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So siehts im Moment aus :)
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
120x50x50 = 300 liters ~ 79 gallons (us)
Viertes Hauptbild
Drittes Hauptbild
Zweites Hauptbild
Erstes Hauptbild
Mal von schräg oben
Korkenzieher Schwertpflanze
Pogostemon erectus
Hygrophila difformis,  Barclaya longifolia rubra und die nicht definierte Echinodorus
Aquarium decoration:
Aquariums white sand, very fine grain between 0,1-0,5mm Druchmesser.
-Depotdünger From JBL
The exact details kilo I can not do, unfortunately. Anyway, the controlled release fertilizer is applied everywhere the same thickness and the sand is piled forward flatter than toward the rear. However, only minimal.
First of all, those in which I am sure:
- Hygrophila difformis - Indian Water Star
- Microsorum pteropus "Short Narrow Leaf" - Mini Javafarn
- Echinodorus Vesuvius - Corkscrew sword plant
- Nymphaea lotus var rubra -. Red Tiger Lotus
- Vallisneria spiralis - Screw Vallis
- Ottelia ulvifolia - spotted-turned Ottelie
- Vallisneria asiatica - Asian Valli Herie
- Echinodorus argentinensis - Argentine water plantain
- Limnophila sessiliflora - peduncle Loser swamp friend, Small Ambulia
- Pogostemon Erectus
When I'm not sure:
- Barclaya longifolia rubra - Red langblättrige Barclaya
- Echinodorus - No idea ^^
Roter Tigerlotus
Mini Javafarn
Die, sich erholende, Ottelie
Die E. vesuvius hat sich schön fortgepflanzt
Special features of the facility:
Furthermore, I have in the basin as a decoration:
- About 50-60 dark gray pebbles
- Large Moorkinwurzel
- Mean mangrove roots
- Mean Moorkinwurzel
- Smaller Moorkinwurzel
- A lava stone
- Two slates - serve as a cave
- Several decorative stones, all of a specialized trade, from the hunting department
- Seemandelbaumblätter (Catappa XL, JBL)
Kieselsteine (Vorher abgekocht)
Ein Teil der großen Moorkinwurzel und die Kleine
Die mittlere Moorkinwurzel
Aquarium equipment:
2x T8 Dennerle Tropical - de Luxe Amazon Day 38 Watt
with reflectors
Lighting time: 12 hours without a break
Fluval external filter 306, 300L, 1150L / h.
Filter media:
- 4 Coarse sponge mats
- A fine layer of cotton wool
- Keramikröllchen
- Very fine sponge block
Other equipment:
- Dennerle Co2 Planzendünge set, returnable 300, Quantum
- Night shut off by solenoid valve (at the switch of illumination)
- Fluval Aquarium Heater, E300, 375L, 300 Watt
- Dennerle Eco-Line Thermo Tropic, floor heating, 12V, 40W
- Previously two times each about a week, a UV-C water AquaCristal UV-C Series II from JBL, 9Watt in combination with an Eheim external filter classic 250 whose inlet tube is pinched something to inhibit the Druchfluss. I must inserting a filter 2, as the sterilizer is not compatible with the hoses of Fluval.
- A pair of Pterophyllum leopoldi - Leopold scalar Spitzkopf scalar (probably a male and a female) Wild. Initially there was still a third (presumably male) here. Den but I had to take out, with increasing maturity, the scuffles were worse.
- 5 x Corydoras Julii - Julii-cory
- 7x Otocinclus Otocinclus vittatus hoppei 1 x - ear Lattice dwarf catfish (has introduced the merchants probably)
- 1 x Macrognathus aculeatus - Eyespot Stachelaal
- 1 x Peckoltia compta "L134" Rio Tapajós
- Unknown to Physidae sp. - Bladder snail
Nihal hat sichtlich Spaß am suchen
Die neuen Kiesel scheinen zu schmecken
Der Neue - L134 Rio Tapajós - Idefix :D
Erst mal ausruhen...
Einer der beiden Leopoldis auf der Müla-Suche
Idefix (L134)
Das Pterophyllum leopoldi Paar
Aktuellstes Bild der beides leopoldis (15.3.)
Die zwei Leopoldis
Der Augenfleck-Stachelaal `Nihal`
Der eine Otocinclus vittatus und im Hintergrund einer der Corydoras Julii
Besatz im Aquarium Blackpearl
Einer der Otocinclus hoppei
Eine der blauen Posthornschnecken
Noch eine Posthornschnecke
Water parameters:
pH: 6.6
KH-value: 7 ° dKH
GH-value: 11 ° dGH
25-26 ° C
Nitrite: <0.3
Nitrate: <0.3
measured by Tetra droplets test

Water change: Weekly 15-20% with water conditioner Tetra Aqua, Aqua Safe
For the fish:
- Sera vipan, Haupfutter in flake form
- Sera vipagran staple food in soft granular form
- Sera GVG-mix, lining with tidbits
- Sera viformo, food tablets
- Sera O-nip, taps with tidbits
- Sera FD Tubifex, Power delicacy
- Sera flake menu, consisting of the basic feed, forage, fodder and fodder color
I am convinced of Sera. It is also from the region. ;)
-zudem there (especially for the spiny, after light off) frozen muelas of Ruto, Frozen Fish Food BV
-> New bloodworms, other brand: Bloodworm Excellent Fish Food
-> More new bloodworms, this time from amtra
- Frozen daphnia of Vivantis
Lining there morning, noon and night in a different order, but only slightly. A fast day per week is also in the plan.
-Buchenlaub For loricariids
-ab and cucumber slices, peeled and raw, red bell peppers, also raw

For Planzen:
-. Orinoco Grow, daily fertilizer instead of hunting the edge, at least 6 drops. Bin so far very pleased with this fertilizer.
Before that, I had a mixture of Amtra iron fertilizer and Dennerle V30 Complete - and twice in a short time an algal bloom. Not nice ... therefore the fertilizer conversion.
Further information:
The pool itself, I've bought used. How long it had been in operation, I do not know. Since about a year it runs with me, but with already a move.