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Nachts im Riff
Description of the aquarium:
Salt water
Tank size:
200x60x70 = 840 liters ~ 221 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The new project has been completely reconsidered and structured differently. There are no more holes, the overflow via two Tunze Overflow boxes. The glass is a special float glass, diamond ground with a center bar. The underbody is reinforced. The structure of the cabinet is a Ytong wood mix with base plate.
Aquarium decoration:
Aqua Medic Reef Sand, 0.2 to 1 mm grain size, about 40 Kg.
Acropora grün
Montipora Lila
Acropora grün
LPS grunbraun
Acropora Milka Lila
Acropora Blau und Hirnkoralle, Hintergrund Montipora lila
Special features of the facility:
The pool has two Riffsäulen and a small central stone building, on a massive overhangs was deliberately omitted. The advantage lies in the significantly better flow around the coral and the more varied environment for the animals. The Riffsäulen are excavated and secured with a PVC-U pipe.
Aquarium equipment:
2x 160W LED lights of Maxspect Type Razor R420R including with 16,000 Kelvin. Moonlight (without Modphasen). The two Razor lights are right above the two columns (two little reefs).

3x Tropic Marin SunaECO Navy Blue 36 Watt
3x Tropic Marin Reef SunaECO Whit e 36 Watt

The Razor lamps simulate the sunrise at the integrated light computer and SunaECO be supplied switch in the main time.
Filtering via the sump 100x40x40 with 3 chambers.

Chamber 1:
Tunze DOC Skimmer 9430, 1600 liters Wasserdurchsat, 1100 liters of air power - for tanks up to 3000 liters.

Chamber 2:
Approximately 20 Kg. Live rock

Chamber 3:
2x Tunze Silence Electronic return pumps about 1000 liters of return at 1,40Meter height per pump, a total of about 2100 liters throughput in the filter tank. Here is also the inlet of the metering pump.
Other equipment:
TECO TC10 aquarium coolers with UV-C and heater.

Tunze Osmolator with 40x40x40 freshwater pool, ensures stable water level.

Tunze Water Level Alarm monitors the water level.

Tunze Turbelle Nano Stream 6055, controlled with Tunze dual controller. Both Turbellen tuned with housing reconstruction, capacity is 7500 liters per Turbelle (instead of 5500 liters).

2x Tunze Mangrove boxes with 2 Indian mangroves.

UPS with 120 Ah as emergency system illuminates SunaECO and keeps all Punpen for approximately 8 hours running.

GroTech III NG 11 channel dosing pump:
Balling complete with mineral salts and magnesium
Methanol and bacteria
JBL 1 + 2 + 3
JBL Coral fluid
R420R Razor
R420R Razor
Kühler TC10 rechts
Filterbecken Mitte
Nachfüllbecken links

2x Cryptocentrus cinctus
Lemon Wächtergrundel
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
A pretty easy to keep, very pretty Grundelart. They live with various species of the genus Alpheus in symbiosis. Not socialize with larger crabs and ground-dwelling fish. The Aquarium soil should be of coarse sand. An attitude without snapping shrimp is not recommended, but possible if the fish stock remains tender.

1x Zebrasoma flavescens
Lemon fin surgeonfish or Hawaii-doctor
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
The surgeonfish best-selling .. and not without justification. Usually comes in good condition here and has quickly established itself in the aquarium and is considered a little tricky. He is not quarrelsome towards other fish.

4x Chromis retrofasciata
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
Chromis is probably the most diverse genus of damselfish (Pomacentridae).
In German, the fish are often referred to as swallowtails.
There are (at least in the ocean) schooling fish that live in tropical and subtropical coral reefs but the Atlantic and Indopazifiks, here usually in a low spread of about 15 to 20 meters.

2x Amphiprion ocellaris
spurious Clownfiisch (1x black / white, 1x Orange / White)
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
An easy to raise clownfish is moreover very strongly grown. Therefore it should also be kept as a pair. With the right conditions, your fish begin to spawn and soon.

1x Pterosynchiropus picturatus
LSD mandarin fish
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
This fish can be kept with several months lifetime and corresponding micro-fauna, as it feeds on small animals that appear in the ground and on the stones in only in well retracted pelvis. But you have to say this here in the aquarium a little more than the food takes Pterosynchiropus splendidus. The basin should also provide good hiding places. Under no circumstances should you bring two males in a pool, as these would fight to the death.

2x Pseudocheilinus hexataenia
Six-line wrasse
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
How easy to maintain all wrasses, there are usually no problems with the food intake. However, this fish needs very oxygen-rich and clean water, but this should always be the case. Initially the fish is rather shy, which are, however, over time.

3x Lysmata amboinensis
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
The most famous of cleaner shrimp is easy to to keep, they also get along in a larger group. The cleaning action is in the sea, such as Aquarium particularly important so that fish of parasites and infected skin may be exempted. You crawl the possibility of very large fish (predators) in the mouth in order to brush there, and nothing happens to them.

1x Centropyge Loriculus
Flame angelfish
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
Also comes from the Cook Islands, as well as Marshall Islands. One of the most beautiful dwarf emperor with rich red. Very popular and probably the best-selling dwarf emperor. Light durable, but can certainly peck at corals. Couple attitude possible.

3x Chrysiptera parasema
Yellowtail Demoiselle
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
A small very nice schillerder fish that is well judged solely because of its widespread use much less attractive than it really is, in my opinion. Younger bullies are afraid of any new fish and defend very naughty their small territories against anyone who does not show them wo's go.


Clavularia viridis
Green Tube Coral
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
This [...]
Clownfisch Pärchen
Hawai Doctorfisch
Seeigel Blau
LSD Mandarinfisch
Water parameters:
Temp: 25.5 degrees
Density / salinity: 1.0235
PH: 8.1 night - 8.4 daytime
Calcium: 450 mg / L
Magnesium: 1300 mg / L
Nitrite: 0 mg / L
Nitrate: 0 mg / L
Alkalinity: 8

Measured with aerometers and RedSea.
Dried fodder:
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
- Tetra Marine Menu
- New Life Spectrum pellets big / small
- New Life Thera A + granulate
- Ocean Nutrition Red Marine Algea

Frozen food:
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
- Ruto Vegetarian Mix
- Artemia

Life Lining:
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
- Artemia 1x per week

For the coral:
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
- Aqua Medic plancto
- JBL Coral fluid
- Artemia alive and frozen
- Plankton and amino acids
Further information:
This concept comes from almost no frills, it was only the most necessary installed to the maintenance as simple as possible and to make filtering as effectively as possible. Heart of the system is the new Tunze DOC Skimmer and the metering of GroTech. Here the so-called vodka method is applied in particular, where possible, simple carbon molecules are fed (here in the form of methanol) to feed Anaerobic bacteria. The system has shown from the outset neither nitrate nor nitrite or Amonium / ammonia. In addition, the running-in phase was supported with mangroves, but rather play an optical role in the low number. Overflow and return flow are redundant and external, the system is backed up by an emergency.