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Mbuna Fels
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
100x50x50 = 250 liters ~ 66 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The aquarium is made of 10 mm float glass. The edges are sanded, stoßverklebt and equipped with a safety seam.
The cabinet was built by my predecessor himself. On it is a kind of drip tray (ca.15cm high). In these drainage slits are introduced. In the cabinet a collecting tank is integrated. If the tank runs out, the water is collected there.

================================================== ================
Felsenansicht - 15.01.13
Fels von rechts - 17.01.13
Fels von links - 17.01.13
vor dem Einzug der Fische - Mai 2012
von der Seite
Auffangschale mit Schlitzen für den Auffangtank
Aquarium decoration:
20 Kg beige Aquarium sand - grain size 0.4 to 0.8 mm was admixed to 5 Kg black sand with the same grit (JBL Zanzibar).

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2x Anubias barteri

The change from the bright pool dealer in the dark Malawi basin, the plants have resented me at the beginning. Meanwhile, they recover, however.
The Valisnerien that one sees in some pictures still have not survive. The Mbunas have a fun made it herauszuzupfen the leaves. However, they have not eaten this.

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Anubia noch mit hellem Sand
brennende Anubia :-)
Special features of the facility:
approximately 110 Kg sandstones piled up just below the water surface. Besides, many caves and crevices created.
The stones were selected from a pool of several tons so, (I've just built in the garden stone walls) that they hold in themselves and do not need to be glued.

It was applied a 10mm thick Styrofoam plate and about a 5mm thick acrylic glass pane on the pool bottom. Then I arranged the first row stones. It has also laid a floor heating, but this is no longer in operation. Next, I then spread the sand in the basin. And finally built into the rest of the stones.

I have deliberately avoided a Innfilter and a rear wall, to lose this small basins as little as possible net volume.

The back wall is covered with blue sheet and the side windows with very dark Autofolie. Thus, the pool was protected against sun exposure, there was a darker atmosphere created and still create more retreats.

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viele Verstecke und dunkler Sand
Dekoration im Aquarium Mbuna Felsen
hier trifft sich der Nachwuchs
Aquarium equipment:
1x LED RGB LED SMD 5050 aluminum strip IP65
30 x 5050 SMD LEDs
50cm length
7.2 watts of power
120 ° viewing angle
extendable, dimmable, can be controlled

RGB controller for LED Strips MS-35 Conrad MS-35
7 Fixed effects and 2 sequences freely programmable via PC software
16.7 million colors can be generated
(12 - 24 V) 3 x 5 A output
Suitable for RGB LED Strip 12 - 24 V / DC (common anode), flexible or rigid

Lighting times:
06:00 to 06:15 light is booted from off to Nightlight
6:15 to 07:15 Night Light Dark blue light is only contours warnehmbar
07:15 to 07:45 dusk light goes on throughout faint daylight
7:45 to 8:15 Sunrise orange colors - yellows - Daylight
08:15 to 20:30 daylight dim light with high green, blue
20:30 to 21:00 Dusk
9:00 p.m. to 21:45 Night Light
9:45 p.m. to 22:00 light is dimmed by night light to Off

================================================== ================
JBL Cristal Profi E901 Green Line
Pump power - 900l / h
Canister - 7,6l
Filter baskets - 3
Power - 11Watt

Eheim ecco Pro 300
Pump power - 750l / h
Canister - 3,1l
Filter baskets - 3
Power - 8Watt

The inlet and outlet hoses are equipped with Eheim installation sets. The drain tubes thus creating a proper surface movement even if the flow pump is not in operation.

================================================== ===============
Other equipment:
Dennerle Duomat 1200 Comfort Digital - for temperature control
Line recording: 2.5 W plus connected devices
Floor heating output: 230 V ~; 400 Watt
Output Water Heating System: 203 Volt ~; 800 Watt
Temperature setting: 18-34 ° C
Summer mode and night setback

Hunter heating rod 150 Watt
Fully submersible (waterproof), dry-running protection
Warning light indicates the heating function
made of sturdy special glass
Temperature can range from 18 ° - 34 ° can be set precisely (control accuracy: +/- 0.5 ° C)
for aquarium sizes of 200 to 300 liters (length of the heater: 340 mm)

================================================== ================
Dennerle Duomat 1200 Comfort Digital
RGB Controler
LED Leiste im Aluprofil IP67
Dämmerung - 16.01.13
Übergang zum Nachtlicht - 15.01.13
Nachtlicht - 15.01.13
Was machen die beiden denn da im Morgengrauen?
3x♂ / 6x♀ pseudotropheus saulosi [WFNZ] + 1 Offspring
1x♂ / 3x♀ Labidochromis sp. "Hongi" red top [DNZ] + 1 Offspring

6x (sex ratio unclear) Synodontis lucipinnis [WFNZ]

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Pseudotropheus saulosi

Taiwan Reef - north of the island Chizumulu the eastern part of Lake Malawi off the coast of Mozambique.

A fairly small permanent Mbuna. The males are approximately 9cm and females 7cm tall.

Lives in sediment-free rocky habitat in approximately 5 to 15 meters deep.

Eats the nursery, where loose material is picked or plucked from the substrate.

natural behavior
The males are quite aggressive territory defense. Their aggression is directed only against conspecifics. Females and males loose ground swimming in large groups through their habitat. Constantly in search of food. The females will be led to the spawning grounds, which is sometimes just a slight indentation in the surface of a great rock.

Ad Konings - Malawi cichlids

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Labidochromis sp. "Hongi"

Along the coast of the island and Liuli Lundo (Tanzania) in the eastern part of Lake Malawi.

A fairly small permanent Mbuna. The males are about 10 cm and the females 8cm.

Usually comes in pure rock biotope in about 10 feet of water front. But was also seen in the transition zones. Most revier defending males were found in caves.

Is a herbivore and feeds on algae of rock Aufwuchs.

natural behavior
The males are territorial and defend pronounced spawning grounds in large caves. The females are solitary and swim from cave to cave. Mouthbrooding females hide in rocky pockets in the biotope.

Ad Konings - Malawi cichlids

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Synodontis lucipinnis

This lively little catfish is NOT in Malawi before, but only in Lake Tanganyika. Here he is in the north, to find part of the lake belonging to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Fiederbartwels is 10cm tall.

Synodontis lucipinnis inhabits rocky areas and is adjusted by the slender body shape perfectly adapted to a living in rock crevices.

The species is mainly carnivorous, feeding on Hydracarien, ostracods and insect larvae (Trichoptera, Chironomidae), which it will also by the grazing of algae in the nursery.

natural behavior
The peaceful Zwerfiederbartwelse are crepuscular and usually in larger groups traveling.
The Synodontis lucipinnis is free spawners, but for Laichakt like to visit caves where both parents dismiss their sex products into the water. It should be up to 800 eggs, which will be issued per Laichakt.

================================================== ===============

Mbunas general

Mbunas are rock dwellers who live in endemic regions the shores of Lake Malawi. So there just happen. The term was coined Mbuna by local fishermen and means "living in the rocks". Most males are territorial and form territories. These are very vigorously defended against conspecifics. Often to the death. The females of some species occupy small territories, usually only simple caves they inhabit.

Most Mbuna feed limnovor the nursery in their rocky habitats. That means they eat both plant matter (algae, detritus) and the therein occurring microbes.
The females often form large flocks and pull in their foraging to the coalfields of males over. There you will angebalzt of these. Mating takes place then usually in the caves of the males or on the sand. Here the female lays the eggs on the rocks or a qualified dug [...]
05.06.12 es ist so weit Aquahaus Gaus hat geliefert
der Einzug der Gladiatoren
Synodontis Lucipinnis - 15.01.13
fast nicht zu fotografieren
Besatz im Aquarium Mbuna Felsen
Volle Backen -15.01.13
Besatz im Aquarium Mbuna Felsen
Besatz im Aquarium Mbuna Felsen
Blick ins Wohnzimmer
die Damen
die Herren Saulosi am 2.Tag
der Chef
beim Posen
Die Höhle vom Chef!
der Nachwuchs
und sie werden immer frecher
Saulosi Nachwuchs - 15.01.13
das hongi Männchen
isser nich schön
Hongi Dame
und noch eine Hongi Dame
meine Lieblings Hongi Dame
Hongi Nachwuchs - 15.01.13
Water parameters:
Water values ​​from 13.01.2013
measured with JBL droplets suitcase
PH: 8.0
KH: 6
GH: 14
Nitrite: nn
Nitrate: 10 mg / l
NH3: nn
NH4: nn
PO4: 2 mg / l

Water temperature
Day - 25.0 ° C
Night - 24.0 ° C

Water exchange
Weekly approximately 50% treated with water conditioner Söll

The laboratory measured and confirmed water levels of Lake Malawi:
PH: 8.0
KH: 7.22 ° dH
GH: 4.32 ° dH
Nitrite: <0.01 mg / l
Nitrate: <0.5 mg / l
NH4: 0.04 mg / l
Sodium: 20.3 mg / l
Magnesium: 7.67 mg / l
Calcium: 18,3 mg / l
Iron: <0.01 mg / l
Chloride: 5.8 mg / l
Sulfate: 1.1 mg / l
Conductivity: 247 ĩS
Water temperature: 23 - 26 ° C
I feed a week - 1 hour ago vegetables, 1 day frozen foods, 1-2 fasting days, 1 day sticks, 1 day granules and 1-2 days flake food. The whole thing is not fixed, but rather is applied to the random. The feeding times I try to be as random as possible to process.
When metering, I make sure that the bellies of my care Linge not be or come too fat.

Dry Food
JBL Novo Rift (sticks)
JBL Novo Malawi (flakes)
JBL Spiulina (flakes)
Tetra Phyll Granules (pellets)

When dry lining method should make sure that open cans are consumed as possible within one month (when stored refrigerated within 3 months). After most of the vitamins and nutrients are gone.
Pellets and sticks I differ a about 30 minutes in water, before I give the food to the fish.

Fresh food
green salad

Fresh vegetables is naturally rich in ingredients and should not be missing in the care of Mbunas on any feeding plan. But one should also remember that these fish are located from the nursery to feed (including the micro-organisms contained in it) and not pure herbivores. Therefore vegetables can be seen at best as a dietary supplement.

Frozen food I put itself forth. For this I take peppers, spinach, Spirulinablätter, cucumber, mingled with a bit of garlic, a whole shrimp and other appropriate vegetable what else is there. It is important that there is used no legumes. Everything hächseln tiny and do in the freezer Cube Tray - freeze -fertig.

================================================== ================
Ingredients of the foods used.

JBL Novo Rift
Protein --- fat --- --- Crude fiber Crude ash
-30% 9% --------- ---------- -------- 6% 8%

JBL Novo Malawi
Protein --- fat --- --- Crude fiber Crude ash
-36% 6% -------- --------- -------- 1.1% 7%

Tetra Phyll Granules
Protein --- fat --- --- Crude fiber Crude ash
-39% 9% ---------- --------- --------- 7% 8%

JBL Spiulina
Protein --- fat --- --- Crude fiber Crude ash
-37% 6% -------- ---------- -------- 1.1% 7%

Basically, I try to find food, with less than 40% protein and a high proportion of plant.
Further information:
As a child, we had an aquarium at home. I thought that was always great. For about 20 years it's always a dream of mine to own a times itself. As luck would have it, I have now been given by an acquaintance an aquarium. He had to abandon it due to time constraints.

The basin serves me above all to once to gain experience with it. The plan is definitely to create a larger aquarium. It will have the dimensions of 200x60x60 and should be embedded in a wall. If everything will work 2013/2014 implemented. But this I must make a few structural preparations in my 100 year old house.