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Description of the aquarium:
Salt water
Tank size:
0,6x0,22x0,3 = 30 liters ~ 7 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The basin is a complete DIY. A small technical compartment is located on the right side of the aquarium. This is separated with a disc from the main pool and about 3cm below the aquarium overall height. Thus, the water runs smoothly without splashing through a filter sponge in the technical compartment. The basin was rebuilt within a year several times and hence the corals have also not increased. By April 2013, I decided to just stay away from the pool. Let's see how everything develops. The hardest thing is to keep the nitrate and phosphate value in a good mood, you can see it in the colors of the coral. The skimmer was led 5h a day, thus I will try to keep the nitrate level for a while in the lower area. Below the pool there is a drawer, where a Siemens logo for the entire control system is working.
Aquarium decoration:
1-3mm Bora Bora sand
Zoanthus, Catalaphyllia jardinei, Menella sp., Ricordea Florida, Ricordea Yuma, Xenia umbellata, Microprotula, Spirobranchus giganteus, Sabellastarte, Montipora, Caulastrea furcata, Acanthastrea, Tubastraea faulkneri
Wunderkoralle, Schwamm, Scheibenanemone
Zoanthus bei Blaulicht
Special features of the facility:
Live rock 5kg
Aquarium equipment:
LED High Power DIY
Stages suppression Tung:
9x 1W Royal Blue
12x 1W white 9000K
14x 1W cool withe 12000K
12x 1W 20000K
With this lighting I ermittel at the moment how the basin responds. Initially red Cyanos, then a green filamentous and now arrived, after 6 weeks (05/2013) the pelvis is stable. The lighting is switched in stages, and has its maximum value only for about 2 hours a day. The blue light phase is so extreme that virtually every camera fails with the white balance. However, the colors are unbeatable in reality.
Overflow edge in the technology part is equipped with a filter sponge (coarse). So suspended are removed continuously. In technology part is filtered with activated charcoal, Coraltin, Silicarbon and a phosphate binder.
Other equipment:
Small nano skimmer with Lindenholzausströmer
2x flow pump New Jet 800 with a maximum of 800l per / h
A pump is directed towards the windscreen and circulated from the front over the entire front to the water. The second pump flows from the bottom to the water surface and prevents the ridge skin.
High Power LED
High Power LED
High Power LED
1x tiger pistol shrimp + Wächtergrundel
1x Neopetrolisthes maculatus
1x Tectus fenestratus
5x Babylonia
Water parameters:
Temperature: 24-27 ° C.
Density: 1,022
Carbonate hardness: 8
Calcium in Ca: 430 mg / L
Magnesium in Mg: 1300 mg / L
Nitrite in No2: 0 mg / L
Nitrate in No3: 2 mg / L (target value)
Phosphate in Po4: 0mg / L
Silicon or silicate in Si02: 0 mg / L
2x weekly Cyclop-eeze
1x Frostfutter premium Knoblauchmix