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Aquarium Hauptansicht von My First
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
100*40*50 = 200 liters ~ 52 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Aquarium decoration:
JBL AquaBasis Plus
Natural gravel 2-3 mm grain
Echinodorus vers. species
Anubia nana
Anubia barteri

Fertilize with Dennerle
V7, V30 and E15
Special features of the facility:
30 KG cairn of red granite quarry
Large mangrove roots
Aquarium equipment:
1 * Power Hagen GLO T5 40W
1 * 40W T5 Hagen GLO Life
10 hrs. Lighting of 12-22Uhr
Tetratec EX 1200
on 02/06/2012 my new pump head has come since the old man very loud buzzing sound had made.
Thanks to Tetra for the quick delivery, the nice thing about it was that I called Tetra and without which they wanted to see a receipt and without that I had to send the old part back.
Other equipment:
Tetra Heater 150 W
7 L Bio CO2 reactor
Eheim automatic feeder Twin
Tetra EX 1200
1 Zebraskalare
2 Gelbkopfskalare
1 Black scalar
2 Kakadu cichlids + 3 junior
10 Zebrafish
5 Platys
18 Neons
3 Three lines Panzerwelse
5 Panda Panzerwelse
32 guppies M and W
2 catfish is art unknown to me

I know there are too many fish but until now they feel all right at me and the water values ​​indicate.
Besatz im Aquarium My First
Besatz im Aquarium My First
Mein kleiner Wels vor 6 Monaten
Besatz im Aquarium My First
Besatz im Aquarium My First
Besatz im Aquarium My First
Water parameters:
31.05.2012 9 clock measured by Tetra 6 in 1 test strip
NO3: 0 mg / L
NO2: 0 mg / L
GH: 8 ° dH
KH: 5
pH: 6.9
Cl: 0mg / L
Feeding with Eheim Twin
Tetra Flakes 27 revolutions
Tetra granules 2 turns
2 times a week White mosquito larvae alive
Further information:
since 28/05/2012 treatment with JBL Nemol due Fräskopfwürmern
I am assuming that the guppies were infected and therefore a large part won the temporal blessed.
Since the start of treatment, the fish behave well a bit scared but it seems better to go slow them.

The catfish to say is that I do not know their way
One of them is probably too big for my pelvis and he will soon regret to resettle.