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Geasmtansicht Mai 2013
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
150 liters ~ 39 gallons (us)
Specific features:
MP crystal (Müller-caregiver / Eheim) 8-Eck-pool
2 ground-drilling for filter input / output
Filter output was postponed for reasons of appearance by PVC pipes to the "backplane."

As an 8-Eck panoramic pool is visually very difficult to set up, I have made after the first year, a change that should please forgive me my fish and shrimp :-)
... I have the veranda on away :-)

More pictures to follow ...
Aquarium decoration:
Quartz sand from the hardware store (0.2 to 0.8 mm)
washed several times
no soil fertilizer
no floor heating
Java Fern
Java moss
Flame Moss
Dwarf Anubias
Brazilian pennywort
Red Tiger Lotus
a Pflannze I have changed from our garden pond of emersed on submerged (grown on the edge and has Ablger driven into the water)

- Moose staked on the branches and stones and increasing
Special features of the facility:
initially BIO CO2 with 2 x 1L PE bottles and wash bottle with sugar / yeast
now with CO2 system of Bioplast with 500g pressure gas bottle and Dennerle Flipper

even collected branches from the forest; Beech / birch (dead / gleaned from the soil / irrigated)
Stones from Kiessee
Aquarium equipment:
2x 15W T8 fluorescent tubes
initially with special AQ-tubes (pointless)
now with standard tubes from OSRAM (865) very good plant growth and natural light
Eheim 2222 with placement:
bottom: 2 x blue filter foam
Top: Basket gefülllt with Ehfi substrate

no Fine filter wool

crystal-clear water; Half-year filter-control / possibly geringfühige cleaning
Other equipment:
Bar heater 150W

Objective: Control via Raspberry-Pi with pelvic inner camera and lighting control
15 x Red Neon
5 x Corydoras panda (including 1 offspring)
4 x Kuhli Loach
1 x catfish (unknown)
2 x Mosaic gourami (m / w)

+ Countless Redfire Prawns and Tower snails
Water parameters:
KH 14
PH 7
seriously measured only to set up to determine the nitrite peak
after that only sample-like controls
Measurements now no more, only control of Co2 by Dennerle Egg

Pool is very stable
every 3 weeks approximately 40-50% water change
Flake feed
Frost lining: red / black mosquito larvae
Catfish Tabs