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Description of the aquarium:
Asia / Australia
Tank size:
60 x 30 x 30 = 60 liters ~ 15 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Standard Basin Water Home

The basin has been modeled on the tributaries of the Mekong. These excerpts some text from the background report on my website:

Water "The Mekong, which originates in the highlands of Tibet, a vast river system that, thanks to its huge catchment area several countries (China, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos) with the important basic element is the biggest and largest river of Southeast Asia." " supplied. The river of Mekong includes many small, branched tributaries and streams and can be described as "two-stage" because it flows through the upper reaches of the highlands with deep gorges, waterfalls and rapids. thereby forming a broad and ramified river system in the lower reaches. As the environment is relatively flat, is operated in this region intensive agriculture. growing areas of maize, rice, sugar cane, fruit and tobacco can be found on the entire lower reaches.
The tropical climate of the region by a large scale rainforest present is strongly influenced by the monsoon. What a tremendous fluctuation in the water level for the water to follow. Strong raging typhoons during the rainy season are responsible for ensuring that the water level of the Mekong partially varies between 10-15m. On underflow is thus expected to heavy floods that last a long time. Country Share with lush gardens, streams, forests and shorelines are transformed into wonderful underwater landscapes. Landscapes in which the presented stocking magnificently comfortable. "

The pool was equipped by resolutions from the other pool, respectively with the remaining material and plants. This is because on the one hand, the current electricity price regulation of my current provider, which is another reason that the Ogowebecken is currently being established as a presentation of the partner Webshop my website.
nach dem Einfahren, obendrüber das Rio Paraná-Becken
Hier war das Becken noch Towuti-Lake
3 Tage nach der Einsetzen der Pflanzen
Aquarium decoration:

1cm fired clay - particle size up to 1 cm

I almost always use this material in order to provide the plant employed a long-term fertilization to do not rely on expensive materials.


sieved sand (from the Danube) - grain size to 0.8 mm

The same applies here, the fun at yourself mixing is at the forefront!
Pipped water cup (var. Green)
Pipped water cup (var. Brown)

Excerpts from the contribution of my website "pipped water chalice"

The water Studded Chalice, in our example the variety "green" or "green" is not to be despised plant.
It is characterized mainly by the fact of being able to grow emersed as well submerged.
The from Thailand to Vietnam native plant, which is summarized in the trade under the group of plants "Cryptocoryne crispatula" with different varieties, is a very well-known beauty under the water goblets.

Our variety "green" is characterized by very strong light green "vaulted" music. You can set solitary in the basin in the middle space represent a very good view point to Moss surfaces and low-growing other plants, carpets, but also serve as Dickkicht for fish. Here this plant should rather semi-shade stand, which brought about a plantation in light poorer areas of the basin.
Your Height reaches up to 60cm, which must be taken in not so high pool of course. However, by their ability to grow out of the water, is an enrichment for paludariums.
You need something harder water, at least they should be held above the neutral value of pH 7 to are developing well. see also "nitrogen cycle" to this site.
The temperature is "mild 20 ° C up to 29 ° C.
Propagation via rizhomäre foothills, with suitable size can share them too.
For fertilization of this fascinating plant is to say, that helps a small dose of CO2 in their development and also an addition of fertilizer with iron and iodine and B vitamins, this development very supportive.

Water screw

Narrow Krause water lily (Crinum calamistratum)
Wasserkelch fertig zum setzen
Special features of the facility:
A branches of alder

Small stones

3 piece Seiryu

In aquascapers these stones are highly sought after because they therefore bring through many furrows and crevices very high naturalness.
In this basin, they represent the hiding spot and one of the three vanishing points of the golden ratio.
Behind the air filter of Bioco2- reactor and the thermometer is hidden or mounted.
rechts hinten die Steinecke
Aquarium equipment:
Standard T8 18Watt Brillant Daylight with 6000k

For this tank volume and that depth perfectly adequate.
The illumination time was adjusted from 9.30 bis 21.30 clock clock by timer
Airlift throughput 150l by Sera Inflator
Other equipment:
Bio-Co2 Tetra
8 Five belt Barben (Puntius pentazona)
is a remnant of the old stocking Asia basin

1/3 Little Kampfhalbschnäbler (Dermogenys pusillus "borealis")
Breeding Group

For this purpose a few data types from the list on my website:

The species is named ambiguous, on the one hand we know it under the name "Small Kampfhalbschnäbler", on the other hand you will find the name "pike-headed Halfbeak".


7cm, males slightly smaller


Throughout the area of ​​Southeast Asia, from Thailand to the Philippines

Temperature: optimum value at 25 ° C

pH: on average 7.2 degrees

GH: up to 15 dGH

KH: 4-5 dKH

Special / basin:

Can be kept in fresh water as well as in light brackish water. Hiding places for females should be given.

Characterised by a distinctive long jaw. Meanwhile, there are breeds such as with white color.

In a species tank with multiple copies from 100cm edge length, as a small group in the community tank from 80cm edge length.

Frightful type and more complicated food specialist.


Vitamin-rich food, which, however, should consist of a minimum living food from frozen food often. A coupled approach of feeding insects or equivalent should be simulated.


Viviparous, very strong jumping type. Coverage required. Females are strongly angebalzt. The name indicates the fights among the males, each other to bite firmly on the jaw. Be happy in a mild to moderate water flow.


Bring from about 12-50 trained young. Gestation min. 35 days. In our experience, the young are reared separated. For the first few days smallest feed consisting of lobster eggs or crushed flake.
Das adulte Weibchen
Die Puntius im Gewirr der Pflanzen
...und nochmal das `adult female`
mit Blitzlicht
Water parameters:
Temperature 26 ° C

Nitrate 0.1
Nitrite 0.0
GH 14
KH 7
PH 7.5
Water change: 10l three day

Artemia Frost
Tropicalmix Frost


Live food after season