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Ansicht vom 14.08.2013
Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
60 x 30 x 36 = 64 liters ~ 16 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Transparent glass glued Garden Aquarium. The back wall was covered with frosted glass slide.
Gesamtansicht der `Scaping-Ecke`
Linke Seite
Nach der Erstbepflanzung im Drystart
Beginn der Dry-Start Methode
4 Wochen nach Beginn der Dry-Start Methode
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Ansicht vom 01.06.2013
Ansicht vom 23.06.2013
Aquarium decoration:
ADA Power Sand Special S (2l)
ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia New Multi Type (10l)

On the pelvic floor was initially a PVC and collect a thin Styrofoam plate wrapped around the weight of the stones and distribute. On the Power Sand ADA Bacter was used 100. Power Sand and Soil were separated with a Netztgewebe.
Rotala indica
Marsilea hirsuta
Special features of the facility:
Several kilograms even collected basalt
Hardscape aus Basaltgestein
Aquarium equipment:
Aqua Lighter 2 in 60 cm length
LED Luminaire with 6500-7000 K at 2160 lumens
Illuminated is currently for 9 hours from 12 to 21h.
Eheim Classic 2211 with impeller from 2213 and glassware from Gush.
Pump capacity: 300-440 l / h
Tank capacity: 1.5 l
Filled with coarse and fine filter wool
A protective grid on the suction side of the filter prevents the aspiration of young shrimp into the filter.
Other equipment:
CO2 system:
CO2 is passed through a 500 g pressure gas bottle and a glass diffuser in the basin. The addition is controlled by a solenoid valve. Controlled the CO2 content in the pool using a CO2-duration tests.

Backlight consisting of a tinkered light box and a 15 Watt fluorescent tube.
12 Perlhuhnbärblinge ( Danio margaritatus )
Red Fire dwarf shrimp and their offspring
3 antlers snails
5 Amano shrimp
Red Fire Zwerggarnele
Water parameters:
A 50-60% water change is done weekly with tap water.

Values ​​of tap water:
Total hardness: 5.4 to 6.4 ° dH
Electrical conductivity: 214-293 s / cm
Nitrate: 6-10 mg / l
Phosphate: 0 - 0.1 mg / l
Potassium: 0,1 - 0.9 mg / l
Fe: 0 - 0.04 mg / l
Calcium 30 - 38 mg / l
Magnesium: 4-7 mg / l

When water changes Epsom salts (MgSO4 · 7 H2O) is added to the Ca: bring 1: Mg ratio to about 3. In addition, 6 drops ADA GreenGain be added.

Fertilization is done every day with:
Easy Life Profito
AR macro specialty lighting
AR macro special potassium
Micronutrients are the morning, macronutrients are fertilized in the evening to avoid precipitations.

Temperature: Depending on the room temperature about 21-23 ° C
Cyclops (frozen)
Black mosquito larvae (frozen)

... List is not exhaustive ...
Further information:
The aquarium was placed in Drystart. This plant and equipment were sprayed daily with dist. Water and the basin covered with foil airtight. After 5 weeks the plants had already been rooted to the soil as the pool (finally) has been filled.