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Aquarium Hauptansicht von 200l Südamerika Traum
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
100x40x50 = 200 liters ~ 52 gallons (us)
17.10.12 etwas eingetrübt
Aquarium decoration:
Duplarit G
Aquarium gravel from 0.8 to 1.2 mm of Color Stone (Black / White)
Pogostemon halferi
Alternanthera reineckii "Pink" (roseafolia)
Echinodorus "Reni"
Cryptocoryne undulta "Broad Leaves"
Eleocharis parvula
Argentine waterweed
small Speerblatt
Cyptocoryne wendtii "Green"
Echinodorus "Black Amazon sword plant"
Special features of the facility:
6 kg stones
4 Morkienwurzeln
3 Caves
3D back wall Back to Nature Slimline (bonded)
Aquarium equipment:
1x 30W T8 JBL Solar "Nature"
1x 30W T8 JBL Solar "Color"
with reflector
Time: 6-12 and 15-22 clock = 13 hours
EHEIM professionel e350 external filter, with Elos Filtra zusätlich 1
Other equipment:
Dennerle Space 600 CO² system
Elos Celsio 300 ground heating
Fluval E50 Heating controller
Hobby Digital Thermometer
PH long-term test (Dennerle "egg")
Außenfilter Eheim 350 Professionel
Dennerle 2kg CO2 Flasche mit Spacedruckminderer und integrierter Nachtabschaltung
der Dennerle Flipper für becken bis 160 l (wird bei gelegenheit Ersetzt)
Das Dennerle Ei
4x predator snail
11x Marmorierter cory
5x L134
4x Koi scalar
2x Apistogramma nijesszini Panda dwarf cichlid (1m / 1w)
Koi Skalar
Koi Skalar
Apistogramma nessini (Panda Zwergbuntbarsch) männchen
und nochmal das männchen
Apistogramma nessini weibchen
Water parameters:
from 30.10.12
Temperature: 26.4 ° C
PH value: 7.0
General hardness 4 ° dH
Carbonate hardness 5 ° dH
From 30.10.12
Ammonium NH4 <0.05 mg / l (ppm)
Nitrite NO2 0.025 mg / l (ppm)
Nitrate NO3 <0.5 mg / l (ppm)
Iron Fe 0.05 mg / l (ppm)
Phosphate PO4 <0.02 mg / l (ppm)

All values ​​measured with JBL Test Lab (droplet test) due to the stocking feeder are NO2, NO3 and NH4, measure anything Daily Weekly. If the stocking is fully retracted weekly PH, conductivity GH and KH, everything else a month or as needed. Every 3 months comparison measurement by a water laboratory.

Weekly water changes of 20%, with 50% Vollentsalztes- or osmosis water and 50% tap water
JBL Novo GranoMix Mini
JBL Novo GranoColor
Tetra Pleco min
2-3 times a week or freeze live food
Artemis, Dauphine (water fleas), white mosquito larvae
Further information:
Fertilize the plants with CO2, and Dennerle system (S7 / V30 / E15) and A1 Daily Fertilizer from Dennerle