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Frontalansicht Aquarium
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
151 x 51 x 66cm = 450 liters ~ 118 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Unfortunately, there are not many pictures, because I still have no viable camera. I'm trying to you soon to give more visual impressions.
Aquarium Mbuna Power
Aquarium Mbuna Power
Aquarium Mbuna Power
Aquarium decoration:
The ground consists of approximately 25 kg of quartz sand mixed with black color sand.
The grain size is approximately 0.4mm - 2mm.
2 x Anubias hastifolia
1 x Cryptocoryne balansae

Currently there are no artificial fertilization is performed.
Special features of the facility:
Approximately 150 kg gray basalt stone from a river.

Back: Back to Nature Slim Line Basalt / Gneiss (2x module 60A and 1x module 60B)
The elements are attached with aquarium silicone to the rear wheel.
Aquarium equipment:
T5: 2 x 54 Watt High-Lite Day, 1200 mm (never turned on)
T5: 2 x 54 Watt High-Lite Day, 1200 mm. A tube completely wrapped in aluminum foil. The other tube only partially wrapped with aluminum foil so that the pelvis is not too brightly lit.

Lighting from 11:00 clock until 21:00 clock.
Internal filter: Bioflow 8.0, 8 liters filter volume (pump 1500 l / h), with additional Cirax basket.
External Filter: Eheim Prof.3 600, 6 liter filter volume, 0.5 liter pre-filter (pump 1250L / h)
Other equipment:
Flow pump Tunze Turbelle Stream 6065 (6500 l / h)
It is in all animals to juveniles.
The sexes are not yet everywhere clearly identifiable.

Pseudotropheus msobo magunga 1/1

Pseudotropheus flavus 3/4

Labidochromis caeruleus "white" 3/7

Melanochromis Maingano 3/7

Metriaclima zebra Makonde 2/0
Melanochromis maingano
Water parameters:
GH: 9
KH: 8
PH: 7.8
NO2: <0.05 mg / l
NO3: 20 mg / l
NH4: 0.0 mg / l
NH3: 0.0 mg / l
Temp .: 24

Measured with JBL droplets test set.
Tetra Phyll Flakes
Tetra Pro Colour (rarely)

Tropical Malawi
Tropical Spirulina 36% (for a change)

1 x per week or cucumber Peperoni
1 x per week of fasting
Further information:
Weekly water changes of about 50%.