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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Meerwasser 2010
Description of the aquarium:
Salt water
Tank size:
120x50x60 = 300 liters ~ 79 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Base cabinet and top cabinet is homemade.

The aquarium itself was once for Freshwater Aquarium in use. The schwierge it to rebuild the pool of seawater was hunting. It musten 2 holes in 8mm glass are gebort. The downcomer is centrally separated at the back of the Aqua and with acrylic glass.

Even the 60 liter filter tank was once a freshwater aquarium in my novice years.
The filter area I created with acrylic glass. 2 filter baskets with different materials are placed centrally in the filter tank.
Aquarium Meerwasser 2010
Aquarium decoration:
about 8kg Live sand 3-4 mm grain
Plexiglas plates are to protect the aquarium glass floor under the reef rock.
Special features of the facility:
Of 25 kg of live rock and 30 kg hole rock overhangs a set. Decorative hermit cottage and large snail shells lie in the basin.
Acropora gemmifera --NEU-- 07.01.15
Cyphastrea ocellina --NEU-- 07.01.15
Discosoma sp
Entacmaea quadricolor 11.14
Fingerkoralle `Vorher` 02.14
Fingerkoralle `Heute` 11.14
Protopalythoa sp. 04
Entacmaea quadricolor
Litophyton sp. 02
Capnella sp. 02
Hydnophora pilosa `Vorher` 02.14
Hydnophora pilosa `Heute` 11.14
Hydnophora pilosa `Heute` 15.01.15
Euphyllia paradivisa (Froschlaichkoralle) `Vorher` 02.14
Euphyllia paradivisa (Froschlaichkoralle) `Heute` 11.14
Acropora tenuis `Vorher` 02.14
Acropora tenuis `Heute` 11.14
Acropora tenuis `Heute` 15.01.15
Acropora aspera `Vorher` 02.14
Acropora aspera `Vorher` 11.14
Acropora aspera `Heute` 15.01.15
Montipora hispida `Vorher` 02.11.13
Montipora hispida `Heute` 15.01.15
Acanthastrea lordhowensis `Vorher` 01.11.14
Acanthastrea lordhowensis `Heute` 15.01.15
Aquarium equipment:
- Maxspect LED lamp R420R 120 watt, 16,000 Kelvin
- LED moonlight is DIY!
The filter tank in the cabinet, is a former 60-liter aquarium that I have with acrylic sheets still so remodeled that are fit in the 2 self-built filter boxes and easy to remove.

- Aqua Medic Turboflotor Blue 1000 protein skimmer
- 3 kg per Eheimsubstrat and 3kg Highly porous filter material
- Aqua Medic Easy Line 90 osmosis system
- Mixed-bed demineralizer with 3 liters of resin (After osmosis system)
- Calcium reactor with 2 kg CO2 bottle
- Self-made Zeovit filter with quick cleaning and material change
Other equipment:
In the closet is still a UV-C lamp by the circulation pump
is switched. Furthermore, a selbsgebauter Zeolitfilter the Waterproof fuse box is in it, some accessories.
The Arduino controller is also in the cabinet and the new dosing of GroTech (TEC 4 NG) which I launched on 01/10/14.

In the wall cabinet, the powerheads is technology together with Multicontroller Tunze of installed and the LED lighting technology from Maxpeckt.

In an adjoining room, I have the level control with a 10-liter refill stand and the osmosis system, together with mixed-bed demineralizer installed. Furthermore, a cooling unit plus circulation pump is in it but that is only in the summer for use.

- JBL UV-C 11W
- 2x Tunze Nano Stream 6055 with Multicontroller 7095
- GroTech TEC 4 NG dosing
- Aqua Medic SP 3000 level Tomat
- Aqua Medic Titan chiller 500
- Monitoring Arduino controller for temperature control Strümungspumpen, appointment display for different actions water additives eg Weekly.
Heater regulation and pump failure monitoring
Neuste LED Technik von Maxspect
Filtertechnik + Zeofilter und Dosieranlage
Arduino Steuerung
Arduino Display
Stömungspumpen Steuerung
Störungs Bsp.
Fish and more:

- 1x lemon fin surgeonfish or Hawaii Doctor
- 2x Amphiprion ocellaris (False Clown Anemonefish)
- 2x Amphiprion pacificus (Pacific clownfish)
- 2x Synchiropus picturatus (LSD mandarin fish) Mänchen and females
- 2x Centropyge Acanthops (Orange back-Zwergkaiserfisch)
- 2x Lysmata debelius (Kardinalsgarnele)
- 1x Cryptocentrus cyanotaenia (Wächtergrundel)
- 1x Alpheus djeddensis (snapping shrimp)
- 9x Calcinus laevimanus (United scissor hermit crab)

Corals and anemones:
- 1x Euphyllia paradivisa (frog spawn coral)
- 2x Entacmaea quadricolor (Blasenanemone)
- 1x Caulastrea furcata (flute coral or finger coral LPS)
- 4x Discosoma sp. 09 (Scheibenanemone)
- 1x Capnella sp. 01 (Alcyonarian coral)
- 2x Litophyton sp. 01 (soft coral)
- 1x Hydnophora pilosa (Steinkoralle LPS
- 1x Montipora samarensis (Steinkoralle SPS)
- 1x Acropora tenuis (Steinkoralle SPS)
- More Protopalythoa sp. 04 (Green Krustenanemone)
Hawaii Docktor
LSD Leierfische (Pärchen)
Orangerücken Kaiserfische
Amphiprion sandaracinos
Lysmata debelius (Kardinalsgarnele)
Wächter Grundel
Falscher Clownfisch
Pseudocheilinus hexataenia
Mespilia globulus - Kugel-Seeigel
Calcinus laevimanus
Water parameters:
PH: 8.2
KH: 8.5
Ca: 430
Mg 1380
Nitrate: 0
Nitrite: 0
Phosphate: 0
Salinity: 1,024
Frozen food, flake food, mosquito larvae, now and then sometimes Artemia and Gelfutter.
Weekly trace element for corals