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Aquarium Hauptansicht von northern territory
Description of the aquarium:
North America
Tank size:
30 liters ~ 7 gallons (us)
Specific features:
This is again a species tank, where Elassoma evergladei should feel comfortable and "at home".
The pool is a TetraAqua kind. The cover was removed because the pool otherwise excessive heating by the existing light in the cover.

The design has been completely revised since the very herbaceous design any insights and impressions to let virtually even (not to mention the maintenance costs throughout).

So the goal was to design a prepare with relatively little maintenance (no big Geschnibbel more). There were untied some Aufsitzer plants. Slightly herbaceous nevertheless had to be there, thus Nikraut were placed (at the rear) and chickweed (at the front and on the surface). With burl wood in the form of mangrove woods and bog wood in addition structure was created.
The introduced floating plant cover also provides protection; Withdrawal, coverage and shading down.

The transformation has paid off, because now I have the opportunity, they want to see fish and not have to seek it. Also, the courtship behavior can now watch very nice.
Aquarium northern territory
aus einem anderen Blickwinkel
Aquarium northern territory
eine etwas hellere Aufnehme, damit auch ein wenig was von der hinteren Strukturrierung
vorne links, ein kleiner (Schaum) Lava Stein
ein Blick durch die linke Seitenscheibe
linker Beckenbereich
die Draufsicht
Aquarium northern territory
Aquarium northern territory
pteropus `windelov`
Aquarium decoration:
ca 3Kg Rhine sand with a grain size up to approx 2mm (rather less coarse gravel)

the sand has a real natural color
Ceratophyllum demersum (including floating)

Limnobium laevigatum (floating)

Microsorum pteropus

Microsorum pteropus "Windelov"

Najas guadalupensis

Cryptocoryne wendti green

Anubia nana

fertilized is with daily:

Microbe-Lift Bio CO² (liquid)

Orinoco Grow daily fertilizer
Najas guadalupensis
Limnobium laevigatum
Eleocharis acicularis
Anubia nana
Microsorum pteropus
Eleocharis acicularis
Microsorum pteropus `windelov`
Ceratophyllum demersum
Anubie und Hornkraut an der Oberfläche
Ceratophyllum demersum in der Nahaufnahme
Pflanzen im Aquarium northern territory
Microsorum pteropus
Pflanzen im Aquarium northern territory
Hornkraut als Schwimmpflanze
ganz hinten das Nixkraut
Pflanzen im Aquarium northern territory
Special features of the facility:
2 mangrove woods

2 Moor Wood roots

2 small artificial roots that are provided with a suction cup. These are located near the top in the basin. It offered to bind the ferns on.

Leaves of alder, beech, birch, oak, alder cones
Dekoration im Aquarium northern territory
Dekoration im Aquarium northern territory
der Javafarn bietet Unterschlupf und Schatten nach unten
auch Laub darf nicht fehlen
die Laubhaufen werden auch gern aufgesucht
Aquarium equipment:
the original cover removed / taken off, because by the built-in lighting (the cover), the water temperature has dropped below 24 ° C not, that would have been too much in the long run. The pool is now open, is illuminated all the time once with a 18W PL clip light, however this will depend quite high above the pool. 18W would be for these stocking really too much, but the pool is very good with plants and floating plants cover the surface thoroughly. So this should work well in the coming weeks for now.

Will in the near future or to be illuminated by LEDs also here.

The duration of illumination is 10h, without a break.
being considered there was actually, this pool to operate without filters, BUT, I just can not do so by wrestling a pool to run without a filter, I just can not and I do not want too!
So I decided for the following:

Dennerle Nano corner filter

the filter is operated with the supplied fine filter cartridge, but I have also fine white filter wool side of the cartridge is tinkering with, so I can the flow rate in addition throttle a little, also will also prevent the later possibly baby fish sucked here.

the consumption is 2W
Pumping capacity 150L / h
the pump performance is heavily throttled,
Moreover, there is no surface flow because the exhaust pipe is mounted so that it back "flows" only on the glass wall along (what can be called flow) ..
Other equipment:
Nano Eckfilter
Elassoma evergladei 3 couples

Clithon spec 5
Besatz im Aquarium northern territory
Besatz im Aquarium northern territory
evergladei Männchen
evergladei Weibchen (gerade voll gefuttert)
putzig, oder?
Besatz im Aquarium northern territory
Clithon spec.
Besatz im Aquarium northern territory
Clithon spec.
nochmal das Weibchen
Water parameters:
GH 9

KH 4

PH 7

NO² -

NO³ -

Temperature: 21 ° C at the time, I think in the winter, the temperature is still a little sink, let's see.

Evaporated water is replenished with rainwater, distilled or deionized water.

Water change, 1x weekly instead of about 25%.
live food:

marine copepods

White muelas

Water fleas


now and then a few white worms