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24.12.2011 nach Übernahme des AQ
Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
120x40x75 = 360 liters ~ 95 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Soon conversion to Profilux II including with Econlux LED lighting. Moonlight.
Dennerle Bodenfluter 40W eingesetzt
12Kg Dennerle Depont Mix über den Bodenfluter
ca. 40Kg Zoo Aquariensand über Dennerle Depont Mix
XXL Wurzel + 2x kleinere Wurzeln + 6 Welshöhlen rein
Vallisnerien gigantea + Wasser kommt wieder rein
Mit Wasser aufgefüllt, leider noch sehr kahl
Neue Pflanzen sind da =)
Neue Pflanzen
Nun sind die neuen Pflanzen auch drin =)
Aquarium decoration:
about 40Kg Zoo aquarium sand
12Kg Dennerle Depont Mix
3x Anubia grown on roots
1x Java moss ball
Vallisneria gigantea
Ammania gracillis
Cabomba furcata
Echinodorus tenellus
Echinodorus bleheri
Echinodorus Rubin
Nymphaea Lotus
Nymphaea micranthea
Ludwigia repens
Hydrocotyle leucocephala
Hygrophila difformis
Pflanzenlieferung =) Mitte Januar 2012
Special features of the facility:
1x large mangrove root (about 68x50cm)
2x small mangrove roots (with Anubia overgrown)
6x big Caves
XXL Wurzel + 2x kleinere Wurzeln + 6 Welshöhlen
Aquarium equipment:
in moment: 2x 107cm T8 tubes (Sun / Aqua Glow)
Eheim professionel 3

Product Type: 2075
Product name: professionel 3600
For aquariums up to about 240-600 l
Pump capacity approx l / h 1250
Delivery head approx Hmax m 1 1.8
Power consumption W 16
Container volume l 9.2
Filter volume l 6.0 + 0.5 (prefilter)
Dimensions HxWxD mm 453x238x244
Other equipment:
Jäger Heater 300W
Dennerle CO² system with night off and 2kg bottle
Dennerle Bodenfluter 40W
Hydor Koralia pump flow
Dennerle Bodenfluter 40W
Jäger 300W Heizstab, Hydor Koralia Strömungspumpe, Ansaugseite Außenfilter, CO²
1x Red Scribbelt
1x brilliant turquoise
1x Snake Skin Blue
1x Snake Skin Red
1x Blue paint Dempsey
1x Rufous scalar
3x L201 incl. 1x Inspector
1x honeycomb signs Wels approx 25cm
8x Panda Catfish
8x cory
6x Colombian tetra (Red-Blue Colombians)
6x Nematobrycon Palmeri
2x Maroni cichlid (Couples)
2x Goldsaumbuntbarsch (couple?)
Water parameters:
Temperature Avg. at 27 ° C
Frozen Food: Red; White; Black mosquito larvae, Artemia, Cyclops, cockle meat

Live food: Red; White; Black mosquito larvae

Sera discus granules
Sera Vipachips
JBL NovoBel
JBL Novo Tanganyika
JBL Novo Tab
JBL Novo Pleco
Further information:
Dennerle fertilization system: S7 Vitamix 1x a week
E15 FerActive / V30 Complete alternates every 2 weeks

Wasserwechel every 2 weeks about 30%