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Aquarium Hauptansicht von african passion
Description of the aquarium:
West / Central Africa
Tank size:
165x38x40 = 250 liters ~ 66 gallons (us)
Specific features:
the pool is a special production of USW hunting

it is made of 10mm float glass, the windshield of white glass.

For Cabinet is satisfied that this is about commercial bureaus, there are two that have been juxtaposed. The actual carrier plates consist of 17 mm plates to compensate for any unevenness, even a carrier plate is on top (and a foam rubber pad).
The carrier plate is a 19mm Glued Book, which covers the measure of the entire cabinet.
The plate is treated with hard oil and thus waterproof.
Additionally Zealand between Glued and pelvis still a foam pad.

As for the cover, so here 2 acrylic sheet will be used.
schönes braunes Wasser
Aquarium african passion
Aquarium african passion
Aquarium african passion
Aquarium african passion
durch die linke Seitenscheibe
Becken komplett
linke Beckenseite
die Beckenmitte
Aquarium african passion
Aquarium african passion
ein Blick in die Mitte
rechte Beckenseite
Äste, Zweige, Kiesel und Laub bilden die Deko
Birkenäste mit Laub
Aquarium african passion
Aquarium african passion
langsam geht die Sonne auf
nach geht hier...
die Sonne auf..
Aquarium decoration:
I used here:

Quartz sand in a natural shade of yellow size 0.7 - 1.2mm

in addition a little with black quartz gravel mixed grit 1 - 2mm

Pebbles in different sizes
I have to further territories and retreat to include plants selected:

Anubia angustifolia afzelii small narrow-Anubie
a frugal Anubia kind that is best to find their place in semi-shade or shade. As epiphyte to tie it best on a rock or root wood. It grows very slowly.
Country of origin: West Africa
Height: 10-20cm
Light requirements: very mild medium

Anubia barteri var. Barteri XL Broad Speerblatt
the leaves are substantially greater than in the barteri nana variant. As with all Anubien who Rhizomstock should not be planted in the ground. It grows rather slowly, but one of the most undemanding trees.
Country of Origin: Africa West Africa
Height: 25-45cm
Light requirements: very mild medium

Anubia barteri var. Nana Dwarf Peer sheet
A small-leaved Anubie that is very undemanding. The best they can handle partial shade / shade. Propagation is by side shoots on the rhizome. This type also brings regular blooms underwater forth.
Country of origin: Africa Cameroon
Height: 5-15cm
Light requirements: very mild medium

Cladophora aegagrophila moss balls

Taxiphyllum Barbieri Javamoos

as a floating plant:

Limnobium laevigatum

after the start-up phase is fertilized regularly:
Limnobium laevigatum
Anubia nana, schon an der Filtermatte festgewachsen
Pflanzen im Aquarium african passion
Blüte einer Anubie
Special features of the facility:
a 3D back wall in mangrove Style
the rear panel has been cut to size, because of wells of HMF filter

various types of wood:

Moorkien Wood from German moors

various branches of the alder

Leaves in the form of Seemandelbaum, banana tree, alder, oak, beech, alder cones
the foliage is regularly exchanged (about every two weeks) and replaced with new. Thus, the water is regularly enriched with humic substances. In addition, it also offers smaller hiding places and gives the whole a nice natural touch.

large and small pebbles

3 Coconut caves, which also serve as potential retreats
Dekoration im Aquarium african passion
Dekoration im Aquarium african passion
Dekoration im Aquarium african passion
Astwerk und Laub
Kiesel in verschiedenen Größen
Dekoration im Aquarium african passion
ein paar Steine aus der französischen Ardeche
verschiedene Kiesel und Wurzelholz
Dekoration im Aquarium african passion
gaaaanz viel Holz
Dekoration im Aquarium african passion
Aquarium equipment:
in use, a Lum Light beams with 150cm
installed here are 2 rows warm white and in the middle are RGBs installed.
The whole is controlled by a programmable itself to daylight simulator (TLS).
In addition I have even written a program that I have the opportunity, my own daily routine, to customize the corresponding color control.
to the following:

8:00 to 8:30 gentle moonlight
easier transition to twilight
8:30 to 9:00 Twilight
easier transition to daylight
9:00 to 19:30 daylight
easier transition to twilight
19:30 to 20:30 Twilight
easier transition to the phase of the moon
20:30 to 21:30 Moon Phase
21:30 to 8:00 no light

the transitions are designed quite fluently, the phase of the moon and the twilight stages are as natural as possible designed to be called, with me the moonlight is not blue and dusk or sunrises and sunsets not red, because that is too unnatural for my taste.

the lighting (light rail) are attached by means of holders and supporting aluminum rail above the pool. Rail and holders of Tropic Marin. The holder can accommodate max 3 aluminum rails, thus there is the possibility that lamps be arranged for example are added and thus to stage more plays of light.
each rear right and left HMF

Dimensions of the mat:

25x40 cm --- outer radius ca15cm (thanks Julien)

The mats have a thickness of 5 cm, with 20ppi

the pump: Sicce micra plus - controls - max flow 600L / h - at 6Watt

the pumps are running at the moment on full power.

the bottom 5cm of the mat were cut off and clamped in the bays, I think here I have in later cleaning the advantage that does not slip me the sand in the filter chamber, because this narrow piece then remains in the pool.

In addition, behind the left HMF still a small bag of peat
behind the right mat is still fine filter wool
Other equipment:
Dennerle CO² pressure gas system
Disposable bottle with Dennerle Nano pressure reducer and adapter (reusable to disposable)

the reactor is a JBL Taifun glass reactor with ceramic membrane and this is located behind the right-HMF.
The system is switched off at night.
mein Home Service Techniker....
einer der Halter, hier sieht man, das man 3 Schienen anbringen kann
die Innenseite des Halters, schön zu sehen;die abgedeckte Kabelführung
Aphyosemion (Fundulopanchax) gardneri 3/5

Pseudocrenilabrus nicholsi 1/2

Atya gabonensis 2

Pelviachromis taeniatus "Nigeria Red" 1/1
nigeria red Weibchen
nicolsi Männchen
Pelviachromis Männchen
nicolsi Männchen
meine nigeria reds
Besatz im Aquarium african passion
Pelviachromis Weibchen
mein `Platzhirsch`...
Besatz im Aquarium african passion
die Exuvie (leere Hülle) einer gabonensis mit ca 15cm
ein wenig gruselig...
Besatz im Aquarium african passion
Besatz im Aquarium african passion
hübsches Kerlchen
Besatz im Aquarium african passion
nicht ganz scharf, aber man erkennt die dicken Backen
eine Killi Dame
bei der Balz
Besatz im Aquarium african passion
nicht ganz scharf, allerdings kann man sehr gut die prächtige Farbe erkennen
Atya gabonensis mit ca 12cm
Besatz im Aquarium african passion
gardneri Männchen
Besatz im Aquarium african passion
nicholsi Weibchen mit dicken Backen
einer der Killi Männchen
Besatz im Aquarium african passion
Water parameters:
GH 8

KH 4

PH 6.5

NO² -

NO³ -

Temperature 22-23 ° C

the water change is carried out 1x a week with about 50%. Is treated with Simply Life (zeolite conditioners), liquid peat, demineralized water
mainly Frost and live food;

white mosquito larvae
(In the summer also black and red Muelas, from its own ton)

white mosquito larvae
black mosquito larvae

Granules / flakes:
Söll Kelp Flakes
Sera vipagran
Tetra Pro Colour
Nature Food Cichlid S
Söll Power Flakes
Sera Micron (rearing food / feed is dust which charged additionally for Atya available)

Tetra Algae Mix
Tetra Fresh Delica Daphnia
Tetra Fresh Delica Brine Shrimps

fed is 1x per day, 1-2 days a week, a day of fasting is sometimes inserted.
Further information:
my passion for Killis is sooo big that I decided to throw my plans on "the pile" and start from scratch. So ... on to West Africa ...

a sooooo thanks to Flo, who wrote me this great recommendation!