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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Becken 23040 aufgelöst 2019
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Tanganyika
Tank size:
160x60x60 = 576 liters ~ 152 gallons (us)
Aquarium Becken 23040 aufgelöst 2019
Aquarium Becken 23040 aufgelöst 2019
Aquarium decoration:
white quartz sand
some Anubias
Special features of the facility:
Back to Nature modules, partially sawed through and stuck on marble slabs. They serve as a screen
Aquarium equipment:
Econlux Solar Stinger LED Marine by 06.45 clock until 09.00 clock and 22 until 23 clock of
Econlux LED Solar Stinger Sun from 07.30 to 09.OO and from 15 to 22.15 clock
2 x T 5 Sylvania Grolux 80 watts of 16 - 21.30 clock.
From 09-15 clock the lighting remains off.
Behind the rear wall BtN are several kilos sera siporax ventilated with an EHEIM compact 600
An Eheim 2075 was loaded with cotton and serves as plain Quickfilter
A tuned Tunze 6045 SOGT for orderly movement
An 8 watt JBL UVC clarifier and Oxydator ensure crystal clear, healthy water
4/20 Tropheus moori ilangi, of which 3/7 WF
1 T. moba
diverse Antenenwelse and racing snails for algae control
Tropical Spirulina
Further information:
Water change 35 to 50% a week