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Das erste Bild nach der Einrichtung (2012-12-12)
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
40x60x40 = 120 liters ~ 31 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Glued Juwel in black
2012-12-31 von links
Aquarium decoration:
Mahogany ground in small size
Hygrophila polysperma von Dennerle Gr.3 (692) (2012-12-18)
2x (2012-12-18)
1x Anubias barteri var. caladiifolia von Easy Gr.8 (www.tropica.com) (2012-12-18)
5x Pogostemon helferi von Dennerle Gr.5 (913) (2012-12-18)
2x Gras (2012-12-18)
Pflanzen im Aquarium Mein erstes AQ Lido 120
3x Schiffer in rot (2012-12-18)
Mangrove Gr.L (2012-12-18)
Aquarium equipment:
2x T5 Daylight 438mm have to now me one for the front lamp

2xReflektor Solar 40 gained, makes deutlcih more light in the front area.

Night light in blue for 3 hours started after Taglicht.
Biofilter 3.0
Other equipment:
Heater 100 Watt

The JUWEL heater ensures reliable and safe for the right temperature in your aquarium. Depending on the room temperature and the aquarium size can be reached by JUWEL heater a water temperature of about +28 degrees C.
Thanks to the use of high quality silver contacts and heat-resistant and impact-resistant borosilicate glass (safety glass) the JUWEL automatic heater meet the highest demands in function and safety, and are of course TÜV / GS certified.
In all the jewel aquarium heaters are placed invisibly in the filter housing and optimally integrated in the water cycle of Bioflow filter system. This ensures an even and efficient heat distribution in your aquarium.
Beleuchtung T5 von oben mit Refelktor Solar 40 (2012-12-29)
Beleuchtung T5 von unten mit Refelktor Solar 40 und Nachtlicht blau (2012-12-29)
Futter für die Feuertetra
Futter für die braunen Antennenwelse
Spotted Blauauge used 4 males and 4 females depending on 23/01/2013

Ear Lattice loricariids used 5 pieces on 14.01.2013

Badis Begalensis used 1 male and 1 female on 11.03.2013

Dwarf inclined uprights used 9 pieces on 11.01.2013

Fire Tetra Feuersalmler on 03.01.2013 12 pieces

Brauner catfish on 31.12.2012 3 pieces on 14.01.2013 2 catfish sold (the third I did not get caught, now remains in it).
2021-01-02 Baben
2013-01-05 braune Antennenwelse
2013-01-05 Feuertetra
Water parameters:
NO²: is in the start-up phase from 12.11 to 12.25 always at 0,2-0,4mg / l. since 26.12, the value rises now on 0,6-0,8mg / l. will perform a water change to mind.50% and then we'll see what comes of it.

NO³: is in the start-up phase from 12.11 to 12.25 at about 10 mg / l for 26.12 it increases to 20 mg / l at
JBL Novo Pleco catfish for which they currently consume only max 1/2 tablet over 24 hours

JBL Novo GranoMix for fire Tetra which are mini take hardly zusich since the sinking flakes anscheind too large
Further information:
JBL Test Case