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Nach Umbau mit 125 kg Basalt
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
120-50-60 = 340 liters ~ 89 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Have the Rio delivery 300 Komination, driver of freight forwarding was very helpful to me ... thank you ... now no longer be taken for granted!
Internal filter was in, but I've made out because for me an external filter has priority ..., also more space in the pool!
Aquarium Juvel Rio 300-Kombination dunkelbraun
Juwel Rückwand auf 1cm dicke Styro-Platte
Aquarium Juvel Rio 300-Kombination dunkelbraun
Aquarium decoration:
On the ground I 1cm thick Styrofoam plate designed for the entire area, it slates drauf.Eine very thin layer Aquarium sand 0.2-0.8 mm between the joints of the slates!
Then the big lava plan, followed by a 45 kg of white aquarium gravel 0,2-0,8mm
Anubias, Cryptos .... but I notice now, it will not survive long the plants ;-)
Special features of the facility:
, Previously boiled 65Kg lava stones from the Eifel Mountains, watered! 2 Lavagrotten lava stone!
3-D rear wall of jewel
Lawabrocken raus....125 kg Basalt rein ;-)
Aquarium equipment:
2 light bars were there, a light bar have rausgemacht, it bought a Klappenset of jewel suitable for a light bar
In the light bars are a 2 T5 tubes with 54 watts! Too bright I know ;-), therefore both completely wrapped in aluminum foil! But let me still what else come
Dennerle Color-Plus tube've reingetan-place day-light ... but also shrink-wrapped ;-)
Eheim Professinel 3600, soon even a Tunze 6045, is a lot of dirt accumulates between the stone constructions. Even the hint ... the 600 stand for 600 liter aquarium ... it's a Professionel 2075
Other equipment:
Tunze flow pump 6045
Regelheizstab 300W
Labidochromis caeruleus 1/3
Melanochromis Maingano 2/4
Pseudotropheus msobo, Magunga 1/4
Synodontis petricola 2
Melano maingano Bock
Besatz im Aquarium Juvel Rio 300-Kombination dunkelbraun
Water parameters:
Water temp: 25 ° C
PH 8.2
KH 9
GH 14
Nitrite 0.1
Iron 0,04mg / l
NH4 0
NH3 0
Spiro Lina flakes
Tetra Cichlid Flakes
Further information:
Water change once a week 40%