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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Aufgelöst "perlmutt-Artenbecken"
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
120x40x50 = 240 liters ~ 63 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Classic Jewel 240 Aquarium Kit.
Aquarium black, jewel cabinet 240 white.
Aquarium Aufgelöst "perlmutt-Artenbecken"
Seiteneinblick durch `Guckklappe`
Aquarium decoration:
20 kg quartz sand white rounded, 0.1-0.5 mm
5 kg silica sand black rounded 0,1 - 0,5 mm
Special features of the facility:
RockZolid Stone modules
4x module H
1x module J

In two H-Stones flexed 5 x 10 cm holes and each Caves rd. 40 cm high, 35 cm wide and approx. Created 15 cm depth. In the stones I have also flexed down a big hole if I pull up the water runs out fast and I can not find as possibly "disappeared" inhabitants quickly. The other modules are flexed to smaller stones. All cut edges I have some ground and disarmed with aquarium silicone so that no fish can hurt them.

As (still with T5 light bar) to see one of the photos, the complete structure is hinterschwimmbar. For water movement behind the construction of the Bioflow 3.0 makes.

Rear wall and side walls: black adhesive foil
Erster `Stein`-Aufbau
Wasser, Sand, Wasser...
Hinterschwimmbare Module/ Höhlen
Zwei Tage nach der Befüllung
Juli 2013
Blick hinter die Module....
Aquarium equipment:
Beamswork power LED 200
30 white, 3 blue LED
200 lumens
5 Watt

von 11.30 bis 21.00 clock clock
Jewel Bioflow 3.0, internal filter
3 liters filter volume
600 l / h
6, 5 Watt
equipped with 1x Filterwatte, 2x Nitrax sponge, 1x coarse sponge, 1x Cirax, 2x fine sponge

JBL ChristalProfi e 1501 greenline, external filter
12 liters filter volume
1400 l / h
20 Watt
equipped with pre-filtering 1x 2x Combiblock, 2x Uniblock, 1x ceramic tubes

Both filters provide alone for an ordinary surface movement.
Other equipment:
Flow pump Eheim streamON +2000
2000 l / h
3 Watt
via timer 4 times a day for 2 hours each

Standardheizstab jewel 200 Watt
JBL ChristalProfi e 1501 Greenline
EHEIM streamON+ 2000
BeamsWork 200
Strömung hinter dem Aufbau
Bewegung Wasseroberfläche...
Wichtiges und Notwendiges...
2m / 6w Labidochromis perlmutt

1m / 4w Labidochromis caeruleus

Tower snails (Melanoides tuberculata)
Männchen und zwei brütende Weibchen
Männchen und zwei brütende Weibchen
Labidochromis sp. `perlmutt` dominantes Männchen
Labidochromis sp. `perlmutt` Weibchen
Labidochromis sp. `perlmutt` Weibchen
Labidochromis sp. `perlmutt` Weibchen
Labidochromis sp. `perlmutt`-Baby ca. 5mm klein...
Water parameters:
Nitrite: <0.01 mg / l
Nitrate: 10 mg / l
GH: 12
KH: 8
PH: 8.0
Chlorine: 0
Co²: 3 mg / l
Temperature: 25 degrees
NH3 / NH4: 0 (Sera drop test)

Water change: 1 x per week 50%
Tropical Malawi flakes
Tetra Pro Colour
JBL Spirulina
Frozen food, white mosquito larvae (enriched with Vitamin Atvitol drops)