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The Mountain Stream
Description of the aquarium:
North America
Tank size:
170x30x40 = 204 liters ~ 53 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The basin
> 12 mm white glass basin

Absolute custom sizes and a special cover custom made Anfertigung.Die in "silver"!

4 flaps serve the convenient handle in the basin, while the rear are the left and right also 4 cutouts on each side of the cover for hose, lamp etc ... also a Ausparung right side.
Frontaler Blick
Andere Perspektive
Das Becken im neuem Look
Alles wächst und gedeiht prächtig in dem Becken
Andere Ansicht vom 22.12.2013
Pflanzen und Moose bilden den Rahmen, dazu viel Stein und einige wenige Äste
Die Strömung läßt das ganze dann schön bewegen und ein Diffuser wurde angebracht
Ausschnitt aus dem Becken linke Seite etwas gedämpftes Licht durch die Lumlight
Frontale Sicht in den Tank mit den Notropis
In the Darkness
Das Aquarium im Eindruck der Länge nach fotografiert
Aquarium The Mountain Stream
Das Aquarium hier im aufbau noch ohne Pflanzen
In der Nacht .....
Aquarium decoration:
Beige ground interspersed with gravel

Grain size: 0.6 to 1.0 mm
Pebbles in various sizes ranging from white to gray!
The plants to the pool!

> 5 x Red Riesenvallisneria / Vallisneria Rubra Serpenta

Country of origin: Central America
Height: 60 to 100 cm
Spread: 6 to 10 cm
Light requirements: medium - very large
Temperature: 24 - 28 ° C
Water hardness: medium to hard
PH: 5 to 10
Growth: 2 monthly sheets
Simplicity: easy

> 5 x moss ball size XL 5-7 cm / Cladophora Aegagropila

Country of origin: Europe - East Asia, northern hemisphere
Height-width: 1 to 25 cm diameter
Light requirements: low to semi-shade
Temperature 4 - 28 ° C
Water hardness: soft - hard
PH: 5.5 to 8
Growth: slowly, 1cm in
Simplicity: easy
Der Notropis und das Moos
Moose sind hier auch im Mittelpunkt für dieses Kühlwasser Aquarium
Sich in der Strömung windende Vallisnerien hier die Rubra
Pflanzen im Aquarium The Mountain Stream
Moose und Vallisnerien mit etwas Holz gemischt
Rote Riesenvallisneria / Vallisneria rubra serpenta
Mooskugel / Cladophora aegagropila
Quellmoos / Fontinalis hypnoides
Quellmoos / Fontinalis hypnoides und geöffnete Kugelmoose
Vallineria Rubra
Die Strömung und die Vallisnerien
Grüne Bachlandschaften
Blicke durch die Seitenscheibe
Ein Wald und Lichtblicke
Special features of the facility:
The rear wall

"Basic" 3D back wall (stone homecooked)

Main features are as follows, the back panel is not glued but simply stands in the water of polyester resin in a basalt slate structure, the structure depth is between 1 and 3 cm.

This was completely coated with epoxy resin, which then came to beige and dark brown sand, to the whole Querbeet is mixed and produces light and dark places.
What the homecooked should suggest more explicit.

Furthermore, the lower portion of the rear wall of the entire length was also pretreated with epoxy resin, while a 3 to 4 cm high sand layer is incorporated into the epoxy resin in 2tem step in this area can be seen on the upper sand line and to the whole flowing into the back wall integrated.
The effect is a light optical achieve lifting of sand.


15 kg Rhine gravel actually rather quite large boulders from 4 to about 25 cm, different colors.

These 3 modules I've even edited and can also be used as a hiding place.

Some branches of the beech, as well as a larger piece of wood "Moorkie" which diverse deciduous oak, beech is about to maple on the ground liegt.Ebenso indiscriminately vertreut in the basin.

The design of the rear panel, you can read here for: "remodel Simple backplane"


A river in the typical ambience of this species, stone landscape with exquisite plants and some wood and Ästen.ebenso shadow zones, Cairn for Notropis chrosomus and etheostoma should be the main focus here.
Fast flowing water from the "North America" ​​with cooling water fish !!
Pures Biotop Aquarium soweit dies im Aquarium umsetzbar ist..
Vallisnerien Wald in der Strömung
Moose und Vallisnerien die sich in der Strömung wiegen sowie Äste mit getrocknetem
Laub eine der Komponenten für dieses Projekt
In einer Welt aus kühlen Bergflüssen und Bächen
Faszination Laub im Aquarium
Bach Impressionen
Wenn der Ast mit Laub in der Strömung liegt
Notropis im Aquarium
Dekoration im Aquarium The Mountain Stream
Ein großer Zweig mit Buchenblättern wurde von oben ins Becken dekoriert dabei so
Laub fällt auch in suggerierte Berbbäche
Ahornblätter,Buche und Eichenblätter werden als natürliches Laub verwendet.
Auch Holz ist hier ein Muss!!
Abendstimmung im Becken
Aquarium equipment:

2 x Aquastyle Light RGB + 2 x Warm White

A lamp is 525 mm long.

1x Lumlight Daylight Simulator USB PAD

Bought at " a4nager.de "

Who Interresse has reported on the real Lumlight and there with the action word (Guru) and buys receives 5% Rabbatt ... think may be worth a good also telephone consultation or email included.

There are 2 lamps had to an adapter box of Lumlight be connected in between to be able to control both lamps, but they are running Syncron.
Eheim 2073 external filter professionel 3

1. Integrated self for fast filling of the filter canister.
2. Safety hose adapter with easy-to-use locking system; the adapter can be detached only when the hose valves are closed.
3. Top pre-filter traps coarse dirt efficiently and extends the service life of the biological filter material considerably. Easy to remove, easy to clean.
4. Individually fillable filter baskets. Complete with original EHEIM filter material.
High-quality ceramic bearing guarantees high running smoothness and an extremely long life.
Ready Fully equipped with filter media and installation accessories.

For aquariums up to 350 liters.
Pump capacity: 1050 l / h
Delivery head: 1.8 m
16 Watt
Filter volume: 4.5 + 0.5 (prefilter)
Dimensions: 453 x 238 x 244 mm

The filter inlet is fitted with a diffuser and produces a strong supply of oxygen as in a fast flowing Fluss.Diesen can be adjusted via a small air hose and generated depending on strong and weaker bubbles.
Other equipment:
No other technology.


The pool is operated without heating.

That was to operate an aquarium without heating my intension, this fascination is quite simple thought but absolutely thrilling, the animals show their absolutely natural color noise during courtship and the decoration is absolutely enthusiastic.

Although the cost of savings by eliminating served with a little when considering but this was not the main factor.

Many aquarists eighth on the money and now I represent the opinion of the basin this division provides a wonderful alternative in which everything is offered, also without heating in the aquarium.

I hope that here is some advance in this world and themselves try it!
2 Lumlight Lampen im Einsatz
Lumlight Halterungen
Der Controller von Lumlight zum steuern der Beleuchtung
Abdeckungs Durchführlöcher 4 stck, auf jeder Seite
Die Abdeckung
Die Kieselsteine welche wahllos platziert wurden
Das Granulat Futter
Laub sammeln im Wald;-)
Cooling water fish

30 pcs. Notropis chrosomus

Come and available: 10 - Etheostoma Caeruleum or Spectabile I have not decided yet.

The participants:

Notropis chrosomus,
in the region of Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee, you can find them in nature. To meet often in clear rivers times deeper but also in flat sections at home, also in mountain streams to fascinate them by their color and their particularly colorful spawning behavior.

Temperature differences stuck this way good and easy way, there are no cold-water fish but cooling water fish that can tolerate a fairly wide range of temperatures.

Note to the Spring perch,
there are peaceful the ground vehaftete animals constantly through intense coloring and showing off show their strength wollen.Dabei are not these but other inmates aggressive and their behavior is a real enrichment for this type of subtropical hunting.

They move on a sandy ground and stones and in a group from 5 animals show these their wonderful Sozialverhalten.Ebenso as Notropis chrosomus these temperature differences grown and also do not require heating.
Erster Eindruck der Notropis chrosomus im Becken
Notropis chrosomus
Besatz im Aquarium The Mountain Stream
Besatz im Aquarium The Mountain Stream
Schatten über Steinen die Notropis
Besatz im Aquarium The Mountain Stream
Besatz im Aquarium The Mountain Stream
Besatz im Aquarium The Mountain Stream
Besatz im Aquarium The Mountain Stream
Im Schwarm gerne unterwegs
Besatz im Aquarium The Mountain Stream
Besatz im Aquarium The Mountain Stream
Besatz im Aquarium The Mountain Stream
Besatz im Aquarium The Mountain Stream
Besatz im Aquarium The Mountain Stream
Water parameters:
Some details follow so far only this:

Water temperature: 20 degrees (in the summer it gets to be somewhat higher as to 24 approx)
Water change: 50% weekly

PH: 7.2
Nitrite: = 0.00
Nitrate: 10
KH-value: 7
GH-value: 10
For Notropis chrosomus there will be "Flakes" and likewise also freeze or even live food.

For Etheostoma Caeruleum or Spectabile there are also frozen foods and live foods.

Frozen food varieties:

Mysis, Artemia, krill, white and black mosquito larvae

Live feed varieties:

Artemia, Bachflohkrebse, daphnia whichever I get fresh
Further information:
The subtropics

A field of hunting and the safe has not got much attention and gets.

But we look at the growing zukunftig prices with respect to electricity, etc .... and check it the bigger it will be noted that here the fish are certainly correct paint bombs.