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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Sakura's World
Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
30x25x25 = 20 liters ~ 5 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Tetra Aqua Art Aquarium Complete Set 20L

Take care with the Tetra Aqua Art Aquarium for an eye-catcher -. Perfect for any room Practical detail solutions such as the cable management, easy access to the technology and the modern filter technology to ensure that the operation of the aquarium is as comfortable as possible for you. Due to its small size, the aquarium is ideal to keep shrimp and also to breed. Grab you a fascinating insight into the lives of these small creatures and build your own breed on.

The high-quality glass aquarium offers modern award-winning design and effective technique. Plenty of space for feeding and easy access to the user-friendly technology enables large opening. The innovative filter ensures efficient filtration, thus improving the water quality and increases the supply of oxygen. At the same time he does not actively do something for the animals: The filter sponge grow over time algae and other microorganisms, which serve the shrimp as food. Here, too, is still a powerful pump which ensures a constant airflow. These can be positioned due to the flexible hose and of the check valve under water.

Safe operation can be ensured by the excellent workmanship and high-quality technology. For this, the Aquarium also TÜV and CS has been tested, it meets the DIN standard aand is CE certified.
an anfang
Aquarium decoration:
Substrate for shrimp black - from aquarienkies.de

This ground is for prawns, made their special living conditions and needs.

The special grain size prevents the shrimp in their relentless search for food their legs hurt what happens repeatedly with sharp-edged and coarse gravel.
In addition, no food seeps into what would eventually deteriorate the water quality and the end is death of the shrimp.
Especially the finer grain size can be z. B. very good to filter out easily postpone sloping, so that the sludge better accumulates and can be taken through the filter.
Any slight Veralgungen that may arise between the wheel and the ground, can be easily removed by a water plant spatula or with your finger.
The shrimp reason is non-toxic, pH neutral, coated with a special resin and meets the requirements according to DIN EN 71, part. 3
When using also here:
Shrimp reason Wash cold and not warm aquariums temperature.
Mayaca fluiatilis

Mayaca fluviatilis, the River Moss herb is widespread in tropical and subtropical America from the southeastern United States to Argentina. This delicate moss-like stem plant grows both emersed and submerged and often occurs at the edge of black water streams. The species is variable, there are forms with slightly differing characteristics.
This plant prefers the aquarium soft water with a pH in the acidic range, but can be kept even in harder water. It is also a good indicator of iron, because in case of low Fe content, the shoot tips of the plant brightly color, which can be corrected by iron therapy immediately but. A good nutritional balance is therefore very important. They also require adequate amounts of CO2 as well as good lighting.
Difficulty: medium
Lighting: medium-high
Genus: Mayaca
Family: Mayacaceae - Mayacagewächse
German designation: River Moss herb Green moss herb
Synonyms and trade names:. Mayaca aubletii, Mayaca vandelii
Plant type: Stem
Region: North America, Central America, South America
Height: 20-50 cm
Width: 1-2 cm
Temperature (exactly): 22-28 ° C
Maximum height: 50 cm
Maximum width: up to 5 cm
pH tolerance: 6-8
Hardness tolerance: very soft to hard
Pflanzen im Aquarium Sakura's World
Special features of the facility:
Approximately 30cm long Moorkienwurzel

Genuine Moorkien Wood is a valuable natural product which 'won' for example raised bogs in Schleswig-Holstein is. These raised bogs are from 9.000 v. Chr. This resulted in that the digested sludge has settled in meltwater lakes and let slowly silt up the lakes and Versumpfungsgebiete. It was the first form of the moor, the fen. They consist of the rotting plant remains and it formed swamp forests of alder and birch, in other parts of Germany as well as with conifers and other species. So there are the first Moorkienwurzeln 'recognized' and it takes about 2,000 years to this biological miracle first Bruchwaldtorf arises. The gradually emerging Torfpolster slowly suffocate the swamp forests and other 1500 years ie 5500 v. Chr. Vertorfen the last dead peat mosses. The High Moor is born and now needs only nutrient-rich rainwater which ensures the growth of the bog by about 1 mm per year. True Moorkienwurzeln can therefore be up to 10,000 years old, which is still a very impressive age for a aquarium decoration.
In this long-term process which Moorkienwurzeln (Bruchwald) are downright preserved. Responsible for this is the Moor's biochemistry, which consists of an excess of water which ensures oxygen deficiency and this has a low pH. In addition, humic acids, which largely make sure to inhibit microbial decomposition of Moorkienwurzeln in this composition. Other important characteristics of the bog are a high pollutant purity and phosphate and nitrogen poverty. Properties which our Moorkienwurzeln positively come to good.
Around the year 1630, the first in Germany peat was mined. The peat was stung in arduous manual labor and used as fuel. The Moorkienwurzeln was paid no more important at this time. Just as the benefits of this resource has verädert over the years, so did the type of degradation has evolved. Today the peat is decomposed in layers of large machines. Tree trunks and other resistors are removed from the blades with. In a Moorkienwurzel but these machines are not further reduce the peat able. The Moorkienwurzeln be pulled out and stored in a heap as 'waste' until they schließich in autumn.
Aquarium equipment:
TetraTec AL fluorescent tube 11 watts

The Tetratec AL Fluorescent Aquarium was developed for aquariums up to 60 cm and especially for the Tetra Aqua Art Aquarium. Through an optimal growth light healthy plant growth is promoted. In addition, the colors of the fish will be intensified by an increase in the oranges, reds and blues.

- Natural lighting effect
- Excellent color reproduction
- The latest lamp technology

- Lighting from 08:00 until 20:00 clock
Tetratec Brillant Filter

- Ideal filtering using mechanical and bioactive methods
- Quality foam - large surface area, that is no resolution in the water and no toxicity
- The pore labyrinth enables the excellent settlement of positive-acting bacterial colonies -
(Biological degradation of harmful substances)
- The foam structure (open pores) remains even after prolonged use
- The operation ensures efficient oxygenation and water circulation

Is operated by the whole TetraTec APS 50 air pump for aquariums 10-60 liters
20 Neocaridina heteropoda var. Sakura + regularly pups

One assumes that there is a high breeding form of the popular Red Fire / Red Cherry Shrimp in Sakura shrimp. Buyer should make sure to get a good selection of animals breeding. This means that the existing breeders continuously operated selection and the somewhat more colorless animals has rejected. Even from opaque colored females may emerge relatively colorless babies if the trunk is not erbfest and "get involved" less colored animals.

Origin: Asia, Japan, Taiwan
Final height males: 20 mm
Final height females: 25 mm
Temperature: 18 - 28 degrees
Total hardness: <25 ° highly adaptable
KH: 4 - 15 ° highly adaptable
pH: 6 to 7.8 optimally 6-7
Breeding: easy, productive shrimp
Breeding form: high, finished pups
Water parameters:
pH: 7
GH: 12
kH: 4
temp: 23-24 ° C
no2: nn
NO3: nn

The water change is done weekly with approximately 40%.
TetraCrusta Menu Staple food for shrimps and crayfish

For varied and appropriate nutrition. The four, coordinated foods secure a balanced and varied diet. Due to their form stability they allow a natural eating behavior without polluting the water. Your optimal content of proteins and minerals ensures healthy skinning. Herbal ingredients and essential vitamins strengthen resistance to disease.
Further information:

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