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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Becken 261
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Victoria
Tank size:
130cm x 50cm x 50cm = 325 liters ~ 85 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The pool itself is on 5 pillars YTONG a disused tabletop aquarium foam is used as an underlay beneath.
Zwei Tage nach der Einrichtung.
Kurz nach der Einrichtung.
Aquarium decoration:
35 kg aquarium sand.
1 Javafarn and some Anubias.
Special features of the facility:
Mixed stones.
Gemischte Steine, und einige Anubias.
Aquarium equipment:
Dupla Electra 2 x 55 watts.
1 Eheim interval filter and a Strömungspume the 1600 liters creates the hour.
Other equipment:
Tetra Thermostat with 200 watts. One may argue about the number of watts me but it works.
It should be expected from next week home for Victoriaseecichliden. The stocking is "Probably" look like this:
Pundamilia Crimson Tide, Lithochromis rubripinnis, and Ptyochromis Red rock sheller
In what density is not fixed yet really.
The bass might come a few Tanganyika catfish.
Further information:
When the pool is open, I will of course vigorously updating!