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Description of the aquarium:
Salt water
Tank size:
1,30 x 0,60 x 0,60 = 663 liters ~ 175 gallons (us)
Specific features:
rear right 3 holes, 2x 42mm 1x32mm. Expiration, and emergency drain inlet.
Glued rear wheels with black Plexiglas
Aquarium decoration:
Caribe Live sand 30 Kg with
Corallenbruch 2-3mm 30 Kg
Special features of the facility:
90 kg live rock from Bali
Aquarium equipment:
Giesemann Matrixx 2 with 6x54 Watt, 3 circuits each with 2 lights
Burn times:
Group 1:
Group 2:;
Group 3:
Filter basins:
1,00x0,50x0,40 cm = 200 l of osmosis 50l refill container
3 chamber filter
Royal Exclusiv Cypklone 250 skimmers for up to 1500l pool
Tunze Silence 3500l / h recirculating pump
Other equipment:
UVC clarifier of FIAP 35 Watt
2 x Tunze flow pump with 1x 6055 Wavecontroller
1x Tunze 6085
1x Tunze 6065
2x Nemateleotris Decora - Decor Schwertgrundel
2x Amphiprion ocellaris - False clown - anemonefish
1x Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsalis - Orange back - Zwerglippfisch
1x Dolabella auricularia - lumpfish
1x Blenniella Periophthalmus - chromosome Felsenspringer


1x Scleronephthya sp. 01 - orange trees Weichkoralle
1x Catalaphyllia jardinei - wonder Coral
1x Favia sp. 09 - Brain Coral
1x Goniastrea aspera - Large Polyped Coral
1x Goniopora djiboutensis - Sunshine Coral
1x Lobophyllia hemprichii - umbel Coral
1x Micromussa diminuta - Large Polyped Coral
2x Balanophyllia europaea - Polychrome solitary coral
2x Sarcophyton glaucum - Mushroom Leather Coral
Water parameters:
Salinity = 1023-1024
Temperature = 25 ° C
No3 = <0.01 mg / l
No4 = nn
Live food Mysis and Salinaria
Dry food from GroTech
Further information:
1x weekly WW 30liter with