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Description of the aquarium:
Salt water
Tank size:
65x65x65 = 274 liters ~ 72 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Scubacube 270 Marine
Overall dimensions (width) 66.00 cm
Overall dimensions (height) 161,00 cm
Overall dimensions (depth) 66.00 cm
Glass Dimensions (width) 65.00 cm
Glass Dimensions (height) 65.00 cm
Glass Dimensions (depth) 65.00 cm
Glass thickness 10,00 mm

Filter tank content (normal) 45.00 l
Filter tank content (max.) 68.00 l
Filter tank content (osmosis water supply) 11.00 l
Filter pelvic dimensions (width) 42.00 cm
Filter Beck Dimensions (height) 40.00 cm
Filter pelvic dimensions (depth) 46.00 cm
Filter pelvic dimensions (thickness) 6.00mm
Aquarium decoration:
ATI Fiji White sand 9kg
Special features of the facility:
22 kg live rock
Aquarium equipment:
2x 24W ATI Blue plus 2x 24W White
Tropic Marin Reef White SunaECO 1x 1x Marine Blue with Controller
Bubble Magus NAC 5

Beck size: 300L-500L
Pump: Atman ph2000 with Nadelradtechnik
Power: 220V mains voltage at ca.11W
Air intake: ca.450L / H
Stand floor area: 297mm x 130mm Height: 498mm
Skimmer: 5 "ca.127mm
min.Wasserstand: 24cm
Other equipment:
Pump: Eheim Compact 3000
Pump Power: 1500-3000 l / h
Power Consumption: 66 W
Connections / thread / suction side. 20 / G3 / 4 "
Pressure side. 20 / - mm
Tube: 19/27 mm
Dimensions: 13.8 x 8.2 cm x 12.6 cm
Delivery head: 3.0 m Hmax

2x Tunze Turbelle Nano Stream 6045
for freshwater and saltwater aquariums of 100 - 500L
Flow Rate: 4.500l / h
Power consumption: only 7W
Voltage / frequency:
230V / 50Hz (115V / 60Hz)
Cable length: 2m
Dimensions: ø70, emissions: ø40 / 15mm

Jäger adjustable heater 200 Watts
Pools up: 400 liters
Width in mm: 24.5
Height in mm: 400
Heater power: 200 watts

Aqua Light 12V mini water refilling
7.5 Volt low voltage transformer
incl. pump, float and transformer
max. 90 liters in the Std.