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Hauptbild des Aquariums mit Sonnenuntergang Simulation
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
330 liters ~ 87 gallons (us)
Sonnenuntergang Simulation (24.06.2012)
Aquarium Perspektive (18.06.2012)
Aquarium Perspektive (18.06.2012)
Aquarium Perspektive (18.06.2012)
Aquarium Perspektive (18.06.2012)
Aquarium Perspektive (06.06.2012)
Aquarium Perspektive (06.06.2012)
Aquarium decoration:
For the fertilization. TetraPlant ground material with long-term fertilization for all freshwater aquariums.

When gravel I opted for Amazonas gravel 2-3mm colored orange-brown-black.
New to the list to change the contrast to make the Amazon Black gravel to make it look darker.

The gravel is no longer used in other basins but exchanged JBL Zanzibar Black & JBL Sansibar White.
At the moment, no more.


Instead of plants pictures I use the wildcards here for older Pictures of my pelvis as development history.

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Special features of the facility:
Decoration materials.

CA -20 basalt stones of varying sizes. Constructed as a rock landscape with tunnels is to be used as hiding places.

-1 Rock replica that I have turned into a overhanging rock,
for the area delimitation in the basin.

-In The back wall I have decided for the 3D gem stone granite.
Mondlicht Simulation (1)
Mondlicht Simulation (2)
Mondlicht Simulation (3)
Mondlicht Simulation (4)
Mondlicht Simulation (5)
Mondlicht Simulation (6)
Mondlicht Simulation (7)
Mondlicht Simulation (8)
Aquarium equipment:
For the night and daytime lighting

Specifications and product properties
. RGB Controller for LED strips, including remote control- this remote the following programs can be switched: Static or changing colors (up to 15 different colors possible) or flashing with transitions - Brightness control - on / off button.

- For the night with deep blue tones, the day will drown in Orange-Red converted to amplify the fluorescent tubes.

For daylighting

Specifications and product properties
Jewel lightbar with 2x 38 watt T8 fluorescent tubes

No. 1: (REAR) JBL SOLAR Natur daylight - Full spectrum tubes well suited for Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika aquariums for freshwater aquariums. Color temperature 9000K

I have worked with in between Blue foil right & left green sheet so that's taken the tube completely wrapped.

No. 2: (front) JBL SOLAR Natur daylight - full-spectrum tube for freshwater aquariums Great for Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika aquariums. Color temperature 9000K

Edited with fly screen from left to right plus partially wrapped in aluminum foil.
JBL Cristal Profi E1501 GREENLINE 200-700l

Specifications and product properties

-Only 20W power consumption equals 43% energy savings

-1400 L / h pump capacity at extremely quiet running.

-12 L filter volume for high biological filter performance and rare cleaning.

-4 Years warranty. Dimensions: 200 x 235 x 475 mm (incl. Schauchanschl.).

-4 Filter baskets for flexible design of the filter media.
Other equipment:
Eheim - Jäger adjustable heater

Specifications and product properties
200 Watt - for 300 to 400 liters of laboratory glass, the temperature can be precisely adjusted from 18 ° to 34 ° C.

Marina Digital Thermometer

Specifications and product properties
With two-time temperature display.
For indoor and outdoor temperature at the aquarium, terrarium or vivarium.
Extra wide-ranging scale of -20 to +70 degrees Celsius.
Water resistant sensor probe

Sera air 275 R diaphragm pump

Specifications and product properties
powerful 275 l / h air from 2 separate membranes with 2 coupled outputs, incl. Y-Verbinder.Mit electronic control. This faster and easier to adjust. The selected setting is permanently constant without Nachregelung.Mit built-suppression capacitor.

Eheim Compact 1000 pump flow

Specifications and product properties
Pump capacity: 150 - 1000 l / h
Static head: 2m
Power Consumption: 23 W
Hose connection pressure side: 16/22 mm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 54x78x84 mm approx .:
Protector - protects aquarium inhabitants and pump
Adjustable power
Easy to hide
Fully submersible
Low power consumption
Pumpe & Elektronik (1)
Pumpe & Elektronik (2)
Alt gegen Neu
Futter, Tests, Medizin & JBL-Wasseraufbereiter
Frostfutter sorten die ich verwende
Aquatic Nature African Cichlid Excel Color (Hauptfutter)
Malawi cichlids

Aulonocara jacobfreibergi "Eureka" = 1 - Couples
Aulonocara sp. "Red Ruby" Red Emperor = 1 - Couples
Aulonocara baenschi benga Yellow Emperor = 1 - Couples
Aulonocara Red Orchid = 1 - 2 + Bock - females
Nimbochromis venustus peacocks mouthbrooders = 1 - Couples
Copadichromis borleyi Kadango Red Fin = 1 + 2 females Bock
Aulonocara Red Rubin Bock (Bild1)
Aulonocara Red Rubin Bock (Bild2)
Aulonocara Red Rubin Weibchen (Bild1)
Aulonocara Baenschi-Benga Bock (Bild1)
Aulonocara Baenschi-Benga Weibchen (Bild1)
Aulonocara Red Orchidee Bock (Bild1)
Aulonocara Red Orchidee (eines von zwei Weibchen)
Copadichromis Borleyi Kadango Red Fin Bock (Bild1)
Copadichromis Borleyi Kadango Red Fin (eines von zwei Weibchen)
Nimbochromis Venustus Bock (Bild1)
Nimbochromis Venustus Weibchen (Bild1)
Water parameters:
Temperature: 26 ° C
PH: 8
NO 3 value: 10
NO 2: 0,00
NH 4 Value: 0.00
NH 3: 0,00
Water change: Once a week 50%
Dry Food

- Aquatic Nature - African Cichlid Excel Color (staple food)

- JBL - Novo Grano Mix 250 ml

- JBL - Novo Pleco catfish for 100 ml

- JBL - Novo Color 250ml

- JBL - Krill Flakes 100ml

- JBL - Grana Cichlid 100 ml

- Cichlidflocke (Color supportive) mixture of my breeder of trust.


- Golden Gate Artemia 1kg

- Amtra Krill Pacifica 100g

- Amtra Mysis 100g

Live feed

- Mini Shrimp
Further information:

New (Larger) basin in planning !!!

-dimensions Are 150x60x60 = 540Liter
-Beckentyp: Malawi

-Bodengrund: JBL JBL Sasibar Black & White Zanzibar (mixing ratio 2 parts Black & White 1 part)

-Dekorations Materials: Balsaltsteine ​​with some rock reproductions.

For everything else, I'll keep you posted.

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