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Stand 10. März 2013
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
73x30x50 = 110 liters ~ 29 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Eigenbau - in existing niche
Stand 21. April 2013
Aquarium decoration:
JBL Sansibar 50/50 mix of white and black
2x Microsorum pteropus Windelov
Anubias barteri var. Caladifolia
Moose to overgrown around the mat filter
Echinodorus "dancing fire spring" for the background
Special features of the facility:
Moorkienwurzeln, lava stones (Dino Eggs), Caves between slates,
Beech leaves and alder cones
Aquarium equipment:
50 Daylight LED / "Rising Sun 2"
(Solar simulation LEDs and moonlight)
Blue Line Aquarium
Matt Filter (leg length 13 / 20cm)
AquaEl Circulator pump (max. 1000 l / h)
Eheim Air Pump 100 (running at night for 4 hours)
Other equipment:
Fluval M heater
A 4/2 hyphessobrycon sweglesi (Hyphessobrycon sweglesi)
4 Beni dwarf witches catfish (Hemiloricaria Beni)
1 albino catfish (Ancistrus)
2 Robbery Tower snails (Anentome Helena)
Bladder snails
20 Red cherry dwarf shrimps (4 were "vaccinated" as a tiny change of water with the Altbeckens for aspirated with and have multiplied good)
Still planned:
Blue Perusalmler (8-10)
Hemiloricaria Beni
Beni Zwerghexenwels
Roter Phantomsalmler
Water parameters:
currently (pool runs since 03.10.2013):
PH 7.0
9 ° dGH
Temperature: 23.5 ° C
JBL Mini tropical fish flake food
Catfish wafer
Bloodworms (alive)
black / white mosquito larvae (Frost)