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Aquarium Hauptansicht von 200 Liter Gesellschaftsbecken
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
100x50x40 = 200 liters ~ 52 gallons (us)
Aquarium decoration:
Aquarium sand with a grain size of 0.4-0.8 mm
Links: Bachburgel
Middle: Karolina Haarnixe
Right: Bachburgel

At the root in the middle:
Congo water fern (left and top of it), several Javafarnableger (right)

Links: Black Amazon Sword plants
Middle: Echinodorus small binding (left of the root), screws sword plant (right in front of the root)
Right: Anubias barteri
Special features of the facility:
Left a hole with rock eingermaßen large caves.
Davor is a skull on the actually an air pump is connected (head then goes on and on) .. after this, however, was off one day have my pangio taken the skull in fog, (can perfectly by a "Gap" out and in ^^ ) and since then the air pump out of service :)
In the middle of a mangrove root is erect portrayed, so that makes dadrunter a shady spot. At this mangrove root a small mangrove root is leaning against the I tied some Javafarnableger some time ago.
Right is a small mangrove roots on the half a flowerpot is leaning.
Schädel bzw. Wohnung der Dornaugen
Wurzel in der Mitte
Rechte Seite mit Schilderwels :)
Aquarium equipment:
Under the cover are 2x28W T5 fluorescent tubes
Is filtered by a Eheim 2213 canister filter.
This is used for aquariums up to 250 liters and has the following technical details:

Pump capacity: 440 l / h
Filter volume: 3 liters
Head: 1.50 m / Ws
Other equipment:
-Eheim Jäger heater thermostat heating rod 300 Watt

Aquariums Thermometer

-Aquarium Luftpumpe "Elite 802" (currently out of service Yes

-Ausströmerleiste With many holes I drilled to 4.5 mm to the flow to decrease slightly
- A Skalarpärchen
- 2 Maroni cichlid males I've been around for about 3 years and the splendidly together in harmony (True love only between men etc .... ^^)
- 10 serpae tetra that have never actually "fins plucking" and otherwise relatively peaceful among themselves.
- 6 metal armored catfish
- Unfortunately only 3 Zimtdornaugen.
- 1 blue catfish
- 1 large signs Wels (Liposarcus pardalis) that comes sooner or later in a 750 l aquarium.
- 2 apple snails
- Tower snails
Water parameters:
For ages no longer measured.
The tap water here in East Frisia is I think with the best in Germany :)
Fish were / are still alive and well.
- Sera flake food for all ornamental fish
- Frozen black / white / red - Mückenlarfen
- Frozen "brine shrimp"
- Brussels sprouts (absolute favorite meal of the signs catfish)
- Red, yellow and green peppers
- Cauliflower
Further information:
Over a few opinions I would be very happy.
Constructive criticism is always appreciated :)