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Mai 2019
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
150x40x60 = 360 liters ~ 95 gallons (us)
Specific features:
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April 2014
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Februar 2015
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Aquarium decoration:
-no substrate except:
-gebrauchte gravel mix, light brown, dark brown 2-3mm grain size,
7 Bund Vallisneria
3 pots Anubias barteri var. Nana
Various offshoots of Anubias barteri by a 15-year-old plant
7 pots Cryptocoryne parva
2 pots Cryptocoryne Lucens
2Töpfe Cryptocoryne wendtii brown
1Topf Anubias afzelii angustifolia / Small narrow-leaved Anubias
1 Efeutute emers
Special features of the facility:
Kokosmatte behind the aquarium.
Between Aquarium and Kokosmatte I still plugged dry corkscrew willow as Wurzeldeko.
An XL Mangrovenwirzel
10 x root of suction cup (planted)
ca 4 KG Mopani and mangrove wood (nano to l) partially planted

Invisible but accessible below and behind the wood:

2 Welsh oils from clay (Hinder the Great Root
10 crustaceans and shrimp tubes made of clay (Dennerle)
10 crustaceans and shrimp tubes slate
Aquarium equipment:
2 Luminaire: 150 cm
Power consumption: 30W per
Light color: 10,000K
per 420 LEDs (324weiß / 96 blue)

06.30 clock until 11.30 clock und 13.30 until 20.30 clock
EHEIM 450e with sintered glass tube, EHEIM Biomech, zeolite, fleece
Other equipment:
Eheim heater 300W
1Strömungspumpe 3500l / h
6 Div Corys
6 Aspidoras pauciradiatus
12 Cory Pyg.
12 Cory sickle spot
12 Cory Hastatus
3 w Ancistrus
10 pangio, 5 black and 5 striped
Samtfarben 1 Saugschmerle
9 Ear grid loricariids
2 Small Harlequin catfish
1 Congo Wels
1 red whiptail catfish
4 Blue Red Colombians (will not be replaced)
1 Red Phantomsalmler (will not be replaced)
22 Red neon
1/3 cross band Hecht Linge
1/6 Black Mollys for the live food
2 black Scalar

... whenever I rankomme 6 dwarf driftwood catfishes
Water parameters:
Temp. 26 ° C
PH 7.2
-1x Per week flake food.
-Gefrierfutter: Red-, white mosquito larvae, Artemia, Loobstereier, Tabs
-ab and live food as above.
2 Plecoabs per day
Further information:
Cover is crafted from glazed wood itself.
The cabinet is defined, stabilized Ikea cabinet with real wood worktop (also glazed).
The "feet also made of glazed timber