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Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
130x60x60 = 468 liters ~ 123 gallons (us)
Specific features:
This pool should be matched optimally to the Blaupunkt cichlids.

Fortunately, Blaupunkt cichlids the plant completely in peace and do not burrow. So I could keep any plant species. In order for the Aqurium but still look natural, I have confined myself to 5 different species of plants.
2013-10 Seitenansicht
2013-06 nach Rescape
2012-03 - nach einem Jahr
6 Monate nach der Einrichtung - Blaualgen wurden erfolgreich durch ESa Protolon bekämpft
2 Monate nach der Einrichtung - alles entwickelt sich prächtig
2 Wochen nach der Einrichtung - alles ist gut angewachsen
Erste Einrichtung 2011-03
Aquarium decoration:
JBL Manadago
Heteranthera zosterifolia
A very beautiful foreground plant. It is sometimes eaten by the Siamese trunk Barben, but growing faster after. Thus, the trunk Barben have a good dietary supplement.

Cryptocoryne crispatula var. Balansae of the nursery and the nursery Lucanas Stoffels
Since this type is highly variable, an indication of Gärt Errei is important. For example, "Cryptocoryne crispatula var. Balansae" of Extraplant much larger and growing faster than both of mine tended species.

Left Side
Hygrophila polysperma

Cryptocoryne crispatula var. Balansae "Red Lucanas"
A narrow-leaved and reddish cultivar of Cryptocoryne crispatula var. Balansae

On the roots:
Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae `Red Lucanas`
Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae `Bown Lucanas`
Special features of the facility:
2 large roots that occupy almost the entire Hitergrund. The perch use the underlying, spacious caves as a shelter for their nests.

In addition, the aquarium is divided into 3 areas by the arrangement of the background plants. Hunted animals can retreat to a safe area then simply.

Some stones from the river front of the house (Dreisam).
Aquarium equipment:
4 x 54 watts, with reflectors

Illuminated is daily from 7.30 bis 12.30 clock clock and 16.00 clock bis 21.00 clock. Half the time is at only half the lighting. The plant harms this brief illumination of apparently not. Their growth is rather limited by the supply of nitrate. The advantage of a shorter lighting time are indies lower electricity costs and a geringers heating the pool.

Since the aquarium is too hot due to the reflectors, an additional 16cm PC fan from Noiseblocker is still istalliert. The power can be controlled with an upstream power supply. There, a voltage of 6, 9 or 12V is adjustable.

Nevertheless, the temperature is still 2 ° C higher than the room temperature. The floor heating is therefore only required when we are on vacation and therefore the ambient temperature is low.
JBL Crystal Profi E1501
In contrast to the JBL Professional 1500 Crystal this filter is nice and quiet and therefore does not interfere so much.

In addition, a small Eheim Aquaball 180 to the finest floating particles mechanically filter. The power has been throttled to 450 l / h.

It has installed a further surface suction of OFA.
Other equipment:
18W UV clarifier
This is only when needed (new or fish diseases) on. The water flows very slowly through it in order to ensure a Partial disinfection.

CO2 fertilization with external reactor
Is fertilized with 40 bubbles per minute. Fertilization is only turned on when the basin is also illuminated. As bypass for CO2 outside the reactor UV clarifier is connected. I've already tried an inside reactor. However, this dirty quickly and has the CO2 dissolved significantly worse.

Hydor Koralia Evolution Strömungspumpe- 4000 l / h:
A nice quiet flow pump. Currently I have it but not in use, as it interferes with the bass something. If the number of perches should be reduced, I'll turn it back on.

Bodenfluter with Hobby Biotherm Themperaturkontrolle
The bottom heater is however as good as never operated because the pool heats already enough due to the lighting.
Wenn die Strömungspumpe an ist, schwimmen die Rüsselbarben gegen die Strömung
The current Bestz consists of:
2 x (1m, 1W) Blue Acara (Aequidens pulcher) + 3 juveniles
8 x Siamese algae eater

2 x pit bull Loricariid
2 x brown catfish (1m, 2w)

The first stocking consisted of:
4 x scalar
6 x Guppy
20 x red neon tetra
5 x Pitbull Loricariid
3 x Siamese algae eater
2 x dwarf gourami
3 x Garra Rufa

Gradually, the stocking was then changed. It turned out that the Scalar like developing the disease hole and die. Therefore, they were replaced by the much more robust Blaupunkt cichlids.

The Siamesichen snout barbels are nice to watch as a school of fish. In addition, they free the thin leaves and the leaf margins even algae. Although the aquarium is only 130 cm long, it is suitable due to its great depth and height but for the trunk Barben, because they use the full volume for swimming from.

The 3 Garra Rufa have probably may not suffer so much with each other. Anyway, they have to fight each other to the death. Only one is left and was then given away from me.

The guppies were very much eaten by the yellow lip cichlids that I had in the meantime in the aquarium.

And the dwarf gouramis have died apparently suddenly.
Die Rüsselbarben sind gerne auf den Blättern von Cryptocoryne Crispatula
2013-10 Das Blaupunktbuntbarsch-Pärchen
Das Blaupunktbuntbarsch-Pärchen im November 2012
Das Blaupunktbuntbarsch-Pärchen im November 2012 Foto 2
Blaupunktbuntbarsche mit Nachwuchs 1
BPBB Mutter mit Nachwuchs
BPBB Pärchen
BPBB Männchen mit Nachwuchs
Schon wieder nachwuchs
Die Blaupunktbuntbarsche sind da! 3
Nach nur einem Tag hat sich das 1. Pärchen gefunden
21.03.2012 Drei Barsche haben sich gleichermaßen blass gefärbt.
21.3. Dieser Barsch ist hingegen blauer geworden und es hat sich heraus gestellt,
2 Rüsselbarben und ein Schwanzfleck-Algenfresser schwimmen gemeinsam im Schwarm
Water parameters:
pH 7.0 to 7.5
GH 5.6
KH 6

Temperature 23-27 ° C
In summer (JNI to September) the temperature is closer to 25 ° C to 27 ° C, which causes the Blaupunkt cichlids very happy proliferate here. In the winter I have to drop 23 ° C to 25 ° C and if we are on vacation, I let the temperature also like for 2 weeks at 21 ° C. Thus, the natural temperature fluctuations in the circulation area of ​​the Blaupunkt cichlids are a little nachgearmt.

Nitrate 0
Thanks to CO2 fertilization and abundant vegetation any nitrate is consumed directly. Green algae grow still quite good. You do indeed similar conditions as the plants. Thanks to the 3-whiskered catfish and 7 Siamese trunk Barben but no significant algae determine
Discus granules
Forage pellets
Food Tabs
Catfish Chips

Every evening is fed, usually 3 different foods, so there is some variety. One day in the week, there is nothing to ensure that the algae eaters sometimes eat algae and a day of the week there is live food (bloodworm or daphnia)