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Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
150x60x60 = 540 liters ~ 142 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Conserve plexiglass plate as a backing to the glass bottom
Aquarium Malawimix
Aquarium Malawimix
Aquarium Malawimix
Becken nach umbau auf LED
Becken nach umbau auf LED
Aquarium decoration:
25 KG Aquarium Sand
5 KG Aquarium sand black
1x Crinum natans
Special features of the facility:
Large natural stones
Flat 3D Struckturwückwand (2-3 cm depth)
Linker Steinhaufen
Rechte Beckenseite
Aquarium equipment:
1x Econlux Sunstrip 120cm Coral / Plant 26Watt
Active von 10:30 bis 22:00 clock
1x JBL Crystal Profie e900 secured a diffuser at the outlet
1x JBL Crystal Profie directed e1500 outlet to the water surface

Both filters are filled with the following filter Matter Alien:
Eheim Mech Efi
Eheim Efi substrate
Filter sponges

Water change is 1x a week instead of Friday or Saturday. WW 45% - 50%
Other equipment:
1x 250 watt heater Eheim
1x 11 Watt UV-C lamp (Active von 22:00 bis 09:00 clock clock)
1x Strömungspume SunSun 5000 (5,000 l / h 12W) Active von 10:30 bis 22:00 clock
CristalProfie e900
CristalProfie e1500
Verpackung SunSun 5.000
Technische Daten SunSun 5.000
Strömungspumpe im Aquarium
Technische Daten Econlux SunStrip Plant/Coral
Lichtspectrum Econlux SunStrip Plant/Coral
120cm Econlux SunStrip Plant/Coral
120cm Econlux SunStrip Plant/Coral
2x Copadichromis borleyi "Kadango" 1/1
4x Nimbochromis venustus 2/2 (A Bock must be submitted)
2x Dimidiochromis compressiceps 1/1
3x Cyrtocara moorii 1/2
4x Protomelas taeniolatus 1/3
1x Synodontis multipunctatus
1x Sciaenochromis fryeri
Copadichromis Kadango
nimbochromis venustus bock
Venustus Bock
Copadichromis kadango
Dimidiochromis Compressiceps Weibchen
Cyrtocara moorii
Sciaenochromis fryeri
Protomelas Weibchen
Water parameters:
PH 7.8 (after installation of the flow pump no change at PH)
GH 10,8
KH 7.9
Leitwärt 455
NO² 0
NO³ 19
Temp. 26 ° C
Dry food:
Tetra Min Flakes
JBL Spirulina Premium
Nature Food Premium Chichlid Plant-S

Granules Color feed
Crude protein 57%
Crude fat 15%
Crude fiber 0.4%
Crude ash 11%
Vitamin A 23,000 IU / kg
Vitamin D3 1,500 IU / kg
Vitamin E 200 mg / kg
Astaxanthin 700 mg / kg

Live food:
Bred from the pig pool guppies, the feeding takes place irregularly, depending on the stocking density in Guppybecken.

Frozen Food:
White Mückenlaven
Malawie mix of Amtra
Gold shrimp


1x a week vegetables

Frost and dry food are always served at the exchange, species and variety are left to chance, the main thing is not always the same.

1x a week of fasting
(Can sometimes be 2x a week, depending on the layer with me at work)
Further information:
to do list:

- Buy light computer
- Customize Deckoration