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Tanganjika mit Selbstbaurückwand
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Tanganyika
Tank size:
1,8m x 0,6m x 0,6m = 648 liters ~ 171 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Rear Right double-overflow shaft with adjustable comb for top and 4 grid
below for the exchange of water in the bottom area.

Holes in the Aqua Soil for flow downwards and inlet for water recirculation.

Aquarium shock and Wulsverklebt.

Windscreen made of float glass.
All discs are 12mm thick.
Endlich auch die Verkleidung fertig Stand 26.02.2014
Stand 26.02.2014
Stand 25.02.2014
Stand 25.02.2014
Stand 25.02.2014 von links ins Aquarium
Stand 25.02.2014
Stand 25.02.2014
Mein neues Tanga - Becken 04.2013
linke Hälfte 04.2013
rechte Hälfte 04.2013
Sicht von linker Stirnseite 04.2013
Ansicht von rechts 04.2013
Becken mit umgebauten Steinaufbauten (mehr Zwischenräume) mit schon etwas Algenbewuchs
linke Hälfte
Sicht von linker Stirnseite
Becken Frontalansicht
Becken am 15.05.2013
Becken am 15.05.2013
Becken am 15.05.2013
Becken am 15.05.2013
Becken am 15.05.2013
Becken am 15.05.2013
Aquarium decoration:
75 kg White a rounded fine (0.2 to 0.4 mm grain size) quartz sand
1 large Anubia barteri rear left (to someday the rear wall grow high)

Some Vallisneria spiralis as territorial boundaries

Some Echinodorus jungle Star right in front of the filter openings

2 Cryptocoryne wendtii as backplane planting

Wanted aware reinsetzen some plants, but this will regularly trim around the rock ledges character not too loose.

The plants were supplied with fertilizer sticks on rootball.
Echinodorus Dschungelstar auf der Rechten Seite 04.2013
Anubia Barteri hinten links und im Vordergrund einige Vallisneria Spiralis 04.2013
Einer der beiden Cryptocoryne wendtii hier in die Rückwand gepflanzt 04.2013
Special features of the facility:
Self-built 3D back wall and stone terrace made ​​of styrofoam.

The rear panel consists of 3 parts and a number of small and large stones.

Have the aquarium back wall of wood recreated to damage anything at the aquarium.

The polystyrene panels have been associated with craft knife and hot air blower in the form and adapted to the aquarium, even caves and supernatants were scheduled with. The next step everything was coated with cement and leave to dry out left (the whole scenario 2x).
When everything was dried I painted the stones with tinting color to make it appear more realistic at all.
As finales all step back wall portions sealed double with special epoxy resin and glued with aquarium silicone.
Time about 1 week

100 Vineyard snail shells for my worm perch

Some natural stones out of the brook near I still have inside to create caves and hiding places.

Book root of the forest around the corner ^^
Meine Schablone für die Rückwand
Jetzt gehts ans Styroporschnitzen
Verdammtes Styropor das war einfach überall.......
Erstes Zwischenergebniss .....
Anpassung ans Becken und dann gehts weiter.....
2 Schichten Zement
Die Farbgestaltung
2 fach mit Epoxy versiegelt und mit Aquariumsilikon ins AQ geklebt -> ENDLICH  FERTIG
75 kg feinster Sand
Jede Menge Schneckenhäuser (ca. 100 Stk.)
Meine Wurzelrückwand 2tes Projekt
Meine Wurzelrückwand 2tes Projekt
Meine Wurzelrückwand 2tes Projekt
Meine Wurzelrückwand 2tes Projekt
Aquarium equipment:
Self-made light bars from a cable duct with 2 T8 58Watt tubes (Cool White and Biolux) the tubes are some places with aluminum foil to let wrapped appear punctual to the light and create dark areas.
Home-made dimmer control (in the cabinet) for sunrise and sunset simulation. Even clouds can be simulated.

Lighting time of 9 to 12, with sunrise and 12-15 with very dimmed atmosphere then brighter again to 21 clock of course with sunset. In between also some clouds are simulated.
5 170 liters chamber filter tank in the closet.
1 Coarse (pre-) Filterschwam, 4 fine filter sponges, Sipurax filter granulate.

Pump and heater also sit in the filter tank
Other equipment:
Pump -> Tunze Master 1073.03 from filter basin as a feed pump
Flow pump -> Nano Stream 6045
2 Hunter 300 watt heating elements (if one fails)
Filterbecken mit Förderpumpe und Heizung von vorne
Filterbecken mit Förderpumpe und Heizung
Die PVC Platten für die Abdeckung noch mit Schutzfolie und die U-Profile
Die ganze Abdeckung von Oben ohne Querstreben und Deckel
PVC-Winkel zur Stabilisierung eingeklebt
Hintere Abdeckungsseite, die drei Winkelstücke sind zum einhängen für die Querstreben.
Die Vorderseite der Abdeckung
Die erwähnten Querstreben werden eingelegt ( sind nur eingelegt um den Lichtbalken
Noch ohne Abdeckplatten aber meinen Leuchtbalken sieht man gut ( aus einem Kunststoffkabelkanal
4 Abdeckelemente zum herausnehmen wie die ganze Abdeckung aus 3mm Hartschaum PVC
Meine selbstgebaute Abdeckung ist fertig!
Schaltschrank fürs Licht ^^
Schaltschrank Innenleben (natürlich Marke Eigenbau) ^^
Ausleuchtung des AQ eingegrenzt (mit Alufolie,funktioniert aber gut)
Tröpfchentest non Tetra
- Couple Altolamprologus Calvus

- Princess of Burundi with 200-300 pups

- Couple Julidochramis Marlieri

- 40 TDS +/-

- A Siamese trunk Barbe is also given asylum ^^ (from an aquarium resolution)
Becken am 15.05.2013 Calvus in Mitten der Hektik
Becken am 15.05.2013
Becken am 15.05.2013
Julidochramis Marlieri
Burundi Paar mit Nachwuchs
3 Generationen Burundis ;-)
Burundi Nachwuchs durchs Gemüse ^^
Mama und Babys
Mama und Babys
Calvus und Juli
Calvus 2
getarnter Calvus
Julidochramis Marlieri und Lamprologus Ocellatus
Aha was is da denn los ?!
Einmal bunt gemischt
schüchtern ?!
Water parameters:
Temp 25.8 degrees Celsius -.> Digital thermometer

NO2 0.01 -> Drip Test Tetra
NO3 12.5 -> Drip Test Tetra
PH 8 -> PH meter
GH 10 -> Drip Test Tetra
KH 9 -> Drip Test Tetra
NH3 0 -> Drip Test Tetra
O2 8 -> Drip Test Tetra

Water changes every 3 weeks on 50 per cent.
Water Treatment: Easy Life

I'm really happy with it, it was also used in my old pool and never had big problems.
Cichlid Shrimp Sticks tetra

Tetra Cichlid Granules

-Sera Vipan staple food

-Mysis Frostfutter
-Cyclops Frostfutter
-Krill Frostfutter

.from and fresh as bloodworms
Further information:
Hello everybody,
am finally moved and thus has a corner in the living room give to the times I could make a somewhat larger aquarium.
Bin yes since around 2005 infected with the virus Aquarium but I could never really "let off steam" (space reasons).

Now I thought doing it right times (hope is I managed), only once picked out an aquarium and agreed with my wife if it may be the size. A "Yes" all clear now mach ma something nice.
Aquarium picked up with friends and the same structure.

As planned in the basement and the rear wall and realized (Styrofoam shit ;-) knows everything)

After a week of work drying time -and finally the back wall of the aquarium and the small rocky terrace of course (with Aquarium Silicone glued)

Filter tank fitted, positioned and plumbed.

Ground pure and behold already looks not bad.

Now even build the highlight bar and the lamp control and on basin so.

And finally, the water and the plants come into the pool ........ schööön siehts.

The pool cover is also self-built from PVC rigid foam panels and 3mm PVC angle profiles glued (photo then follows naturally) as a temporary solution is instantaneous Makrolon panes plan.

When finally after 2 weeks the fish were there then I was really happy and I hope the pelvis like. Important updates I submit course after.

About comments and feedback I would be very happy ;-)