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Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
80*35*40 = 116 liters ~ 30 gallons (us)
Aquarium decoration:
black color 2-4mm gravel
mixed with natural gravel 2-4mm
Anubias heterophylla
Alternanthera reineckii / Rosefolia
Cryptocoryne wendtii Broadleaf
Special features of the facility:
large Morkienwurzel goes on the length of whole basin
Coconut shell
small lock
große wurzel
Aquarium equipment:
1 * 20W T8 tube Aqua -Glo
This fluorescent tube with semi-natural light makes your fish in beautiful colors shine and stimulates plant growth.
The Aqua Glo fluorescent tube T8 is 18,000 K color temperature, the colors of your fish even more natural and stimulates plant growth.
Ideal for planted aquariums.
Especially suitable in combination with Sun Glo fluorescent tubes.

9: 10am -20: 00h controlled by timer

Installed reflectors provide more light distribution
FLUVAL U3 90-150l
Foam Materail
Carbon filter
Biomax rings

The 3-stage filtration with BIOMAX ensures excellent aquarium water quality, the "flip top" -Aufklappzugang for quick and easy filter changing media. This, and the 3-way flow control make the new U-series for FLUVAL milestone in the internal filtering. 3-phase filtering: The new 3-phase internal filter Fluval are ideal for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums and terrariums.

The foam in Phase 1 removes large dirt particles.
The polyester / carbon filters used in Phase 2 begins small particles, improve water purity and removes impurities.
BIOMAX in Phase 3 provides an optimal biological filtration efficiency.

- For aquariums up to 150 liters
- Power: 6 watts, 700 l / h
- Filters dirt and ensures optimal biological
- Quiet and efficient
- With clogging indicator
- Including Biomax and mount
Other equipment:
Oxygen pump water for Air Pump AP-120 only 4 hrs. At

Eheim Heating
for aquariums up to about (l): 60-100
Power (W): 75
1 albino catfish females Goldi
1 catfish females Henryette 9.5cm
1 catfish males (Henry the 3rd) 8cm
Temperature pH-value 6.0-7.8 22-28Grad total hardness 5-25dGH

5 Platys 5W / 2M
Temperature pH-value 7.0-8.0 18-25grad total hardness 5-30dGH

3 Papageienplatys 1M / 2W
Temperature pH-value 7.0-8.0 18-25grad total hardness 5-30dGH
Red Fire
Red Fire schwangere
Red Fire männlich
Amano schwanger
Water parameters:
25 mg nitrate
0 mg nitrite
14 Total hardness
6 carbonate
7.2 pH value

Temperature 25 degrees
Sera vipan staple food
Sera Catfish Chips with willow and alder wood every 2nd day
Geri Forage lenses with Spirulina algae for catfish 1 day
Sera FD red bloodworms dried 1x a week
Sera FD Artemia Shrimps dried 1x wöchtentlich
Sera FD daphnia dried 1x a week
frozen Daphina 1x a week
frozen black mosquito larvae 1x wüchentlich
Seemandelblätter for catfish 1x per month
every two days ne cucumber, potato slice or mohrübe for antenis
2x weekly live food is always black mosquito larvae if present only in summer
Further information:
Water change every 2weeks

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