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Description of the aquarium:
Lake Tanganyika
Tank size:
101x41x50cm = 180 liters ~ 47 gallons (us)
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Aquarium decoration:
The floor consists of ~ 35Kg quartz sand with grain size 0-1mm.
In addition, I have decided to substrate because in a Tanganyika aquarium in my opinion, no lush vegetation is desired.
among others Echinodorus, Valisneria Gigantera, Pogostemon helferi
Special features of the facility:
Self-built 3D back wall of 8cm polystyrene, flexible adhesive and epoxy resin.
2x holestone with small caves offer to other shelters.
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Aquarium equipment:
During the day: standard jewel lighting with 2x Jewel Highlite Nature T5 45 watts per
Dinner for 3 hours: Blue Moonlight
So far, the included jewel runs BioFlow 3.0 internal filter.
Surprisingly, this is really a neat job and filters reliably.
Other equipment:
Only still the supplied heater with 200W.
9x Neolamprologus calliurus (2x males, females 7x)
Einwohner (Bild entstand noch im alten Aufbau)
Eines der Männchen in seinem Revier
Besatz im Aquarium Juwel Rio 180 - Tanganjika
Water parameters:
26 ° C
pH 7.2
GH ~ 16 °
KH ~ 6 °
NO2 0mg
NO3 ~ 15mg

2 weeks TTW with approximately 30% of tank volume
Live nauplii, Thawed white mosquito larvae, JBL Novo Tanganyika and Söll Organix Super Kelp Pellets.
All respective alternates.
Further information:
After several aquariums in childhood and adolescence, in adulthood had finally something larger ago, which also fits in the rented apartment.
At first I had so established here a normal community tank with guppies.
Eventually, lost the appeal and so was researched on the net. Pretty soon you will come across while on the check cichlids wonderfully active. After quite a bit of research, the company's pool was transformed into a species tank. But since this has not convinced and the underground was just not quite accepted by the small (2-3mm sand with grit) was so all rescheduled.
Here was also clear that a self-made rear wall must be found for the optics.
This has also become pretty good even after several weeks of work (modeling, drying, washing, etc.). Only it has the sutureless obstruction it has not really worked out, despite Miscellaneous Tips from the network, as seen in the pictures.
Finally, I am but even zufireden with the structure and the two males each have their areas which they can inhabit with their harem.
Looking forward to your feedback!