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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Cape Kabayeye - Nur noch als Beispiel
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Tanganyika
Tank size:
81 x 36 x 45 = 112 liters ~ 29 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The pool is a gem-complete. The standard filter has been removed.
Aquarium decoration:
Mixed fine beige sand with pebbles and coarse sand
Vallisneria spiralis:

Origin: Asia, Africa, Europe

Temperature: 20-30 ° C.

Height: 30-70 cm +

Spread: 5 + cm

Water levels: Very large tolerances in pH and hardness.

Vallisneria spiralis is a "classic", well-known since the early days of hunting and aquarium plants. It is in Africa, Asia and the warmer parts of Europe (eg Italy) in stationary and flowing water spreads. The species name "spiralis" refers not to twisted leaves, but the flower stems, which (as with all other Vallisneria species) after the fading of the female flower spirally twisted and flowering pulls down thereby.
The commercially spiralis as V. run plants can be very different in length, but usually it is flat-leaf (unrotated) forms a relatively narrow leaves. Imported from Malaysia "V. spiralis" has been determined as Vallisneria denseserrulata, an Asian native, recently again distinct from V. spiralis, but without flowers hardly to be distinguished from their kind.

Source: www.flowgrow.de
Special features of the facility:
Stones: `` gray Wacke`` from Schurenbachhalde in Essen-Altenessen
Aquarium equipment:
2x 18Watt Marine / Daylight
The filtering takes place via a mat-HMF. The mat is glued diagonally into the pool and has a radius of 14cm. An airlift with 25mm diameter ensures sufficient flow.

In addition, a further 25mm air lift is opposite the filter will act as the `` Strömungspumpe``.

The air comes through my central diaphragm pump with the I operate all pools. In addition I have about 30m air line laid with a diameter of 75mm.
Other equipment:
Heater Jäger 125W, for 150-200 liters, L: 31.9 cm
Neolamprologus caudopunctatus 3w / 1m
Besatz im Aquarium Cape Kabayeye - Nur noch als Beispiel
Besatz im Aquarium Cape Kabayeye - Nur noch als Beispiel
Water parameters:
Temperature: 25.5 ° C

Other values ​​follow ...
Frozen Food:

- Cyclops
- Artemia
- Fine / coarse Krill
- Daphnia
- White mosquito larvae

Live food:

- Daphnia
- White mosquito larvae
- Artemia

Dried fodder:

- Tropical Tanganyika Flake
- JBL Tanganyika Flake