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Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
151x61x64 = 450 liters ~ 118 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Conversion of the standard jewel lightbar where now 3x LumLight RGB LEDs are installed which are controlled via a GHL LEDControl4V2.
Juwel Vision 450 Leer
Test einbau der Rückwand und Steine
So viel Platz ist da noch
Die Fische können auch hinter die Rückwand
Fast Voll
Noch etwas trüb aber das gibt sich.
Nach dem Wassereinlauf
Aquarium decoration:
25kg Beige sand with a grain size from 0.04 to 0.08 mm
20kg Black sand with a grain size 0.04 to 0.08 mm
There are no plants built in this basin.
Special features of the facility:
Rockzolid 3D rear panel with modules. The fish can swim behind the rear panel.

RockZolid backplane Komodo 158x58

RockZolid Stone Module D
(Divided into 2 halves and glued on the left top and bottom of the plate)

RockZolid Stone module E
(Halfway between Stone module F and Riverstone N aquarium floor with a large opening to hide)

RockZolid Stone Module F
(Left at the aquarium floor with 2 large openings to hide)

RockZolid Stone module G
(Suspended from above the aquarium)

RockZolid Riverstone N
(Far right with 2 large openings to hide)
Rockzolid Rückwand
Rockzolid Modul mit Versteckmöglichkeit
Rockzolid Module und echte Steine
Echte Steine
Noch ein Rockzolid Stein
Muss noch entgratet werden
Dekoration im Aquarium Vision Malawi (Nur noch Beispiel)
Aquarium equipment:
3x LumLight RGB LEDs with cool white 2x and 1x RGB LEDs

3x GHL LEDControl4V2
LEDControl4 is connected to the 1-10V interfaces of ProfiLux and outputs PWM signals, which can be used to control LED lights or LED drivers.

Some LED lights manufacturers offer suitable adapter cable to connect to your lights on LEDControl4 V2. I have this extended it easy with Conrad bought the connector, for LEDControl4 and luster terminals with connectors. This allows you to quickly disconnect the lamp also times when you have to expand the highlight bar.

With LEDControl4 V2 with integrated drivers allow you to dim LED lights, which are operated with a constant voltage such as LED chains that have a series resistor. LEDControl4 V2 does not include flow control, it is only clocked the negative potential of the connected power supply by PWM!

With LEDControl4 V2 LED Luchten with integrated drivers or current-controlled LED power supplies can be controlled with PWM input.
Eheim Professional 3 1200XL
For aquariums of approximately 400.00 l
For aquariums up to about 1,200.00 l
Pump power (50 Hz) per hour of approximately 1,700.00 l
Delivery head approx (H max at 50 Hz) 2.60 m
Power (50 Hz) 25 Watt
Filter volume 12.00 l
Vorfiltervolumen 1.50 l
Container volume 25.00 l

- Filtering:
- 1x 4L Mech
- 1x 4L substrate
- 1x 4L Korallenbruch

Since the first filter yes was too weak with a circulation capacity of 700L only the hour, this is now enough with its well 1200L the hour from 450L to 2.67 times to circulate the hour.

HMF Profiline filter 50cm in black

Hailea / AquaForte Diaphragm Compressor V-Series Type V-10

Very quiet operation, <35db
Low energy consumption, 10 watts
Splash proof
High pressure build-up
Blue aluminum case, very compact
4-way splitter is included

Power consumption: 10 Watt
Air output: 600 L / h
Pressure:> 0.020 MPa (0.01 MPa corresponds to 1.0 m water column)
Weight: 1.3 kg
Dimensions: 129 x 122 x 101 mm
Other equipment:
EHEIM Thermo Control 250
Min. Temperature 18,00 C
Max. Temperature 34,00 C
Consumption at 50 Hz 250.00 watts
For aquariums of approximately 400.00 l
For aquariums up to about 600.00 l

Turbelle® stream 6105
for aquariums 200-2000 L
Flow capacity: 3,000 to 13,000 l / h at 24V
Power consumption: max. 35W at 24V
Power supply: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Cable length: 5 m
Dimensions: Ø90mm, emissions: ø50mm
Magnet Holder with Silence clamp up to 15mm glass thickness
Including second WIDE FLOW propeller housing, emissions: Ø63mm

GHL ProfiLux 3.1A
The ProfiLux 3.1A computer is suitable for light control, for pH measurement- and control, level control and for temperature measurement. USB is integrated.

GHL pH Electrode
This low-maintenance and robust pH electrode is equipped with a joint electrolyte and plastic shaft. It is suitable in addition to the application in the Aquaristk also for industrial use, and wastewater treatment for the swimming pool water treatment.

Technical Specifications:

Temperature range: -5 ... 80 ° C
PH range: pH 0 ... 14
Electrode zero point: pH = 7 + - 0.3
Diaphragm shaft: polysulfone, black, Ø 12 mm
Shaft length: 120 mm
Membrane form: cylinder
Diaphragm: 2 ceramic diaphragms
Electrolyte: gel filling (3mol / l KCL)
Installation reduces legal or up to 30 ° inclined to the vertical

GHL Temperature sensor

GHL socket STDL4-4-D
The 4-way power strip STDL4-4-D on various electrical loads such as heating element, solenoid valve or cooling. All sockets are switchable separately and also individually fused (except STDL-USA).

Technical Specifications:

· Dimensions (LxWxH): 417x70x47 mm !! (H + 15 mm for communication cables) !!
· Withstands up to 2300 watts per socket (in total a maximum of 3600 W)
· Switching status display via LED
· Following all ProfiLux II and 3 computer possible
· Connection to S1 / S4 or S5 / S8 outputs

GHL ProfiLuxTunze1
With the adapter cables Tunze 1 and 2 Tunze controllable Tunze powerheads can be connected and controlled directly to the ProfiLux Computer.

This allows you to simulate waves and near-natural marine flow conditions in the aquarium and synchronize with other processes in your aquarium, such as a feeding pause or lighting (thunderstorms with storm and high waves), as desired.
Umgebauter Leuchtbalken mit Aluschiene zur Stabilisierung, diese Schiene kühlte
Umgebauter Leuchtbalken noch mit SunaEco
LumLight RGB LEDs 3x 375mm
HMF Filter schwarz
PL 3.1A + PL 3.1N eX
Lichttest mit SunaEco
SunaEco Tropic meets LumLight RGB
Lichttest mit LumLight
Lichttest LumLight
1-1 WF-WFNZ Aulonocara stuartgranti Usisya
1-2 WFNZ Placidochromis phenochilus mdoka
1-1 WFNZ Protomelas sp. "Steveni taiwan"
1-2 DNZ Scianochromis fryeri
1-3 DNZ Labidochromis caeruleus
1-1 DNZ Aulonocara jakobfreibergi Cape McClear
1-3 DNZ Labidochromis sp. Mbamba Mbamba Bay
Erste Bewohner testen das Wasser
Besatz im Aquarium Vision Malawi (Nur noch Beispiel)
Lichteinstellung mit den Bewohnern.
Noch was zu hell aber das änder sich.
Besatz im Aquarium Vision Malawi (Nur noch Beispiel)
Water parameters:
pH 8
NH4 0
NO2 0
NO3 0
GH 6
KH 3
NH 3
Temperature 27 °
The animals are fed irregularly, with flake food, dried bloodworms or live bloodworms. Tubifex dried and green adhesive tablets with Spirulina.
Further information:
A water change takes all instead of once a week, on Saturday or Sunday. Where about 50% of the water is changed.

This is a new pool in planning, GHL PL 3.1A has been replaced by a GHL PL 3.1N eX and added a master value and redox probe. These are things, however, already for the new pool, so I want to mention and not add them to the actual technique with it here.