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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Kuchimba kibushuti verkauft
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Tanganyika
Tank size:
60x30x30 = 54 liters ~ 14 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Standard pool with original cover

The Beck name means grave forming dwarf in Swahili, a widely spoken language around the Lake Tanganyika. And I think these words describe Neolamprologus multifasciatus best.

The pool is on my desk and is a relaxation aid.
Endlich passend =)
Aquarium Kuchimba kibushuti verkauft
Aquarium decoration:
Heller quartz sand and indeed generous, can be dug so neat.
There are approx 10kg become.
It is a vegetable-free pool.
These animals live between the rubble and heaps of empty Molluskenschnecken Sandlitoral in these areas and there are very few scattered plants.
Special features of the facility:
The rear wall is a part of the rear wall of the company Komodo Rockzolid.
In the back wall holes and crevices have been milled at the locations which are suitable for this purpose without which it strikes to the back wall additional caves or hiding places is anzubieten.Zusätzlich so arranged that a sufficient gap on both sides remains a good Wasserzirkulation.Der Ausslass the filter is also built into the back wall (see picture)

There are 20-30 snails houses in the basin part of which in the lower layers of sand liegen.Dies is advantageous because when digging as additional bays and caves are formed, which offer the young animals protection.
Teilabnschnitt aus der Komodo von Rockzolid
Aquarium equipment:
A T8 Tube 15W

Tube is dimmed in three places with aluminum foil,
The lights are switched on 11 clock to 22 o'clock.
In addition, a discreet moon phase will be followed by LEDs.
Accessories filters with open filter fabric of disappearing behind the rear wall wird.Durch a hole in a column is placed vents and through the holes and crevices in the rear wall a good circulation is ensured.

Technical Specifications:
Flow rate: 400l / h adjustable
Power: 4W

Also a small bag with SilikatEx mounted adjacent to the filter, because I realtiv high silicate values ​​in domestic water and thus work against diatoms
Other equipment:
Heater 75W also behind the rear wall
Ausgefrästes Ausströmerloch
6x Neolamprologus multifasciatus
2M / 4W

Style description:

Name: Striped shell dwellers
Lat. Name: Neolamprologus multifasciatus
Family: Cichlids / Cichlids
Origin: Africa: Lake Tanganyika
Size: M: 4 cm, W: 3 cm
Beck Length: 60 cm
PH: 7.5-9
Water hardness: medium to hard
Temperature: 24-27 ° C

Basically, you can divide snails cichlids into two groups. To which both in empty snail shells but spawn in the absence selbiger to other places like rock columns dodge a mandatory snails cichlids, which only in empty snail shells spawn such as Neolamprologus ocellatus or Neolamprologus brevis.Zum other facultative snails cichlids.
Neolamprologus multifasciatus is an optional shell dwellers.
The animals are on the east coast of Lake Tanganyika in Zambia and Tanzania vor.Hier Live in 10-25m depth between the rubble and Sandlitoral.Sie live in large colonies of up to a thousand animals in which there are, however, strong bonds. In the rearing and defending it comes quite often before the these animals work as a team.
With a length of up to 4cm is the smallest shell dwellers ever.
The animals are characterized by 12-14 stripes on the body OFF.The species is easy to be confused with Neolamprologus similis, but in which, unlike the multinationals to see the stripes on the head .A distinction between the sexes is only through the subsequent size possible because a typical Sexualdychromatismus missing.
When keeping enough Schneckenhäsuer should be available. In the gender division both pairs entertainment and the harem is possible, the latter is more often observed. Also fine sand should be chosen as a base because the animals are very active graves and move considerable amounts of sand for their body size.
Besatz im Aquarium Kuchimba kibushuti verkauft
Besatz im Aquarium Kuchimba kibushuti verkauft
Besatz im Aquarium Kuchimba kibushuti verkauft
Besatz im Aquarium Kuchimba kibushuti verkauft
Besatz im Aquarium Kuchimba kibushuti verkauft
Besatz im Aquarium Kuchimba kibushuti verkauft
Besatz im Aquarium Kuchimba kibushuti verkauft
Besatz im Aquarium Kuchimba kibushuti verkauft
Besatz im Aquarium Kuchimba kibushuti verkauft
Besatz im Aquarium Kuchimba kibushuti verkauft
Besatz im Aquarium Kuchimba kibushuti verkauft
Besatz im Aquarium Kuchimba kibushuti verkauft
Besatz im Aquarium Kuchimba kibushuti verkauft
Besatz im Aquarium Kuchimba kibushuti verkauft
Water parameters:
Temperature: 25 ° C

PH: 8.0
GH: 12
KH: 14
NO2: nn
NO3: 10mg / l
NH3: 0mg / l
NH4: 0mg / l
FE: 0mg / l
PO4: 0mg / l
CU: 0mg / l

Measured with Sera Aquatest

50% water change weekly

The GH and KH I have raised with magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts) or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).
The formula for hardness increase is:

Soda (sodium bicarbonate), 3g increase / 100l the KH by 1 °
Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate), 2g / 100L increase by 1.2 ° GH

The addition takes place right after the water change.

When PH I was pleasantly surprised that the value has stabilized solely by the strong surface current at about 8.
Live food:
Artemia, white mosquito larvae, bloodworms, black mosquito larvae (subject to availability), Tubifex
Frozen Food:
Artemia, Daphnia, white mosquito larvae, bloodworms, Cichlidenmischung
Dry food:
Colour pellets of Söll, JBL Novo Tanganyika, Daphnia, Tubifex, JBL Grana Cichlid, Tropical Tanganyika
Further information:

Initially the animals were very shy with me and at the slightest movement in the room in their snail shells verschwunden.Es lasted about 3 days until they were really active and so slow the shyness ablegten.Zunächst was the gender breakdown is not clear at the 6 Tieren.Doch as digging began really crystallized very quickly out two groups, in each of which a larger animal was present (ie male) .Zunächst saw the digging of relatively useless but then a Wall was targeted between both groups coated as Sichtschutz.Dabei each individual animal in use and it will proceed quite ruthlessly, so it may well be that the sand spit is another right to the door. Is anyway a very funny picture if these little animals with the crooked posture and the mouthful through pools I sausen.Und until it stops was remodeled really amazed how the basin after the first day wurde.Dieser Wall is not exceeded by the two parties except when feeding.
Otherwise can be observed in social behavior often the males than the females are in a higher position, probably radiate to dominance. The females approach the males then in trembling movements which I interpret as courtship. Makes the impression as if they ingratiate themselves;) The males meet occasionally at the territorial boundaries for Poznan, but it never comes to confrontations.
When eating, the animals were initially very picky and are strangely at first gone to the best flake food. But even this has died down and except red Muelas is actually all well received.
I also young but I can here not contribute to the rearing and breeding behavior much, because the animals are staying most of the time even in secret.

Overall, I can I can find a lot of behavior in the literature with me watching.
Neolamprologus multifasciatus is a very peaceful, small shell dwellers with a fascinating social behavior and a remarkable performance as Graves and Beck designers.

Of course, I always look forward to your praise, criticism, suggestions and comments all kind =)