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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Rotes Feuer Asiens-neue Auflage
Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
30x30x35 = 30 liters ~ 7 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The old pool was removed and the Tiger and my Red Fire got a new Dennerle Basin. Everything is taken, and thus the animals can move sofot
Aquarium decoration:
fine gray-black river sand
Christmas Moss on root and stones

Scientific name: Vesicularia montagnei
natural occurrence: Southeast Asia
Height: Vesicularia montagnei growing themselves as branching fir branch-like shoots on the ground or on other substrates.
optimum temperature range: 18-26 ° C
Leaf color: dark green
Propagation: parts of the moss cushion, even small cuts multiply slowly dense patches
Use: With Christmas moss is possible to achieve dense stands that can be used among others for laminating furniture. Planted at Hamburg mat filter formed in good lighting and clear water within a few weeks a green wall.
Light requirements: sun or partial shade; The moss grows like all aquarium Moose relatively slowly and is best if you let it alone. The growth rate increases exponentially with the existing moss amount. Man can assume that a stock doubled under ideal conditions within two months. This means that if you aufbindet a chestnut large piece somewhere, it will be seen after two months is not much. In a fist-sized piece of the already looks quite different.
Special features: Christtmasmoos grows emersed in damp places. This is of particular interest for humid terrariums, because the moss can also cultivate emers here. Important is a high humidity.

-------------------------------------------------- ------
1 moss ball (divided)
-------------------------------------------------- ------
Cryptocoryne beckettii

natural occurrence: Sri Lanka
Height: 15-25cm
optimum temperature range: 22-28 ° C
Leaf color: leaf undersides brownish
Propagation: by numerous formed offshoot plants
Use: foreground and middleground
Light requirements: partial shade
Special features: Unassuming Cryptocoryne, which is also suitable for the beginner and the initial setup of an aquarium.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
Coral bead on root
Mooskugel auf Moorkie
Special features of the facility:
1 mangrove wood
1 shrimp tree
River pebbles
Alder cones
Aquarium equipment:
11 W Dennerle light which was there
Duration: 10: 00-22: 00 clock
Air-driven sponge filter ..

Air Pump:

Brand: Eheim air pump 100
Pump capacity in l / h: 100
Delivery head in m: 2
Power consumption in watts: 3.5
Other equipment:
Red Fire 4x

Tiger shrimp
adult: 8x
Baby: 7x

a pair of red PHS and TDS
Besatz im Aquarium Rotes Feuer Asiens-neue Auflage
Water parameters:
PH: 6.5
No2: nn
No3: less than 10mg / l
GH: 5 ° d
KH: 5 ° d
Temperature: 20-23 ° C

I make Monday a partial water change of 8l. If the animals get food I'm also on Thursday a water change.

Tablet food for crabs
Green Algae Wafers with Spirulina
Shirakura Ebi Dama


Oak / beech leaves
Alder cones
Lettuce (scalded)
Nettle leaves (dried)
Paprika (scalded)
bloodworms (frozen // vll times every 2 months)