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Amazonas in the Corner
Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
90/25x90/25x65 = 450 liters ~ 118 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Brilliant Delta Aquarium

Profiline cabinet
Front in white glass, glass thickness 10mm,
Bulge-glued, open at the top. 2 holes for inlet and outlet.
Blick von Oben 1.4.13
Unsere Amazonas Ecke 31.12.2012
Dämmerung 31.12.112
von rechts 31.12.12
Sonnenuntergang 31.12.2012
Sonnenuntergang 31.12.12
von links 31.12.12
Rechts ind Links Schatten für die Skalare und Neons 31.12.12
Aquarium Amazonas in the Corner
Aquarium Amazonas in the Corner
L333 Eigene Nachzucht und `Mama`
Aquarium decoration:
20 kg Dennerle Deponit,
5 kg aquarium gravel 2-3mm to raise the rear part.
25 kg black Gümmer aquarium sand 0.7-1.2 mm
25 kg black Gümmer aquarium sand 0.4-0.8 mm

Together 75 kg
Alternanthera reineckii bronze
Echinodorus Bleherae
Ceratopteris cornuta
Myriophyllum Scrabatum

Echinodorus Phyton
Echinodorus little bear
Echinodorus grisebachii
Cryptocoryne affinis
Bocopa australis
Rotala rotundifolia
Echinodorus mini
Staurogyne rapens
Verticillata Hydrocotyle
Marsilea hirsuta

Christmas moss
Flame Moss
Wasserlinsen u. Hornkraut als Schwimmpflanze 31.12.12
Der Dschungel muss noch wachsen 31.12.12
Special features of the facility:
Back to Nature Slim Line back wall, Morkien roots of different sizes, finger roots hanging from above in, Caves of clay, natural caves in the roots.
Dekoration im Aquarium Amazonas in the Corner
Blue Moon
Über dem Becken 31.12.12
Aquarium equipment:
GHL Mitras LX 6000

with sunrise and sunset, thunderstorms and cloud simulation as well as the moonlight after the actual moon phase with adjusted brightness.

Lighting period of 7.30 bis 20.00 clock, moon until 0.00 clock

The brightness varies over the course of the day, and achieved 12:00 to 16:00 its highest level.
Average color temperature: 6800 K (about 11 hours). My Adjusted range 5000-8700 K, exceptions sunning on and sinking and the moon simulation

Technical Specifications and Features
High-power LEDs LX 6000: 66
LED channels: 8
Radio module (2.4 GHz): Yes
6 LED clusters: can be replaced individually.
High-performance reflectors: Reflection factor 99%
Microcontrollers: 32-bit ARM microcontrollers (quickly and efficiently with power reserves)
USB Interface: Yes
Graphical display: Übersichtilche display the current operating status
Power Supply: wide range power supply (90 V - 264 V), protection class IP 67
Eheim Professional 3e 600T thermo external filter 2178th
The Slight flowing (flow rate) is during the day while the CO2 gift set weaker than at night.

Technical data EHEIM professionel 3e 600T electronic USB -2178-:
-for aquaria from 300 to 600 liters
-Pumpenleistung Max. 1850 l / h electronically adjustable
-min. Pump capacity: 400 l / h
-Förderhöhe 2.6m
-Behältervolumen 14.5 liters
-Filtervolumen: 8 liters + 0,6 liters (prefilter)
-Power 10-35 Watt
-Spannungsbereich: 100-230 V, 50-60 Hz
-Heizleistung 210 Watt
-integrated temperature control from 18 ° C to 34 ° C
-USB Connection: with the separate USB converter control and monitoring on the PC is possible
Dimensions (width x depth x height) 264 x 264 x 534 mm
Hose connection 16/22 mm
Other equipment:
Because Erler Bodenfluter controlled by Dennerle Duomat,
CO2 system with night off
Elos Co2 Aüsströmer
Gush Co2 indicator.
Eheim Skim 350 surfaces aspirator.
Eheim UV clarifier Reflex UV 500th
GHL Mitras in Action 31.12.12
Technik im Aquarium Amazonas in the Corner
5 Manacapuru-Rotrücken scalar
Pterophyllum scalare 'Rio Manacapuru "(NZ)

This site variant is called Manacapuru Rotrücken scalar, and Rio Negro Rotrücken. Since about 2009 Nature paint finish cultivar Scalar wrongly be commercially have a red back, sold as Rotrücken scalar. The "real" Rotrücken Scalar can be most easily recognized by the eye, because the natural-colored cultivar of scalars with red back, have red eyes, and the "real" Rotrücken have black eyes. Typical of these is the area Scalar red back, the location this variant owes its name. There are, however, of these scalars some site variations that have only a slight pink or orange colored back.

30 Paracheirodon axelrodi (Red Neon)

The Red Neon, Cardinal Tetra (Paracheirodon axelrodi) is a freshwater ornamental fish from the order of Characins. It comes from South America. The distribution ranges from Venezuela and Brazil to Colombia. It occurs in the Orinoco and Rio Negro and its tributaries. The Red Neon adheres preferably to shaded, darker spots along the shore. Before the establishment of genre Paracheirodon the cardinal tetra is scientifically regarded as the genus Hyphessobrycon or Cheirodon belong. Red neon be up to five centimeters long and can be up to 10 years old. The families of the Neons are barely distinguishable, usually the females are slightly rounder than the males slim.

15 Rotrücken hyphessobrycon erythrostigma
(Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma)

The hyphessobrycon erythrostigma or Perez-tetra (also: Tetra Perez) (Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma) is a freshwater ornamental fish from the order of Characins. He comes from the black water of the upper Amazon basin. Adult hyphessobrycon erythrostigma reach a body length of about six centimeters. The body shows a typical elongated diamond shape and is laterally very compressed. The fins are well developed, especially the anal fin. The dorsal fin shows the characteristic shape of an elongated crescent and is of reddish gray color. Base and tips are kept dark. The upper part of the body is gray-brown and is enlivened by reddish shades, while the belly is yellowish. The reflexes of the shed dress change depending on the light. In the middle of the body a bright red round time is visible. The males are smaller, but more colorful than the females. They are also distinguished by its long extended dorsal and anal fins very well by the females. The coloring of the dress can vary according to mood of the fish.

2 L134 Peckoltia spec Tapajos Zebra.

The L 134 is next to the L 46 of the most beautiful L - Wels. The yellow color with individually running brown to black-brown stripe pattern gives it a particularly attractive appearance. The drawing is, however, very individual and also age-related. So young animals have the above mentioned rich yellow color with few but powerful dark stripes. Older animals seem, however, almost beige with many narrower strips.

The Tapajos Zebra is an omnivore, but takes preference to animal food.

The L 134 is sexually mature about having a size of 8 cm and with an age of about 2.5 years. The males have a distinct Odontodenbewuchs (skin teeth) on the caudal peduncle. The females have none at all. In my group, a sex determination except one is not yet possible. The largest animal has about 7 - 8cm and has a slight Odontodenbewuchs, therefore it should be a male. All others are currently between 5 - 6 cm tall.

3 L333 Hypancistrus sp

The L 333 is a medium-sized member of the genus expectant Hypancistrus. As with Hypancistren common sexing on the size and number of skin teeth done (odontodes). The males have longer Interopercularodontoden (skin teeth in the gill area). The female sex is usually smaller and has only a weak Odontodenbewuchs on.

Taking care of a group (about 5 animals) is in [...]
L333 Eigene Nachzucht
L134 Jungtier
L134 Jungtier
L333 Eigene Nachzucht
L333 Eigene Nachzucht
Besatz im Aquarium Amazonas in the Corner
Sturisma aureum von oben
Sturisma aureum
Sturisma aureum von oben
Manucapuru Rotrücken Skalar (NZ) 4 Monate alt 31.12.12
Otocynclus 31.12.12
Junger L333
L134 31.12.12
Neon und Rotrücken Kirschfleck Salmler 31.12.12
Water parameters:
Date 18.01.2013 01.04.2013
Temp. ° C 26.5 27.0
PH 7.0 6.8
GH 10.0 8.0
KH 7.0 3.0
Nitrate NO3 10.0 mg / l 0.0 mg / l
NO2 nitrite 0.0 mg / l 0.0 mg / l
Co2 24.5 mg / l 14.7 mg / l
Fe 0,0 mg / l
PO4 0.5 mg / l 0.05 mg / l
NH3 / NH4 0.0 mg / l 0.0 mg / l
SiO2 0.25 mg / l
CL2 0.0 mg / l

Water change weekly 25%, every 4 weeks 50%
Staple food:
Amtra Frostfutter Mix, brine shrimp, live food (what the animal Specialists so hergibt).
In addition:
Elos SV2, Welstabs, cucumber, zucchini, scalded TK pea,
Spirulina Tabs, granules Feed Mix, Tubiflex.
Further information:
Fertilized mi Elos daily fertilizer.