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 Amazonasaquarium Astronotus ocellatus
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
173x73x70 = 884 liters ~ 233 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The pool was built by "brilliant aquarium", has 2 lateral and 2 stringers and bulge-glued. On the right side an overflow shaft with 2 chambers and 3 holes (2x 25mm 1x40mm) is installed. This is however obscured by the rear wall 3D of "fit-in-fish".
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Abenddämmerung hellere Beleuchtung
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Aquarium decoration:
As substrate are approx 70 kg black gravel nature of the company "Orbit" is used. The grain size is 0.8-1.6 mm.
As my perch are quite rupig, very few plants are in the pool. This is only a fairly small permanent Javafarnart which is mainly planted on the upper portions of Moorkienwurzeln.
In addition, swimming a lot Frog bite on the water surface.
Große Wurzel rechts Mittig mit Javafarn und einer kleinen Anubia
Rechte Seite mit Javafarn
Stumpf in der Mitte mit Javafarn und Bucephalandra
Special features of the facility:
The main facility of the basin consists of a few large mangrove and Moorkienwurzeln that I have together collected over years from everywhere.
In addition, there are coconut shells, Seemandelbaumrinde, and some almond leaves (even collected on vacation) scattered on the ground.
Aquarium equipment:
The basin should be very dark, and I also wanted to save energy, which is why only a 145 cm long 32 watt fluorescent lamp with reflector is used for lighting. This is powered by an "Arcadia Ultra Seal" operation unit.
The lighting time of 11 hours (10-21 clock).
In the morning and evening hours a moonlight bar is operated to transition to night.
In the closet is a filter tank (100x40x50) in which the overflow chute opens divided into 2 tubes. This are 2 filter mats which are traversed as a hamburger mat filter (each 100x50 with a thickness of 10cm). The water is then pumped through a NewJet4500 pump back into the pool. Among my conditions make this pump about 2800L / h, ie a more than 3-fold circulation of the basin. The flow rate in the filter in this case is approximately 6cm / min.

In addition to filters is peat, to slight acidification and coloring of the water.
Other equipment:
As another technique, a digital heating system is simply connected. These acts at the moment, however, only as a thermometer as a temperature of 24-25 ° (winter) and 27-28 ° (summer) is achieved through the good insulation of the cabinet and the current under water recirculating pump even without additional heating.
Filterbecken (100x40x50)
Filterbecken von oben, linke Seite (rechts: Ablauf, hinten: Notablauf, Schlauch:
rechte Seite Filterbecken
Rohre für Ab- und Zulauf (Der geklebte Teil des Notüberlaufs ist mittlerweile verschraubt)
Lüftung für den Unterschrank
3-fach Wassereinlauf im Becken
LED-Lampe 10 Watt für Sonnenaufgang und Untergang
Unterschrank links mit Staufach
As the name suggests is the "main stocking" a couple Astronotus ocellatus.

This I care now for 5 years after I as juveniles in pitiful condition (fin rot up to the fin base, fungus, etc ....). The two are now 30 cm (He) and 28 cm (you) large.
Despite all the care they have still not recovered one hundred percent, and I have repeatedly flare up with the hole disease do, which is, however, always completely healed.
There are also a couple Satanoperca sp. "Redlip" (18 cm) and a couple Geophagus winemilleri (16 and 22 cm). Each about 2 years old.

In addition, I take care of a group of 5 lines thorn catfish (12-16 cm, 2 years), 10 catfish (12-15 cm, 4 to 17 years) and a shields Wels (20 cm, over 7 years)
Die beiden an der Scheibe
Beide Astronotus
Nochmal die Beiden
Satanoperca und Geophagus
Beide Satanoperca
Eins der Sklarpärchen
Die drei Geophagus
Alle bei der Fütterung
Die beiden L 75
L 75
L 75
L 75
L 75
Schilderwels/Red Bruno
Der große L114
Friedlich zusammen
Großer L114
Beide L114
Beide L114
Beide L114
Der kleine L114
Alle drei
Friedlich zusammen
Der kleine L114
Großer L114
Großer L114
Einer der fünf Lineindornwelse, gerade vollgefressen
Water parameters:
pH: 7 7.5
GH: 14
KH: 7
Nitrate: 5-10
Nitrite: undetectable
Ammonia / ammonium: undetectable

Judging is controlled with Sera drop test, nitrate and nitrite in addition with JBL drip test. All values ​​(especially nitrate) immediately before the water change.
It takes place every 3 weeks, a water change of approximately 40-60%.
Is fed as a basis Cichlidensticks the brand Tetra.
In addition, there are several frozen food of mosquito larvae to squid.
Also fish fillet and various vegetables (cucumber, Zuchinie, cauliflower, peas, ...) to be fed.
In addition, the water and food with vitamins is enriched (HW Multifit).

The catfish feed will receive the following:

- JBL NovoTab
- Sera Vitafit
- House brand of Aquaristik.net
Further information:
The cabinet is a proprietary design. It consists of a steel frame (from a friendly locksmith mass-manufactured, 40x40mm wall thickness 3 mm), which is clad in white chipboard panels. The doors are made of black glass and come from the furniture store.
A large part of the cabinet is fully lined with 4cm thick Styrodur and involves again disguised filter tank so as the rest of technology.

In another part of the cabinet, the feed, additional equipment and literature is housed.