. Since these are very often used as a shelter.

Update 15:12

The largest bushfish is now the same size with the largest Gourami, is likely now as the 8-9cm have the smallest has about 6cm.
So far, the fish are so grown quite remarkable when you consider it when I got the fish were all less than 4cm
Besatz im Aquarium Leopard Buschfisch Becken
Nicht der größte aber der schönste
Und nochmal der große Fadi
Fütterung 15.12
Fütterung 15.12.13 2
meine leuchte
Besatz im Aquarium Leopard Buschfisch Becken
Besatz im Aquarium Leopard Buschfisch Becken
Der größte im Tank
Fadis mit leo
leo im Jagd-Modus
2 Netzschmerlen
Alle beieinander
Tylomelania sp. -  Rocksnail orange
Water parameters:
Water change weekly about one third

Temp: 27
GH: 13
KH: 8
PH: 6.5
NO2: nn
NO3: 10

Test Method: JBL drop test and Dennerle endurance test
Fashion bloodworms
Small mealworms
Daphnia / daphnia
Clam Meat


Sometimes vegetables, although I do not know what fish / snail cucumber eats but the cucumber
which can be seen on the photo lighting green, is so virginal only 2 nights there, then it's almost eaten.
Main food is frozen food because unfortunately live food encouraging country may be caught only themselves, because otherwise too far away.
Further information:
This is my 2nd Aquarium, my very first aquarium I had three years significantly larger and much less planted as a species tank.
Intricately designed with DIY 3D backplane ...... This is me unfortunately the clean gegangen.Ein broken with steel screw tipped hose broke both tension struts in the upper part of the basin apart what the consequence was that the basin plan.

2 Years Later I am now addressed it again and I have gained this little pool.
With technology and stocking I am very satisfied, just could be the pool is a good deal larger sein.Aber so long my Busch fish are so small should the basin still reichen.Früher or later the heck then be again more so to the 400-600liter while lasting stocking.