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Rückrüstung auf orig. Hardware als Anemonenbecken
Description of the aquarium:
Salt water
Tank size:
130 liters ~ 34 gallons (us)
Specific features:
On 02.05.2014 moved to 240l tank

Replacement of almost all components top to start because basically everything is at the start by more powerful, but must say that Sera is and what one has "cling" to.
Update 14:01:14
LED light and large skimmer and Tunze rausgenommen, pure Anmeonen and soft corals pool with a couple of LPS - so beautiful dirty;)
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Update 16.03.14
Update 16.03.14 02
Aquarium decoration:
Coral gravel fine
Kupferanemone, div. Disc anemones, a few soft corals, crustaceans
LPS: Bart Coral, Blastemussa Merleti,
Special features of the facility:
about 25 kg of live rock
Aquarium equipment:
Std. 50 covering Sera
Live rock, filter mat, no skimming! Residents stand on it.
Other equipment:
Baggergrundel, 2x Clownfisach, 2 Lysmata Wurdemannni, turbo snails, 1x snapping shrimp came out of the LS
Water parameters:
Temp: 25 °
Density: 1,023
PH: 8.3
KH: 5.9
Mg 1320
Ca: 410
Nitrate: 18mg / l
Nitrite: NN
PO4: 0.04
Powdered food