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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Mbuna Rocks(becken wurde aufgelöst)
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
200x70x60 = 840 liters ~ 221 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Bulge-glued internal filter with 3 chamber Bio. Abtrennscheibe of stained glass, so that the filter materials in the basin are not visible.

GHL ProfiLux 3 PH and temperature sensor.
Am tag der lieferung .... JA da stand es nun ;-)
Aquarium decoration:
40 kilos of fine sand Beige Manufacturer Hobby. Grain 0,3-1,0mm
Special features of the facility:
Rockzolid backplane Komodo
Rockzolid Stone module: E, F, G
Rockzolid River Stones: E, G, H, K, L
5 Brocken (fist) quartzite leftover stone
1 large chunk of quartzite lovingly Hinkelstein I called 50 cm high, As an extra he stops, I have a base plate 20x20cm from 4 mm acrylic glass at the bottom glued with aquarium silicone. On the Gesammtbild the stone is quite right.
Der Hinkelstein ;-)
Aquarium equipment:
Aquarium Computer GHL ProfiLux 3

4 Mitras Simu rods 95cm
-4 Light colors red, green, blue, white are controlled individually.
from 7 clock starts tomorrow "sunrise" where hautsächlich red and greens are used, the lights then go to 11 clock slowly to 100%, in the meantime from 8 clock white and blue is added with. By 15 clock is then "lunchtime" with the highest sun.
From then on, the lighting dims slowly down, from 22 clock is then only slight moonlight, which is then dimmed down to 23.00 clock to 0%.
Wolkenwarscheinlichkeit the clouds is 5% take 3-30 seconds if a cloud over the aquarium attracts the lights dim 30% back.
Bio filter including filter volume of 54 liters, 12 liters 1Kammer Tonröllchen + Siporax, 2nd chamber 4 filter mats with 10 cm thickness. 3rd chamber with bio hedgehogs filled, as on the ground is the return pump there. Tunze Silence 1073.040 3000 l / h 42 watts consumption.
Other equipment:
Jäger heater 300 watts.
Tunze Silence 1073.008 (150-800l / h 3-8W) behind the rear wall of the water promotes behind the rear wall into the aquarium. The heater is located right next to the Tunze pumpe.Das water flows Duch 2 holes that I have cut into the back wall behind it. To avoid that the fish get behind the back wall, I put into these openings filter mat pieces.
Hier liegen im alu rahmen die simu stäbe
Technik im Aquarium Mbuna Rocks(becken wurde aufgelöst)
PH und Temeratursensor
Pseudotropheus Zerba Lundo WF OB 1/1
Pseudotrpheus Msobo Lundo WF 1/0
Labeotropheus trewavasae Manda WF 2/3
Labeotropheus fuelleborni Namalenji WF 0/3
Cynotilapia Afra red top Tumbi rocks WF 1/2
Melanocromi Northern Blue WF 1/1
Pseudotropheus Calleinos Brigth Blue WF 2/3
Melanocromi Northern Blue Männchen
Pseudotropheus Zebra Lundo OB weibchen beim Weiden
Labeotropheus fuelleborni Namalenji Männchen
Pseudotropheus msobo lundo Männchen
Cynotilapia red top tumbi rocks Männchen
Labeotropheus trewavasae Manda Männchen , deutlich die rückenflosse zu sehen die
Cynotilapia Männchen
Pseudotropheus msobo lundo weibchen
3 Pseudotropheus msobo lundo weibchen , schön zu sehen wie unterschiedlich sie gefärbt
Mondphase anfangs
Mondphase 30 min später
Fischmeute ;-)
Besatz im Aquarium Mbuna Rocks(becken wurde aufgelöst)
Pseudotropheus Zebra Lundo OB
Labeotropheus trewavesae weibchen im vordergrund
Water parameters:
Temperature 25 C water change every Friday 35%
Nitrite 0.003 mg / l
Ammonium 0,008mg / l
Nitrate 11.9 mg / l
Ph 8.22
Kh 16
Gh 14
Sera Flora
Tropical Spirulina 36%
Further information:
Frame is welded from massive 5x5 cm thick iron square tubes. the pipes have 3 mm wall. The undercarriage strong wood panels was then covered with 3 mm, which are held by magnets.