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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Kleine Unterwasserwelt
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
130x110x55 = 300 liters ~ 79 gallons (us)
Aquarium Kleine Unterwasserwelt
Aquarium Kleine Unterwasserwelt
Aquarium Kleine Unterwasserwelt
Aquarium Kleine Unterwasserwelt
Aquarium Kleine Unterwasserwelt
LED Mondlicht
LED Mondlicht
LED Mondlicht
Stand 16 März 2013
home sweet home :o)
Stand 29 März 2013
Stand 29 März 2013
Stand 29 März 2013
Stand 21 April 2013
Stand 21 April 2013
Stand 28 April 2013
Stand 29 September 2013
Stand 27 Oktober 2013
Stand 28 Dezember 2013
Stand 28 Dezember 2013
Stand 22 Januar 2014-kleines Zuhause für Metallpanzerwels Baby
Aquarium Kleine Unterwasserwelt
Aquarium Kleine Unterwasserwelt
Stand 14 Februar 2014
Stand 28 Februar 2014
Stand 1 März 2014
Stand 1 März 2014
Aquarium Kleine Unterwasserwelt
Aquarium Kleine Unterwasserwelt
Aquarium Kleine Unterwasserwelt
Aquarium Kleine Unterwasserwelt
Aquarium Kleine Unterwasserwelt
Aquarium decoration:
Kiess and sand
Anubias barteri:
The Anubias barteri 'Broad Leaf' is one of the many variants of A, barteri. It is the stature comparable to Anubias barteri 'coffeefolia' and grows relatively slowly. Like most Anubien can also attach this form on roots, rocks or other substrates, thus placing the terraced pool. It is a very adaptable and hardy plant, which hardly can harm even perch.

Vallisneria spiralis:
the "Ordinary water screw", forms in the aquarium after an acclimatization period quickly dense, lush-green stocks with numerous spurs. As with all Vallisnerien occurs due to the many variations of these aquatic plants like to confusion among themselves. In nature, form the native of North Africa and Southern Europe Vallisneria spiralis has not twisted leaves. You are band-shaped, slightly serrated edge and drive them out of a rosette. Depending on the light they strive against the water surface and can be 40-60cm long.

Echinodorus osiris:
A native of southern Brazil "Red Amazon sword plant" Echinodorus osiris, is renowned for its large, red leaves. They can be found in the aquarium culture since 1961, yet is among professionals a unique classification as with many Echinodorus controversial. Haynes & Holm arrange Echinodorus osiris the form circle of Echinodorus uruguayensis to while Rataj both refer to as their own kind

Echinodorus bleherae:
The notified as large or broad Amazon sword plant Echinodorus bleheri is a very undemanding and fast-growing aquarium plant. They needed because of their potential final size of about 50-60cm but later enough space and is therefore really only suitable for pools of at least 50 cm in height. In aquarium is too small you have to Shorten the plant frequently, so they do not grow out of the basin.

Cryptocoryne petchii, Narrow Water chalice:
Cryptocoryne petchii, Narrow Water chalice is in vitro form of a from Asia, Sri Lanka probably originating Cryptocoryne wendtii nature and is characterized by its leaf color and genetics. The relatively fast growing, intensely colored plant is welcome at aquarists. Another cultivar from the Cryptocoryne Cryptocoryne beckettii wendtii group. This is often confused with petchii Cryptocoryne. In fact, both plants have the same origin and differ in the set of chromosomes. A trade-synonymous is therefore Cryptocoryne beckettii petchii.

Marimo algae 000C Tropica Ballmoos ball:
Marimo is actually not a plant, but a ball of algae, which is a decorative exception from the rule, algae to avoid at all costs. It is normally found in shallow lakes and rivers where the round shape is caused by the wave motions. In the aquarium it must be turned regularly to maintain the spherical shape. Marimo can be divided into smaller clumps that form over time, the spherical shape or a flat carpet-like growth, if it is fixed to roots and stones. Stands at various locations in Japan under conservation.

Biweekly Dennerle Plant Fertilizer Universal elixir after water changes. (Two full caps from the bottle)
Special features of the facility:
- Cottage
- Artificial Plants
- Cave
Stand 27 Januar 2014
Dekoration im Aquarium Kleine Unterwasserwelt
Aquarium equipment:
- 4 neon tubes
- LED night light (moonlight) dimmable.
Overflow in self built external filters in the base cabinet
Other equipment:
- Dennerle CO2 system with magnetic switch overnight shutdown and Zeitschatltuhr
- Heating Fluval E200
- Flow pump
Links im Eck einlauf - hinten im Eck überlauf in den Außenfilter im Unterschrank
Technik im Aquarium Kleine Unterwasserwelt
CO2 Flipper + Langzeittest + Strömungspumpe
10 Tiger barbs
5 Moss Barben
10 black tetra
5 neon tetra
6 metal armored catfish + Baby
2 Feuerschwanz
4 catfish
6 Rummy >> unfortunately 3 of them in the night after the inserting of Sumartabarben devoured: o (in the morning warens only three: o (..... voracious beasts are !!: o / .... but let the three they strangely white in peace now!
2 Zebra racing snails
Metallpanzerwels Baby am 22 Januar 2014
Zebra Rennschnecke
Water parameters:
pH 7.0 to 7.5
- Tetra staple food
- JBL Novo Tabs
- JBL Novo Grano Mix
- JBL Novo Pleco for catfish
- Sera Catfish Chips
- Bloodworm
- White mosquito larvae
- Zucchini + cucumber
Further information:
Every 2 weeks 30% water change.