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Description of the aquarium:
Lake Tanganyika
Tank size:
81 x 36 x 50 = 125 liters ~ 33 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Beck type: Jewel 125
Dimensions: 81x36x50

By glued internal filter, the water volume decreased slightly.
Linke Ecke
Mitte Links
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Rechte Ecke
Aquarium decoration:
10kg White quartz sand 1-3mm +
5kg "White" sand (slightly darker) 1-3mm (much better)

No further additions in the ground.
1x Vallisneria nana
Vallisneria nana - als einzige Pflanze
Special features of the facility:
In the aquarium there are now about 20 kg stones and about 15 snails houses.
The whole layout has been completely redesigned. The rock is rich in lime which the water values ​​to very good comes.

The back wall of the aquarium is bonded to a black foil.
Weinbergschneckenhäuser im noch leeren Aquarium
Revier der Schneckencichliden
Aquarium equipment:
2x 28W
1x 28W (590mm) Juwel High-Lite Nature
1x 28W (590mm) Juwel High-Lite Blue
Both lamps darkened by flynet.

No reflector

LED Stripe as night lighting

Home lighting: 9h with 2h lunch
Floodlit 21 clock - clock 8
When the internal filter BioFlow serves 3.0 System of jewel Equipped only with a 20cm high fine, a 20cm high coarse filter pad, and a small "container" with zeolite.

In addition, during the warm-up phase to a Eheim Aquaball is also with zeolite in the basin.
Other equipment:
Heater (Jewel)

PH Elekttrode (JBL)
Blaue Röhre + LED Stripe
Helle Lampe

1 Zebra Rennschnecke
10 Clithon Corona


1/0 Julidochromis transcriptus

2/2 Neolamprologus multifiscatus
(+ Brut)
Neolamprologus multifasciatus
Julidochromis transcriptus
N. multifasciatus
N. multifasciatus
Clithon corona
Water parameters:
PH: 7.6
GH: 18
KH: 12
No2: NN
No3: /

Temperature: 25-27 ° C during the day

Water change: 14T / 50%
Various varieties of frozen food
(Artemia, Krill, Mysis)
Further information: