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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Salmler-Suppe (Okt.2015 abegaut)
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
80 x 35 x 45 = 125 liters ~ 33 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The aquarium is a normal rectangular basin, with glued aluminum strips to stabilize, because I once a bond has risen. Well possible this additional stability is just imagination.
Behind the Aquarium are dark painted styrofoam plates, is simple, cheap and takes no space.
Green camping mat as an underlay which was once painted brown. Unfortunately, the two cats the painting did not like that it was removed from the two ado.
Aquarium Salmler-Suppe (Okt.2015 abegaut)
2 weitere Aquaristik-Fans
meine Freundin hat das passend zur Wohnung gestrichen. sie möchte erwähnt werden
Aquarium decoration:
The ground is sandy game of OBI. In 2010 the play sand from the same manufacturer and with the same name was very fine and had uniform particle size, it is no longer what annoys me.

Echinodorus Ocelot (in relatively good conditions, too large for a 120L_Aq and bulky)
Echinodorus quadricostatus
Riccia flutians on the mat, currently with toothpicks (is botch), are better this "Häpchen skewers"

some seaweed, which are hardly removed because I do not feel this to be disturbing
Echinodorus quadricostatus
Pflanzen im Aquarium Salmler-Suppe (Okt.2015 abegaut)
 Echinodorus Ozelot
Pflanzen im Aquarium Salmler-Suppe (Okt.2015 abegaut)
das Riesenblat - guter Wuchs, erst nach Düngekugeln
Special features of the facility:
something Moorkien Wood
Stones from the River Spree.

sometimes some foliage
Dekoration im Aquarium Salmler-Suppe (Okt.2015 abegaut)
mit `heißem Finger` geschnitten
Fliesenkleber & Buchbindergaze in Schichten
links aus Glasfaser und Epoxidharz (sehr doof); rechts aus Fliesenkleber & Buchbindergaze
Aquarium equipment:
Original jewel 2x 18W

1x 18W Osram 840 4000K (rear)
1x 18W Osram 865 6500K (front)

Light time 9:30 to 21:00
Matt Filter (3cm; 30ppi) with Eheim Compact 300l / h
crystal clear water, my favorite - requirement must be well run

earlier Eheim Classic 2213
This model think * I *, as one of the best commercial Außenfiltervariaten the market. -ehrlich, reliable, quiet and longevity
Other equipment:
100 watt heater Jaeger

regardless of the basin

a "Torfkanone" from an old Eheim filter bowl 2015 without intigrated pump for acidification of water exchange, operated with a small 5W pump
gegossene Bodenplatte
der Filter vor dem Umbau
Technik im Aquarium Salmler-Suppe (Okt.2015 abegaut)
Eheim Classic 2213 mit Schalldämpfer :-)
Technik Ecke; links aus, rechts ein
zum Glück, bekomme ich immer Hilfestellung
15x Glowlight (Hemigrammus erythrozonus) 09.2012
1x red Neon, the merchant has accidentally had with the net, the fish in the shoal integrates
10x silvertip (Hemigrammus nanus) 06/2014
6x catfish (Corydoras Julii) 03/2015

died a w / m Kakadu ZBB (Apistogramma cacatuoides) after 5 years
Besatz im Aquarium Salmler-Suppe (Okt.2015 abegaut)
nackt auf dem Garnelenfelsen Teil 1
Besatz im Aquarium Salmler-Suppe (Okt.2015 abegaut)
Besatz im Aquarium Salmler-Suppe (Okt.2015 abegaut)
Besatz im Aquarium Salmler-Suppe (Okt.2015 abegaut)
Gott hab Ihn seelig, war ein toller Kerl, 5 Jahre
Besatz im Aquarium Salmler-Suppe (Okt.2015 abegaut)
Besatz im Aquarium Salmler-Suppe (Okt.2015 abegaut)
ein paar Junge KZBuBa
genau hinsehen, der 1. Wurf
der Bock
der 2. Wurf
die Mutter mit Ihren neuen Jungen 27.12.12
einer von den kleinen Glühlicht-Scheißern
Besatz im Aquarium Salmler-Suppe (Okt.2015 abegaut)
der Alleinige
Water parameters:
currently I measure not remember who measures much, attaches much crap

only occasionally (every few weeks) No3 / Po4 - always 0 - where the hell come forth

PH: 6.5
GH: approx 6
KH: about 3 ° dKH
NO2: approx <ka bummer test = 0; Another test 0
NO3: approx <1,00mg / L; Another test 0
Fe: ca. <0.1 mg / L; Another test 0
Po4: approx <0,025mg / L; other test 0
Conductivity: approx 420μs / cm after fertilization

after 1st week with normal economical feeding approximately 380μs / cm
KH unchanged ...

Water line values
PH: 8
GH: 8
KH: 4 ° dKH
NO2: 0-0mg / L
NO3: 0- <1,00mg / L
Fe:> 0.0 mg / L
Conductivity: 365μS / cm

Temp .: 25 ° C

These values ​​are "estimated" with JBL droplets test, except the Temp. :-). Find the test not so cheap (the price is OK.), Maybe someone else looks so ...

The conductivity is measured using a HANNA HI9033.

Water change: since 01:03:13 when required. Exchange water is stagnant, vented, acidified with peat tap water with a temperature of 20 ° C (room temperature).

Anyone who thinks that in diatoms problems, frequent water changes to the rescue, which has far from it. Due to the relatively "high" non carbonate (großten part silicates) caused a diatom Plage, frequent water changes - many ugly algae. I think that was my problem ....

My blue-green algae in the beginning are, entirely disappeared due to fewer water changes and less intervention in the aquarium. I also think that you can not judge by its water change intervals an aquarium, whether good or bad. No outsider can remotely determine the germ density of a basin and, consequently, do not judge, even I can not objectively (Petri dish; Ager; time; microscope; organisms count etc.)
Feeding in this aquarium 1x daily alternating with:

Flakes / granule / food tablets
Frozen foods - white, black mosquito larvae, daphnia, brine shrimp
Live food - white mosquito larvae, water fleas out of the pond of my parents, large Artemia

no bloodworms more, this reek Hühnerkacke
Further information:

10ml Easy Life Profito
homemade clay balls with blue corn and iron fertilizers of Compo