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Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
160Lx80Bx70H+Filter = 928 liters ~ 244 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Aquarium has a two-part bottom plate with additional web on the bonding.
On the cross braces is a 20cm wide crossbar.

Home-made plexiglass cover. Thus not sag the Plexiglas plates are bolted to wooden slats.

As gravel and Abdeckscheibenblende I can cut in beech finish at the hardware store 2mm thick plywood. The aperture (160x5,5cm) are attached with double-sided tape.
Aquarium decoration:
75KG quartz sand
5kg white gravel 1mm

To prevent the free skate dug along the windshield to the field, I have the front part of the base plate over painted with transparent aquarium silicone and then sprinkled with a thin layer of quartz sand. So the ground is permanently connected to disk and can not be weggegraben.
Special features of the facility:
1x XXL Moorkienwurzel (150Lx80Bx50H) (center)
1x Moorkienwurzel 90cm (right)
1x Moorkienwurzel 60cm (links)

Several stones

Home-made Styrofoam back wall behind the aquarium
For a description on my homepage
Selbstgebaute Styropor-Rückwand hinterm Aquarium
Der untere Teil dieser Wurzel ist der von mir verwendete Teil
Diese Wurzel ist auch in der Mitte geteilt. Die beiden Teile sind oberhalb der XXL-Wurzel.
Der Essbereich
Aquarium equipment:
2x AquaLight LED600 12W
13: 00-23: 00 clock lighting time
Black HMF over the entire page (80x70x5cm = 28L filter volume)
1x external filter JBL E1501 Cristall Professional (1400L / h, filters 12L volume)
1x External Filter Fluval 405 with diffuser (1300L / h, filters 8,5L volume)
(HMF and two external filters are used for biological filtration and filled with sintered glass-ceramic Biofilter and tubes)

1x external filter JBL E1501 Cristall Professional (1400L / h, filters 12L volume)
(Used for mechanical filtration and ceramic tube filter and foam mats filled)
Other equipment:
- 1x heater 300W Sera
- 1x heating element JBL 300w
(Both with plastic cover so that the sensitive rays can not hurt)
7x Pterophyllum altum - Altum-Scalar (5x WF Orinoco, Rio Negro 2x WF)
For a description on my homepage

2x Potamotrygon scobina (Young couple)
For a description on my homepage

1x LDA33 - Snowball
For a description on my homepage

2x L91
For a description on my homepage
Orinoko Altum WF
P. scobina, LDA33, Altum , Flaggenbuntbarsch
P. scobina
P. scobina
LDA33 - Snowball
Water parameters:
Temperature: 28 ° C
pH: 6.9
Total hardness: 10 °
KH: 9 °
NO2: 0
NO3: <10

Weekly water changes: 50%, about half of them with osmosis water.
Frozen foods: brine shrimp, bloodworms, white mosquito larvae, black mosquito larvae, cichlids mix, Shell Hack (a different variety every day)
Especially for the Rays: smelts, mussels, tiger prawns, fish fillets

Dry food: Granules (SERA discus granules, sera Discus color Red, JBL Grana-Discus, TetraDiskus, Tropical D-Allio Plus and Tropical D-50 Plus), food tablets and flake food (Tetra Diskus, TetraMin Crisps, No-Name)

Live food: guppies and glass shrimp
Further information:
Experiences with this pool:

Potamotrygon scobina:
I had (= M = 35cmDW 25cm / W) swim in this pool since the beginning of 2012 a full-grown P. scobina-couples. For the pool size and especially the base has been but in my opinion a bit too small. But I can also say that the animals have mated at this time twice and I had a total of 8 offsprings. From this we can conclude again that a feel-good factor from the scobinas was available anyway!
But I still want to absolutely keep my favorite fish, the freshwater stingray, I've made the decision, one of the small remaining species (P =. Scobina) to maintain. In addition, I hereby consider only males, since these remain a whole corner eh smaller than females and therefore a while longer need to have the size achieved from the I, the animals again abgebe (20cm DW). To get rid of the animals is again for me the slightest problem, as I casually at WildfangAquario working (An ornamental fish shop, which specializes in South American rarities).

Geophagus - Potamotrygon:
With Geophagus Tapajos and Geophagus altifrons I had not so good experiences in society with the stingrays. If the Geos are spawning at which rays are properly pushed through the pelvis.
Mesonauta festivus - Pterophyllum scalare:
This socialization I have always been very good experiences. Where you also have to say quite clearly that the flag cichlid in nature is the constant companion of angelfish itself! Now the time my adult festivus male is the head of the aquarium and chases the still small Peru-Altums happy times of his territory. That will change in my experience but soon once the Scalar have gained some size. Before the flag cichlids were associated with adult Rotrückenskalaren. Here there were no scuffles between animals.